(About Us) David Allender & Peggy Dyk Share Their Practical Guide to Life

About Us & How We Live

by: Peggy Dyk


David Allender & Peggy Star

David Allender & Peggy Dyk, the early days. We liked the sign in the background saying; LOVE ALL SERVE ALL! (Except the enemies who God Says believers are supposed to expose, warn and kill.)


David & I have been together ever since we met in 1993 and have had quite an eventful journey leading us down a path of learning and discovery of countless things I never even dreamed existed. Life is good when you learn how to do and be good, the more the better!

The most exciting realization is that as we discover more and more truths and make corrections in our lifestyles the more and more YHWH guides, protects and blesses us. (This is absolutely amazingly true and I had never experienced such profound gifts as a Christian of some 40 years before I quit the church that quit me! YHWH promises this AND He keeps said promises! There’s no quitting in this “church” if you persevere, by the grace of YHWH, you will succeed!!!)

The exciting portion of our story about fighting corruption and evil is outlined elsewhere in our writings so this page will just focus on some “nuts and bolts” of our everyday life. (That’s a silly contradiction in and of itself, there’s NOTHING about our lives that’s “everyday” these days!)

I have always preached BALANCE and David often refers to me as the “Balance Queen”. (David is not the best at balancing things out, he’s kind of like our dog Bear, it’s either full throttle or parked for both of them) What I didn’t realize is that the key to balancing is developing good healthy habits in every part of life. Below is a peek into what we’ve learned (so far) and the habits we have created;

Balance Queen

Balance Queen

balancesmallGeneral Habits

  • Give thanks to our creator YHWH throughout the day.
  • Know that with YHWH we truly can try to do ANYTHING RIGHTEOUS and succeed!
  • No ignorant (unknowing) celebrations of satanic holidays such as New Years (“Druid feast day”) Christmas (a “Da Meur Grand Climax” blood sacrifice ritual day) Easter (“Easter Eve Day” human sacrifice ritual) Halloween (“All Hallows Eve Day” sexual orgies and animal or human sacrifices) etc. (and YES, they truly are satanic, nearly every major holiday overlaps a satanic ritual day, click here to prove this to yourself right now!)  Also be sure to read;  The Bible Proves Yeshua Wasn’t Born near December 25th!
  • We don’t do birthdays because they’re the highest ritual holiday for satanists/talmudists.  FYI; when one realizes that and the fact satanism obviously involves blood sacrifices it makes sense that the Bible’s only 3 mentions of birthdays are each associated with a terrible, deadly event! (Gen 40:1-23 Pharaoh murders his baker, Mat 14:3-11 Herod beheaded John the Baptist and Job 1 All 10 of Jobs children who loved celebrating their birthdays were killed by a freak tornado!  Job then goes on to despise and curse his own birthday in 3:1-10 and Jeremiah does the same in Jer 20:14.  It’s very obvious we’re not supposed to esteem ourselves.  Recall pride and ego was the reason for lucifers fall!)
  • No broadcast TV or Radio, NONE – I haven’t seen or heard a single commercial in years! We get free movies from the local library when we need a mental escape from “truthing” and work.  It usually just turns into an exercise in identifying all the satanic/talmudic propaganda, but every once in awhile we’ll stumble across something decent, usually it’s the older shows that are best. But meat eating is one of the worst, most egregious and disgusting forms of brainwashing propaganda that pervades ALL of the jewish entertainment and media, new and old alike. That said, here are a few of our favorites: Sing Street, They Live, The Matrix, In Time, Metropolis, Shoes of a Fisherman, Lord of the Rings, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and a few sitcoms like Dick Van Dyke, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best and our favorite, Frasier.
  • NO MSM news – In fact, real news is nearly impossible to find anywhere so we just don’t even bother. YHWHs’ truths are really all you need and you obviously won’t find them anywhere in the jews’ satanic Hollywood media!
  • Drink good clean water (no fluoride). We have a good well but still opt to use filters and a reverse osmosis system, it just tastes way better.
  • Very little cell phone use (we don’t even have them turned on at home)
  • If we’re going to do something repeatedly, we streamline it to the best of our abilities.
  • We try to keep things simple since Gods ways and truths are simple, not complex like satans’.

balancesmallMedical Habits

  • No pharmaceutical drugs
  • No vaccinations or shots of any kind
  • No antibiotics (excepting topical triple antibiotic and naturals like the following . . . )
  • Use of Cannabis Oil (Also known as “Rick Simpsons’ Oil” is the best antibiotic in the world for both internal and external use.  FYI; about $10 worth will even kill the deadly MRSA virus which beats a $1,500 shot of jewish antibiotics that will make you sick!  Yes, the entire pharmaceutical industry was created by jews.) – Those who read issue #115 of the Goyim Gazette will learn cannabis oil is nothing less than a miracle medicine created from a natural plant given to us by YHWH! It can be used topically for arthritic pain, wounds, cold sores and most any other kind of skin irritations, even skin cancer. And more benefits come when taken internally for multitude of CURES including curing end term cancer in our beloved companion Bear Dog TWICE! (the vets told us he only had a month to live both times!) I believe this miracle medicine was also responsible for saving MY life when I had a very dangerous intestinal obstruction.  And David has used it for lots of things including to avoid a root canal on an badly infected tooth/jaw he woke up with one day. (he just smeared a little dab on it for 3 days in a row and bam, the infection was completely gone! No pain, no visit to the dentist and no dentist bills!) We’re learning of many, many more uses for this gift from YHWH, it seems there’ s no end to what it can do!
  • More of Gods’ Medicines as Probiotics (mainly Reuteri, Acidolphilus and primabifidus) along with CBD Oil (non-THC cannabis oil) & Black Seed Oil – We have used all of these with amazing success.

balancesmallExercise and Mental Health Habits

  • We thank YHWH our friend Bear insists on our going outside several times a day to play. These breaks lead to wonderful talks, healthy exercise and opportunities to appreciate YHWHs’ beautiful creation in nature. We have been very, very blessed living up here at Joe Creek Retreat! (especially since we quit making mortgage payments way back in 2012! Not only will God not allow them to foreclose on us, He even makes the banks pay all our property taxes and home insurance dues! All we pay for is power and propane!)

David Allender and Bear walking in YHWHs’ winter wonderland

  • Nice long 3 to 6 mile walks/hikes at least 3 times a week. Breathing, walking and talking are 3 wonderful things that are good for body, mind and soul. (we’ve found it reduces stress, shaves off extra pounds and even helps minimize body/backaches.)
  • Enjoying the outdoors thru photography. I’ve taken 1,000s of pictures of the plants and flowers since moving to eastern Washington 15 years ago. I finally got around to creating a video out of just a few of them and David set it to some amazing music. Enjoy the beauty, uniqueness and majesty of Gods’ incredible creations at Joe Creek Retreat! (And brace yourself for an amazing ending from God!)


  • Daily – Play inside the house with Bear’s homemade “squeaky” toys that I sew for him out of old blue jeans. (we buy the little plastic squeakers on ebay but they’re available at some craft stores too) In spite of having a whole box full of other toys, these homemade ones are his favorites, likely due in part to having our scents in them. “SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK” is like music to our ears! ;-)

Bear and his favorite toys;
squeaky taco, squeaky pizza, squeaky snake, squeaky pocket and skinny pocket.
Bear knows them and all the rest of his toys by name.


It’s time to meet that guy, our 13 year old Bear Dog (as of March 2017) As you will see in this video, he is super healthy, happy and FAST, in spite of having end term cancer twice. The first time was a bunch of huge tumors in various glands all over his body and the second time was internal, he couldn’t eat or do any business. The vets gave him a month or so to live each time. Another thing that the cannabis oil CURED was his hip dysplasia and arthritis which was so bad he couldn’t even put his right rear leg down anymore. Now all of that’s gone and he is still going strong! Bear truly is a gift from YHWH!






Cleaning Habits


My hair has always been pin straight and fine. Not good fine – thin fine. I can’t even begin to tally up the cost of all the hair products I have purchased in my vain attempt to make it behave. My daily viscous cycle of shampooing/conditioning, layering in mouse, gel, glue, and hairspray was all met with marginal results. What I finally realized is that layering a chemical soup onto my head/hair everyday would never work, not to mention the other health concerns it was causing and it was definitely time to simplify. I am happy to report I have not “shampooed” my hair in about 4 years. I now clean my hair once every 7-10 days using a list of simple ingredients (below) and my hair is finally FINE (less split ends, no dandruff, thicker, fuller and manageable). David is also using my simple hair care recipe with great success, we’re pretty sure he’s actually regrown some hair!

Peggy Star Hair Cleaner

(left) “Shampoo” – Baking Soda & Water
(right) “Conditioner” – White Vinegar & Water

  • Shampoo – Mix baking soda with filtered water; scrub into scalp and rinse well. The key is a lot of baking soda and just enough water to get in on your scalp. Scrub your scalp good and hard then rinse well. (When you think your done rinsing, rinse a little bit more to get ALL the powder off)
  • Conditioner – White vinegar and filtered water; squirt into hair and rinse out. 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water.
  • Dry wash (in-between washes) – Massage corn starch into scalp. Just sprinkle a bit of straight, dry corn starch on into your palms and rub through your dry hair, paying special attention to the oily spots which will virtually go away.


The simply rule holds true for face cleaning too. My complexion is better than it has ever been after I stopped slathering it with chemicals.

  • No makeup or perfumes!
  • Scrub – Baking soda diluted with a bit of water to make a paste. Scrub and rinse.
  • Toner – Apple cider vinegar and a cotton ball cleans as well as anything I’ve ever purchased.
  • Blemishes – Cannabis Oil and coconut oil warmed and mixed (about half and half)


While many have found just baking soda and water work well to brush with, David came up with a wonderful concoction that leaves my teeth feeling clean ALL DAY LONG.  And, they’re getting quite noticeably whiter!  We just mix up about a cup or so at a time, put it in little Tupperware containers and set them by the sinks where we brush then use those little crab spoons to scoop it out for use.  (FYI: Those with gum disease will find this simple cannabis based paste will reverse the damage and allow your gums to heal!)

David Allender Teeth Cleaner

  • Toothpaste – Half Baking soda and melted coconut oil then mix with however much cannabis oil and sea salt you want, we recommend a couple grams per cup of paste made. (FYI; “CBD” cannabis oil is legal for everyone in WA now, the type that contains THC requires a medical card by our current, satanic, jewish laws, but NOT BY YHWHs’ LAWS!)


  • No more ironing! – Dilute 1 part white vinegar into 3 parts filtered water in a spray bottle; spray clothes and shake or smooth out wrinkles with hands, hang to dry. (The vinegar smell goes away when dry)

House Cleaning:

  • Products – White vinegar and water is great for cleaning and baking soda and water are great for scrubbing. (it works REALLY WELL!) And it’s cheap, easy to clean up, odorless and NO toxic chemicals on your hands or in your home!


balancesmallFood – Shopping & Eating Habits

I am extremely spoiled in this department. David does the shopping and enjoys cooking while I enjoy making breads, crusts, deserts and eating! I am the assistant chef, “the chopper” of veggies and official garlic presser. (we eat tons of garlic) We went vegetarian back in 2015 and then full on vegan in late 2018. Vegan is definitely where it’s at, everything is better. Watch the 2 vids at the bottom of this page, they will really open your eyes to what we thought would be impossible for a couple from the “meat and taters” midwest. Our families are both involved in large cattle ranching and dairy operations so anyone should be able to understand how difficult the change seemed to us. In truth, it was easy and nothing but beneficial in every regard!

pizza crust

The recipes we’ve developed for the crust, sauce and baking method with our homemade pizzas makes the best pie I’ve ever had, hands down the best!  (Some recipes are included at the bottom of the page.)


  • NO dead animals – Replace any recipe calling for meat with soy curls, soy chips, palm hearts, artichokes and misc veggies. (David has irrefutably proven in his Goyim Gazette #117 that Jesus was a vegetarian and that the Bible and therefore YHWH warns us NOT to eat animals, it’s what “Thou Shalt Not Kill” really means!  As a bonus for living the way God intended, you’ll save tons of money, have relatively no waste, feel better about yourself, become healthier and hence HAPPIER!  We usually buy our soy curls in bulk from Butlerfoods.com but there are other sources, just make sure its non-GMO and/or Organic.)

    If you buy in bulk, they cost about 1/10th of what meat does, don’t spoil or require refrigeration, are pure protein with no bad fat and are super simple to use in pretty much anything you can imagine. We toss them in soups, casseroles, fajitas, tacos, burritos, lasagna and etc., they even make a really great barbecue sandwich!




Did you know kids who eat 3 hot dogs per week are 9 times more likely to get Leukemia (blood cancer) and brain cancer? Stop eating animals and poisons!!! Try these “Tofurkey” dogs, they’re excellent and healthy. Filling too, just one will do ya! (There’s also an italian sausage version that’s killer when sliced and put on pizzas or added to spaghetti sauce!)

  • NO baby embryos (eggs) – Replace using “flax eggs” (To make one egg; 1 T flax + 3 T water; mix and let set for 5 minutes and voila! Vegan eggs for use in practically anything, even great when mixed with a little cinnamon for some truly excellent french toast!)
  • NO cow spit (dairy milk) – Replace with coconut, almond and soy “milks”. As for butter and cheese, Earth Balance margarine is our main go to replacement for butter and Daiya brand cheeses are an excellent replacement for mozzarella, american and cheddar. There’s tons of options nowadays, it’s easy.
  • NO GMOs
  • NO non-organic vegetables (especially nothing from Wal-mart!  Their vegetables and fruits often have so many chemicals on them you can taste the burn on your tongue.  We’ve found that animals won’t even touch a lot of them!)
  • NO high fructose corn syrup
  • Minimal prepackaged food (because very few of them are healthy)
  • Natural and Fresh foods are best (we are each looking forward to having our own garden for the first time since we were kids! ALL of us will have gardens soon!)
  • NO fast food (we’ll cheat by having some fries from Wendy’s every now and then)
  • Have you ever asked yourself why McDonald, Wendys and all the other burger joints don’t offer veggie burgers even though 6% of Americans are Vegetarian or Vegan? A 6% increase in sales should/would be paramount for any NON-SATANIC business model or culture!
  • NO sodas or other drinks, just water, juice and of course wine!
  • Refined and Unrefined Coconut Oil – These are wonderful and can be used to replace oils and butter when frying or baking. (the unrefined version withstands higher temps for frying)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sauteing, frying and baking
  • Little to NO microwave use
  • Avoid canned goods with BPA linings
  • Pre-make BIG batches of protein packed beans, we especially enjoy black beans and cranberry pintos cooked with onion and garlic. (We cook them in giant pots and put them in large Tupperware containers for freezing. Then we can take one out to stow it in the fridge for instant use whenever needed. Baked bean burritos are one of our favorites!)
  • Fresh baked vegan breads cut into “meal size portions”, frozen and taken out as needed
  • One pot/pan meals are our favorites simply due to convenience
  • Eating just one main meal per day in the afternoon seems to work best for us



David Allender, Peggy Dyk & Bear, 2017. Note the unrehearsed pose of David holding Peggy and Peggy holding Bear, now imagine who’s behind holding us all from above!





Download What The Health?! (700 MB .mpeg video)

Stop being a pushover hypocrite who says the like animals while causing their sickness, torture and death, take back control of your life starting with what you put on your plate!




Thank you from David Allender & Peggy Dyk

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