Satanic Holidays

Birthdays are self worship of oneself and undeserved celebration/worship of others without cause which is of course blatantly stupid. The only celebration over ones’ birthday should be in a prayer of thanks to God for his/her existence. It’s very clear and simple, aside from honoring someone for God having allowed them to do something honorable, we are to celebrate and worship God and only God! As is often the case, God kind of underlines this for us in what could be thought of as a parable of sorts by associating birthday celebrations with DEATH!

Did you know the ONLY 3 mentions of birthdays in the Bible are each related with horrendous deaths?!

The first account is in Genesis. Pharaoh, the Egyptian king, celebrated his birthday by executing his chief baker (Gen. 40:1-23). God gave Joseph special understanding of a dream by Pharaoh’s butler and baker, that the baker would lose his life three days after Joseph interpreted the dream. Joseph understood that Pharaoh would use this occasion—his own birthday party—to put his baker to death. As the dream had foretold, the baker was hung at the party!

In the second account, the New Testament figure Herod the tetrarch reluctantly ordered the beheading of John the Baptist (Matt. 14:3-11). Notice verse six: “But when Herod’s birthday was kept…” During the dancing and merry-making at his birthday party, Herod got carried away and eventually made a promise that he did not want to keep. As a result, a great servant of God lost his life.

The final account is found in the book of Job. The Bible says that Jobs’ seven sons “went and feasted in their houses, every one his day; and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them” (Job 1:4). These parties were obviously not centered around any kind of celebration related to God, or Job would not have worried that his children may have sinned during these celebration feasts. He was not exactly sure what was going on in their minds, but the very celebration of their birthdays triggered great concern in him (1:5). Apparently, during the birthday party of Jobs’ oldest son, God allowed lucifer to kill all 10 of Jobs’ children through what appears to be a tornado (vs. 6-13, 18-19).

Further proof that these birthday celebrations displeased God is found in Job 3. Take time to read the entire chapter carefully. Job spends much time cursing every aspect of the day of his birth. The loss of all of his children, due to a birthday celebration, stunned and sobered him. His words make plain that there is nothing good about the day of a man’s birth.

And furthermore, God only ordained 7 Holy Feasts aka Holy Days or “Holidays”

  1. Passover
  2. Feast of Unleavened Bread
  3. Feast of First Fruits
  4. Pentecost
  5. Trumpets
  6. Atonement
  7. Tabernacles

lucifer ordained all the others

  1. Purim
  2. Lent
  3. Easter
  4. Hanukkah
  5. Advent
  6. Christmas
  7. Halloween
  8. Birthdays
  9. And then of course there’s all the totally bogus NOT holydays of differing nations such as labor day, memorial day, presidents’ day etc.

Jan. 1New Year's DayDruid Feast Day15-33
Jan. 7St. Winebald Daybloodanimal and/or human sacrifice and dismemberment(male, if human)
Jan. 17Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 female
Jan. 20-27Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Candlemassexual and bloodoral, anal, vaginal
human sacrifice
female or child (any age)
Jan. 29St. Agnes Evecasting of spells
Feb. 2Candlemas
(Sabbat Festival)
bloodanimal and/or human sacrifice
Feb. 2Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 female
Feb. 25St. Walpurgis Daybloodcommunion of blood and dismembermentany age
Mar. 1St. Eichatadtblooddrinking of human blood for strength and homage to the demonsany age (male or female)
Mar. 15,17Eides
Mar. 20
date varies
Spring Equinox
(Sabbat Festival)
(Major fertility Sabbat)
Shrovetide - three days before Ash Wednesday
(which is a Witch Sabbat)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginalany age (male or female, human or animal)
date variesGood Friday
Day of Passion
(death of Christ)
bloodhuman sacrificemale only
date variesEaster Eve Daybloodhuman sacrificemale or female (adult)
Apr. 21-26Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim
Apr. 24St. Mark's Evedivining and herb gathering
Apr. 26 - May 1Grand ClimaxDe Meuroral, anal, vaginal
Corpus De Baahl
1-25 (female)
Apr. 30Walpurgisnacht
Roodmas Day
Beltane Eve (often celebrated with a festival that includes bonfires and fertility rites) - greatest Witches Sabbat
bloodanimal and/or human sacrificeany age
May 1Beltane
Walpurgis Day
May Day
Druid Fire Festival
Coven Initiations
June 21
date varies
Feast Day
(Summer Solstice)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginal
animal and/or human sacrifice
any age (male or female or animal)
July 1Demons RevelbloodDruid sexual association with demonsany age (female)
Jul 20-26Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax
July 25St. James Daygathering of herbs
July 27Grand Climax (5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice)Da Meuroral, anal, vaginal
human sacrifice
female (child or adult)
Aug. 1Lammas Day
(Sabbat Festival)
(Feast of Sun God, Harvest seasons begin)
bloodanimal and/or human sacrificeany age (male or female)
Aug. 3Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 (female)
Aug. 24St. Bartholomew's Day
(Great Sabbat and Fire festival)
large herb gathering
Sept. 7Marriage to the Beastsexualsacrifice, dismembermentinfant - 21 (female)
Sept. 21Midnight Hostblooddismemberment and hands removed for Hand of Glory(female)
Sept. 22
date varies
Feast Day
(fall equinox)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginalany age
Oct. 13 - 30Preparation for all Hallows Eve, Samhain (Halloween)
Abduction, holding and ceremonial preparation of individual for human sacrifice
(13 -Backward Halloween Date)
Oct. 28-30Satanist High
(Holy Day related to Halloween)
bloodhuman sacrifice each dayany age (male orfemale)
Oct. 30-31All Hallows Eve and Halloween Nightblood and sexualsexual climax, association with the demons, animal and/or human sacrificeany age (male or female and/or animal)
Nov. 1Satanist High
(Holy Day related to Halloween)
bloodhuman sacrificeany age (male or female)
Nov. 4Satanic Revelssexualoral, anal, vaginal7-17 (female)
Dec. 21Winter Solstice
(Sabbat Festival)
(Feast Day)
orgiesoral, anal, vaginalany age (male or female, human or animal)
Dec. 24Demon Revels
Christmas Eve
Da Meur
High Grand Climax
Receive body parts as Christmas gifts
any age (male or female, human and/or animal)
infant male
A. The highest ritual holiday is the member's birthday. It usually involves the member or a victim of the member's choice and someone in authority, usually the coven's leader.
B. The first and third of every month. Put 1 and 3 together and it makes 13, though ritual/worship can occur at anytime, frequently coinciding with times of stress.
C. All Friday the 13th's are high satanic days.
D. All full-moon nights provide reason for major occult activity (easiest to move around without difficulty and without being detected).
E. Holy week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday). satanists/luciferians sacrifice, cook and eat a human baby on Easter Sunday.

This is no joke. Those are all real rituals carried out by millions of sick, literally demon (jinn) possessed fools. It is all very well documented in both the Bible and Quran as well as thousands of “how to” books on witchcraft/satanism available online.

We are to serve God and celebrate His Existence, not ourselves nor “others” and those others (the jinn like lucifer) know it! It’s all deception and if YOU buy into it, you stand to lose the only thing that really matters, Eternal Life!!!