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The Veda, Bible and Quran are all encoded with highly advanced mathematics and numbering systems that prove the existence of “others” (i.e. G-ds). Whether you’re a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Atheist matters not in learning there IS a higher intelligence at work behind all of these ancient texts, the evidence is absolutely undeniable. This short page will succinctly prove it, and that “YHWH” is the name of the main G-d of the Bible which jewish pharisees and scribes removed to make sure We The People wouldn’t be able to use it. (as is likewise with the name of “Yeshua” which was replaced with jeZeus)

Question #1: “How can we be 100% certain that there really is a higher intelligence at work here?”


For starters with the Bible, watch the following to see how Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 are encoded with Pi and Eulers Number! (And note the fact that this low quality, homemade video was the ONLY thing available on all of youtube when this was written about it because IT IS THE TRUTH!)

proofPDF1Download Vernon Jenkins Intro (20 MB .mpeg video)


Ooops, he didn’t realize what’s known as “The Fine Structure Constant” symbolized as “a(the greek letter “alpha”) which is important in Physics is also encoded in Gen 1:1! Download this .pdf ( ) for a short but excellent rundown of all 3 of these irrefutable proof sources of higher intel behind the bible!

Was that not enough? OK, have a look at Vernon Jenkins “The Other Bible Code” which I edited down from 600 pages and saved in .pdf format from his original powerpoint file; (And note it too is sort of “homemade” which again illustrates the fact that it is from “one of us”, not the CIA, Mossad, MI6 or vatican! Also note it is 350 pages centered mostly upon Genesis 1:1 as a multi-faceted cryptogram)

STILL NOT ENOUGH? (Although we know that’s not possible for anyone who’s actually spent the mere 20 or 30 minutes honestly examining what’s already been provided here) That said, here’s the coup de gras. It’s some work done by geneticist Craig Paardekooper after he came across Vernon Jenkins work. He realized the significance of the numbers 37, 73, 666, 703 and 2701 found in Genesis 1.1. It turns out, that the multifaceted cryptogram encoded therein is VERY CLOSELY TIED to human DNA!!! Here’s that;


That kinda reminds me of the fact that Human DNA spells “YH” or “YAH” as in YHWH/YAHWEH in two of the most common ways of illustrating it!




Genesis 1:26 “And GodS said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness”


The following is from a shill site where the OP (original poster) was attacked and defamed for speaking facts which further prove the existence of a higher intel;

Recall that YHWH = 26? Well, now that you know the value of the bible’s 37 codings, what if 26 = 37? . . . Given the central role of the number 37 in biblical numerics, I always wondered why the Tetragrammaton = 26 (instead of 37). I mean, the number 26 is a pretty cosmic number in itself (for example, there are 26 dimensionless constants and there are 26 “sporadic groups” in group theory), but the number 37 seems to hold the highest position. To my surprise, the number 37 is actually hidden within his very name (just as it is hidden in his word and the human genome!)

Take the four number values in the Tetragrammaton (10, 5, 6 and 5) and sum the two numbers on the left, the two middle numbers and the two the numbers on the right as follows; …

10 + 5 = 15

5 + 6 = 11

6 + 5 = 11

Now sum their values …

15 + 11 + 11 = 37!

Now sum their reversed values …

51 + 11 + 11 = 73!

Now instead of adding the values of the two numbers to the left, the two middle numbers and the two numbers to the right, multiply them …

10 x 5 = 50

5 x 6 = 30

6 x 5 = 30

50 + 30 + 30 = 37 + 73 (Genesis 1:1 = 2701 which is 37 x 73)!

If you think I’m just playing with numbers here, you’re sadly mistaken. Observe what happens when we apply the same phenomenon with ELOHIM (generic for Gods)

Elohim = 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 + 40

Now sum the three numbers to the left, the three numbers in the middle and the three numbers to the right …

1 + 30 + 5 = 36

30 + 5 + 10 = 45

5 + 10 + 40 = 55


Of the 5,153,632 possible 5-letter combinations of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, only 42 of them form three consecutive Triangular numbers through this pattern and ONLY ONE OF THEM IS A VALID HEBREW WORD (Elohim)!

36, 45 and 55 = The 8th, 9th and 10th Triangular numbers …

8, 9 and 10 are the first THREE integers after the first SEVEN positive integers (notice the 3 and the 7 again).

The final Triangular number in this sequence is 55 (55 is the exact midpoint between 37 and 73 AND generates the Hexagon/Hexagram pair of 37/73 through self intersection).

Btw, when we add the first SIX positive integers two by two (SIX is the FIRST “Perfect Number” and the number of creation “days”) until we end up with a single number, a Triangle of six rows is formed with 112 at the very top! …

112 = Yahweh Elohim = The Triangular order of Genesis 1:1 + John 1:1!

Let us briefly delve into the subject of the human genome mentioned early on;


When we place the 20 amino acids that directly code for genes in a 4 x 5 table like that above and arrange them according to their chemical properties, we get a table where …

The sum of the molecular masses of the TOP two rows with EXACTLY half of the central row = 37^2 + 0.025

The sum of the molecular masses of the BOTTOM two rows with EXACTLY half the central row = 37^2 – 0.025

The sum of the two INNER columns is EXACTLY 666 x 2 + 0.37 (which can be rewritten as 703 x 2 – 37 x 2 + 0.37)

The sum of the two OUTER columns is EXACTLY 703 x 2 – 0.37 (which can be rewritten as 666 x 2 + 37 x 2 – 0.37)

The sum of the ODD columns (the 1st and 3rd column) is EXACTLY 703 x 2 – 73 x 2 – 0.73

The sum of the EVEN columns (the 2nd and 4th column) is EXACTLY 666 x 2 + 73 x 2 + 0.73

THESE ARE ALL GENESIS 1:1 NUMBERS! Genesis 1:1 = 37 x 73! There is a natural break in Genesis 1:1 between the first 5 words (In the beginning GodS created) and the last 2 words (the heavens and the earth). The value of the first 5 words = 666 + 666 + 666 and the value of the last 2 words = 703 (666 happens to be the 36th triangular number and 703 (666 + 37) is the 37th!!!) And notice how 5 – 2 = 3 and 5 + 2 = 7 (THREE and SEVEN again!). Further, Genesis 1:1 itself happens to be the 37th Hexagonal number AND the 73rd Triangular number!

Notice how the molecular mass of the INNER columns and the OUTER columns are built around the prime number 37 and 0.37 while the molecular mass of the ODD columns and the EVEN columns are built around the prime number 73 and 0.73 …

Watch this …

The sum of every ODD individual amino acid on the table is EXACTLY 666 x 2 – 0.55

The sum of every EVEN individual amino acid on the table is EXACTLY 703 x 2 + 0.55

55 happens to be the EXACT midpoint between 37 and 73 (55 – 18 = 37 and 55 + 18 = 73)!

Watch this …

The TOTAL sum of the 20 amino acids = EXACTLY 2738 with no decimal remainder! And 2738 = 37 x the 37th even number (74!) Further, the digital sum of 2738 (2 + 7 + 3 + 8) is 20 (the number of amino acids that directly codes for genes)

Genesis 1:1 = 2701 and 2701 + 37 = 37 x 74 (the total molecular mass of the 20 amino acids!) The 74th Triangle (74 being the 37th even number) = 2738 – 37!

Now get this … Proline is the ONLY amino acid out of the 20 that has 74 nucleons (74 being the 37th even number). How many do the other 19 amino acids have??? 73! … All 19 of them! Why 19? … There are 19 Hexagonal counters in a Hexagram of 37 counters! Further, the EXACT midpoint between 1 and 37 = 19!

Now the 4th Hexagon/Hexagram pair happens to be 37/73 and Proline happens to be the 4th amino acid (from least to greatest molecular mass!) Proline also has the most unique core structure out of the 20 amino acids.

The sum of the DIGITAL ROOTS of the molecular masses for all the amino acids that fall on the same COLUMN as Proline + The sum of the DIGITAL ROOTS of the molecular masses for all the amino acids that fall on the same ROW as Proline = 37! And Proline is the ONLY amino acid on the table with this specific feature!

Lastly, the sum of the TOP two rows with the central row rounds to 37^2 AND the sum of the BOTTOM two rows with the central row rounds to 37^2!

A recent paper has also shown that the human genome is mathematically arranged around the number 37 …

In a paper entitled “The WOW! signal of the terrestrial genetic code”, Vladimir I. Shcherbak and Maxim A. Makukov demonstrate how the nucleons in the human genome are mathematically arranged according to each of the triple repdigits (111 through 999)! This is incredible because each of the triple repdigits are intimately related to that flawless number 37! Observe …

111 (1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and 3 x 37 = 111)

222 (2 + 2 + 2 = 6 and 6 x 37 = 222)

333 (3 + 3 + 3 = 9 and 9 x 37 = 333)

444 (4 + 4 + 4 = 12 and 12 x 37 = 444)

555 (5 + 5 + 5 = 15 and 15 x 37 = 555)

666 (6 + 6 + 6 = 18 and 18 x 37 = 666)

777 (7 + 7 + 7 = 21 and 21 x 37 = 777)

888 (8 + 8 + 8 = 24 and 24 x 37 = 888)

999 (9 + 9 + 9 = 27 and 27 x 37 = 999)

Whenever a digit is raised to its triplet, it represents the highest manifestation of the meaning behind that number. Btw, if we sum 111 through 999, we get 4995. The total value of the 27 Hebrew characters (22 letters + 5 additional characters that is sometimes used at the end of Hebrew words) = 4995!

Watch this … The sum of the atomic numbers of all the different atoms found in DNA = 37 and the total number of atoms in the different molecules found in DNA = 73! The prime factors of Genesis 1:1 = 37 x 73!

One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see the hand of God in this. It CLEARLY demonstrates that the author of Genesis 1:1 is the SAME author of the human genome!

And I didn’t even get into the SYMMETRICAL representations of the genetic codon groups with each having 2368 nucleons (recall from GG #118 above that 2368 = The Greek NT value of IESOUS CHRISTOS and key number involved in the dimensions of my house!).

OK, that only brushed the surface of the mathematical miracle in the most well known verse of the Bible Genesis 1:1, there is much, much more on our DVD! And anyone who doubts the Quran’s genuineness needs to watch this short 38 minute video “The Miracle of 19”.


proofPDF2Download The Miracle of 19? (124 MB .mpeg video)


Question #2: “Where does YHWH and the tetragrammaton come from and why have most never heard of them?”

Answer: The name YHWH was and is known as “the tetragrammaton” which literally means “4 letters”. (tetra = “four” and grammaton = “letter”) Those being Hebrew letters called: “yodh”, “he”, “waw” and then “he” again. (Hebrew reads right to left)


The sum of the letter-values of the ‘Tetragrammaton‘, the Hebrew biblical name of God (YHWH): Yod + Heh + Wau + Heh = 10 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 26.


The following are just a few interesting facts about the Number 26;

26 is the ONLY number sandwiched between a square (52 =25) and a cube (33= 27)

26 is the difference of the second pair of amicable numbers: 1210 – 1184 = 26

26 is the smallest number which is not a palindrome, but has the following square: 262 = 676 (which is 666 plus 10/God!)

26 = 1 + 7 + 5 + 7 + 6 and 263 = 17576 (This one’s sort of interesting given the fact that 2016 is 1776 in the hebrew calendar and that 5 is the number of the end or death, 17-5-76)

26 = 5 + 8 + 13 (the sum of 3 consecutive Fibonacci numbers)

26 is the minimum number of moves needed to solve any disordered Rubik’s cube. It is so named because God would only need the smallest number of moves to solve a cube.

The 26-letter word precipitevolissimevolmente (meaning “as fast as possible” or “Godspeed”?), created in 1677, is one of the longest words in the Italian language.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet (as well as many others of more ancient origin)

There are 26 weeks between summer/winter and winter/summer solstices on earth

26 as 2 x 6 = 12, the most used and famous of all biblical numbers (12 Apostles, 12 Months, 12 Zodiacs, 12 Hours in AM/PM, 12 parts to a dozen, 12 inches/foot, etc.)

12 reduced as 1 + 2 = 3, the number of the Holy Trinity in this 3 dimensional world.

26 as 2/6 = .3 or .33, or .333, or .3333 to infinity of trinity! (Also note 33 is the highest level of free masonry and 333 is half of 666)


Below is “YHWH” first in Ancient “pictorial” Hebrew (as carved in stoneworks), then Paleo Hebrew and lastly Modern Hebrew, each in it’s original right to left format;


Unlike our ABCs which are simply the names of letters, Hebrew characters had meanings unto themselves. For the 3 characters (Y, H & W) used to spell YHWH those are Y=Hand, H=Behold, and W=Nail/Join. So, as a phrase YHWH to any Hebrew speaking person is “Hand, Behold, Join, Behold” or loosely interpreted as “Take the Hand Of God with Glory to Unite with Glory”. Hence the one true God is a unifying force, not a divider!

As to pronunciation of “YHWH”, the Old Testament was written with the Hebrew alphabet which does not have vowels. So, while Hebrew speaking individuals likely did make sounds likened to those created from vowels such as those found in today’s English alphabet (from the first two letters “alpha” and “beta” or A and B of the Greek alphabet) in text form hebrew was a consonant-only language. Hence the english way of saying God’s name of YHWH is often pronounced as if it had vowels as in “Yahweh” or “Yehweh”, the latter of which being silent is more likely as the vowel sounds we use today, were not in existence. This further expounds into the sons’ name of Yeshua, which sounded like “yhshwa” without the silent/nonexistent e.

It’s interesting to note that in Hebrew the sound “ya” or “yh” simply means “God”. So, the respective Ye/YH portions of Ye-shua and YH-WH could likewise and, the WH portion of the latter may well be the actual name of God. Hence John 14:10; “Yeshua saith unto him, I am the way (“WH”), the truth, and the life”!

The ancient and Holy name of YHWH was renowned for its’ powers to invoke magical happenings and bring good fortune upon those who used it. From Romans 10:12-13; “For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same LORD (YHWH) over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of YHWH shall be saved“.

With that alone, anyone of minimal intelligence should be able to see why one group of murderous, greedy, infantile, oppressive and evil “would be losers” would want to make sure they were the only ones to know and use YHWHs holy name. Hence 5,410 incidents (the last 4 digits of the first phone # Peggy and I got for our business some 23 years ago!) of the use of YHWH in the bible were removed by the vatican and replaced with “God” or “LORD” and later, circa 1,600 “ye-hova”, “je-hova” or “lord-hova” which Strongs hebrew dictionary tells us means “lord or god of ruin, mischief and wickedness” aka, beelzebub, yaldabaoth, zeus, satan or lucifer to mention just a few names of the evil “lord” of this world. (meaning king or prince as in “the prince of darkness”)




Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible

James Strong

#3050. Jah, the sacred name: – -Jah, the Lord, most vehement. Compare names “-iah”, “-jah’

#1943. hovah (ho-vaw’); another form for ‘havvah’ (1942); ruin: mischief, very wickedness.




That’s who the vatican now has everyone worshiping instead of YHWH! Is it any wonder why everything in our world is corrupt and evil? This too was prophesied! Timothy 2, 3:1-4; “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of YHWH”

Back to why the roman catholic vatican and every religion spawned and guided by it/them have billions of innocent but naive human beings praying to, and thereby being possessed by, “other gods”. One of such being “jezeus” or what was ye-zeus before the catholic cult of King James created the letter J circa 1590. Either way it means “god zeus” the god of war, “onward Christian soldiers” (soul-diers)! This is also true for other religions such as Muslims who have been tricked by the vatican into praying to “Allah” which many will say simply means God but is more likely to be generic for lord, king or prince, once again.


Along with equaling 66 (note the 66 books of the bible) another interesting thing we see about the word “Allah” is that like YHWH, it is 4 letters long in Arabic. I suspect this is likely how the miracle of 19 encoded into the Quran (discussed below) has remained intact even though the name YHWH was removed/changed long ago. Them both being 4 letters long allows for identical counting of words/letters used in the miracle of 19.

So, now you know how and why the name of YOUR creator and omnipotent judge was hidden from the rest of humanity for millennia by lowlife kikes. As an interesting sidenote, YHWH is very similar to the sound one makes when breathing in, then out. And Yeshua is very similar to the sound made when we sneeze!

So, I figure it is in those manners that YHWH made sure the vatican could never completely remove the Holy names from our daily use!!! And how apt is it that when pronouncing YHWHs name, who is the creator of the universe and YOU, it resembles the most elemental sound of mammalian life, breathing!

And let’s not forget that when we’re born we first breathe in, and upon death our last breathe goes out. Well, YHWH is “the Alpha” and “the Omega” (the first and last letters of the greek alphabet) the beginning and the end. Revelation 22:13; “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”

Before continuing, please enjoy learning the Greek Alphabet with this short 2 minute video just for fun;


proofPDF3Download the Greek Alphabet Song? (5.55 MB .mpeg video)


Question #3: “What evidence is there to support all of this about YHWH being the correct name of the Bible’s main G-d?”

Firstly consider the serious proofs of the name “jehovah” NOT being correct; The Encyclopedia Britannica, 14th Edition, Vol. 12 admits, “The pronunciation `jehovah’ is indeed an error resulting among Christians from combining the consonants YHWH (Alternatively JHVH because the letter “vav” is both a V or a W) with the vowels of `Adhonay, `Lord,’ which “certain people” in reading the Scriptures substituted for the sacred name YHWH, commonly called the tetragrammaton as containing four consonants. Here’s how that happened;




Now for a simple yet astounding proof that YHWH is correct, watch this short 2 minute 40 second video “Proof Gods Name Is YHWH”;

proofPDF4Download Proof Gods Name is YHWH? (6.1 MB .mpeg video)


To “seal the deal” let us back this up with some significant findings from a plenitude of reliable sources!

From Bible Translators and Scholars;
In the introduction to the Moffatt Translation (pp.20-21), James Moffatt makes it clear that he would have had no hesitation about using the Name YHWH in his translation if he had intended it for students of the original Scriptures.
We find in the preface to the Goodspeed translation: “The Hebrews called their deity by the name YHWH , and in shorter form Yah.” This source admits to using substitutes for the Name YHWH .
The Revised Standard Version says at Exodus 3:15, “The word LORD when spelled with capital letters stands for the divine name YHWH, which is here connected with the verb hayah, to be.”
The New Catholic Bible (Catholic Bible Press), at Exodus 3:14 notes, ” ‘I am who am’ ; apparently this utterance is the source of the word YHWH ; the proper, personal name of the God of the 12 tribes of Israel … Out of reverence for this name the term ‘Adonai,’ ‘my Lord,’ was used as a substitute (as seen in the graphic above). The word Lord in the present version represents this traditional usage. The word Jehovah arose from a false reading of this name as it is written in the current Hebrew text.”
In the International Bible Encyclopedia of the King James Version published by Garden City Publishing Co., we note the following under the heading “Jehovah”: “It is believed that the correct pronunciation of this word is ‘YHWH .'”
In the Jewish Encyclopedia (Volume 7, p..88) is this revealing statement: “The reading Jehovah is a comparatively recent invention. Jehovah is generally held to have been the invention of Pope Leo the 10th’s confessor, Peter Galatin (De Arcanis Catholic Verities 1518, Folio XLIII), who was followed in the use of this hybrid form by Fagius Drusius.”
A New Standard Bible Dictionary States , “Jehovah …Properly YHWH … the form ‘Jehovah’ is impossible, according to the strict principles of Hebrew vocalization.” (there was no “J” in the original Hebrew, nor in Greek for that matter.)
From the preface to the Holy Name Bible, published by the Scripture Research Association, is the following: “Another common error among most of the translators is their elimination of heaven’s revealed Name of the Most High, YHWH , and the Name of His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, and the substitution of the names of the local deities of the nations among whom they dwelt (Psalm 96:5), expressly transgressing YHWH’s commandments as given in Exodus 20:7 and 23:13.
“The substitution of the Names YHWH and Yeshua by the name of the pagan deities of the nations has brought immeasurable harm…By employing these names the people unknowingly turn the worship of YHWH into that of idols and actually ascribe the benevolent characteristics of the Mighty One of Israel to the pagan deities (Hosea 2:8).”
On page 7 of this source we read, “His Name is composed of two parts: Ye-shua (Savior). Thus the contraction Yeshau signifies Yahweh-Savior and strikingly bears out the logic of Matthew 1:21.”
From Common Secular Sources
From the Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance is this on page 121: “Jehovah, the name revealed to Moses at Horeb…Its real pronunciation is approximately YHWH. The name itself was not pronounced Jehovah before the 16th century.”
Encyclopedia Britannica (Micropedia, vol. 10): “Although Christian scholars after the Renaissance and Reformation periods used the term Jehovah for YHWH, in the 19th and 20 centuries biblical scholars again began to use the form YHWH. Early Christian writers, such as Clement of Alexandria in the 2nd century, had used the form YHWH, thus this pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton was never really lost. Greek transcriptions also indicated that YHWH should be pronounced Yahweh.”
Webster’s New World Dictionary — “Yahweh…a form of the Hebrew name in the Old Testament. See Tetragrammaton.”
The New American Encyclopedia notes this under Jehovah,” (properly YHWH) a name of the [Mighty One] of Israel , now widely regarded as a mispronunciation of the Hebrew YHWH.”

More from the Bible
“And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other mighty ones, neither let it be heard out of your mouth,” Exodus 23:13.
“Our help is in the name of YHWH, who made heaven and earth,” Psalm 124:8.
“Seek Him that made the seven stars and Orion…YHWH is His name,” Amos 5:8.
“It is He that builds His stories in the heaven, and has founded His vault in the earth…YHWH is His name,” Amos 9:6.
“His name shall endure forever: His name shall be continued as long as the sun.” Psalm 72:17.
“Praise YHWH, call upon His name, declare His doings among the people, make mention that His name is exalted,” Isaiah 12:4.
“…I YHWH am thy Savior and thy Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob,” Isaiah 49:26.
“And she shall bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Yeshua: for He shall save His People from their sins,” Matthew 1:21.
In John 5:43 Yeshua said, “I am come in My Father’s name,” The family name Yah/Yeh meaning God is found in both names, YHWH and Yeshua. We also find the sacred Name Yah at the end of the names of many Bible prophets like Elijah (more properly, EliYah, which means “my Mighty One is Yah”); also note the “Yah” sound at the end of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Obadiah, Zephaniah, Zechariah, and many others.
“Wherefore also has highly exalted Him, and given Him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Yeshua every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Yeshua the Messiah is the Savior, to the glory of YHWH the Father,” Philippians 2:9-11.
“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved,” Acts 4:12.
“To Him give all the prophets witness, that through His name whosoever believes in Him shall receive remission of sins,” Acts 10:43.
“And this is His commandment, that we should believe on the name of His Son Yeshua the Messiah…” 1John 3:23.
“Sing forth the honor of His name: make His praise glorious,” Psalm 66:2.

If you’re still not convinced that YHWH is the correct name of the omnipotent Creator God of Jacob (later named by YHWH as “Israel” who had 12 sons that made up the “Tribes of Israel”) there is an extremely well detailed essay from “Yahweh’s Assembly in Yashua” archived here. (NOTE, WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION)



Once an individual accepts the unavoidable and irrefutable fact that “someone” other than human beings really did inspire the Bible and Quran and that one evil, psychotic and racist group has known it while hiding the name of one of those “someones” so we couldn’t use it, the only thing left to do is connect the dots. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? . . .




The answer . . . YES!


From Victor Marchetti, Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the CIA, 1969;

“We have indeed been contacted by extraterrestrial beings and the U.S. government, in collusion with other national powers on earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public. The purpose of the international conspiracy is to maintain a workable stability among the nations (goyim) of the world and for them, in turn, to retain institutional control over their respective populations. Thus, for these governments to admit there are beings from outer space … with mentalities and technological capabilities obviously far superior to ours, could, once fully perceived by the average person, erode the foundations of earth’s traditional power structure.


And that is precisely what we are here to do!


Maybe now everyone will begin understanding, at least in part how and why I’ve come to the conclusion that ETs as/and/or “Gods” do in fact exist. There is absolutely zero room for doubt and those who still think otherwise are complete fools!


If You Haven’t Already; Download The Heartwarming 66 Page “Gospel of The Holy Twelve” for FREE now! This book had been hidden from WTP for 2,000 years! I found it in a state of disrepair and spent some days fixing 100s of typos and bringing it back to what I hope is close to it’s original glory. THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN BY YESHUA’S OWN BROTHER, “JAMES THE JUST” AND IS WHAT CHRISTIANITY WAS ORIGINALLY BASED UPON. SOLELY!




That book tells the truly beautiful story of the life of Yeshua, the most famous incarnation of God in western culture. After him came Mohamet but prior to both of them there were others such as Buddha, all of which were prophesied in Hinduism’s texts as the 10 Incarnations or Avatars of God, the final being that of “Kalki, the Destroyer of Filth”. While unknown to most, this of course was the premise behind the movie “Avatar” which gives one a peek at the concept of how God can live vicariously in prophets and others who are mysteriously driven and guided in working for the divine . . .



FYI; The word and concepts of an “Avatar” itself originates from Hinduism.


Depicted below is a scene from the famous battle from Hinduism’s “Bhagavad Gita” which is a chapter in song from the “Mahabharata”, the longest epic in all of world literature. It, the “Ramayana” and the “Veda” which make up the majority of Hinduism’s precepts have recently been proven to originate circa 7 Millennia BC in the area of central Asia/Mesopotamia. (7,000 years prior to the New Testament and 4,000 years prior to the oldest books of the old testament!) This is precisely why Hinduism is known as “the Cradle of Religion” (Even though it teaches much, much more including highly advanced mathematics, astronomy, polity, law, morals and ethics which were based on respect, kindness and compassion for all forms of life.)



Lord Krishna is steering the chariot while Arjuna draws his bow for battle. This is quite obviously where the stories of Islam’s long prophesied arrival of the 12th Imam and Christianity’s/Revelation’s 2nd coming of Yeshua, both with their bows while riding on white horses were inspired.


From part 4 of the Bhagavad Gita, “Conversation (Between Krishna and Arjuna) Yoga of Wisdom”; 4:5. You and Me had many births in the past, O Arjuna! I know all of them, but you do not know any of yours, O Parantapa! (a soldier) 4:6. Though I am the eternal, imperishable Atman (soul), though I am Ishvara (God as man), but inside prakriti (creation) controlled by Me, I manifest Myself through My maya (the Earth). 4:7. When there is a decline of righteousness (on the Earth) and unrighteousness begins to prevail, then I manifest Myself. 4:8. For the sake of saving good people and defeating those who do evil, for restoring the dharma (basic principle of existence, divine law/duty) I manifest Myself thus from age to age. 4:9. He who has really cognized the essence of My miraculous Manifestations does not get born again after leaving the body but merges with Me, O Arjuna! 4:10. Many those who freed themselves from false attachments, fear, and anger, who cognized My Beingness and got purified in the Fire of Wisdom attain Great Love for Me. 4:11. In whatever way people go to Me, in the same way I receive them. For the paths by which people come to Me from all sides are My paths, O Partha! (a prince skilled in archery)


While I am often sort of distracted by the other tasks I’m being assigned, I’m learning more about Hinduism and have found several subjects in particular to be quite revealing and useful. One being the fact that corrupt leaders rely on We The People being flesh eaters which goes directly against God’s advice, the design of our bodies, Hinduism, Islam and of course the ACTUAL teachings of Yeshua, as proven in the Gospel of The Holy Twelve. (see lection 46 therein) Stop and consider the fact that if YOU had been brought up by said teachings of compassion to all living things, your morals and outlook on evil crap such as wars, environmental destruction and materialism would be completely different. How a person treats others, especially defenseless animals is at the very core of their morality and outlook as a human being and your oppressive, evil, satanic leaders know this!





The thing is, people with poor moral bases are EASY TO OPPRESS by way of the masonic/satanic motto of MATERIALISM, IMPOSITION & DESTRUCTION. If We The People’s beliefs were founded upon the REAL teachings of our most beloved prophets such as Yeshua, Buddha and other workers of God who have ALL espoused vegetarianism, we could not be oppressed by evil leaders and this world would be an entirely different place. If we didn’t agree with harming animals and the earth just to eat, we also wouldn’t agree with any other EVIL, careless and self centered ways of living. Hence, there would be no wars, no pollution and no animal cruelty of any kind (i.e. zoos, factory farms, whaling, etc.) and we would all be enjoying “Heaven On Earth” exactly as it should and would be were it not for the worthless pieces of shite we have as leaders of current. (but not for much longer!) We The People would never have allowed the murder of TWO HUNDRED MILLION INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN in the last hundred years which is in great part what evil leaders have relied upon to become powerful and rich. Hence, needlessly torturing and killing animals while destroying creation just to eat is at the very core of ALL our problems of western societies AND THAT IS AN UNDENIABLE FACT.




I didn’t set out to end this page with all that but one has to admit, if we’re talking about the ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLE REALITY OF GOD’S EXISTENCE, OMNIPOTENCE AND AFFECTION FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND JUST, this subject belongs here. And if anyone has any doubts about the Hindi teachings being from God, I have found there’s tons more proof of highly advanced intelligence mathematically encoded in their texts but to a whole other level beyond that of the Bible and Quran! And not only that, there’s also TONS of super advanced technical data about our universe right out in the open! For instance take the following few pages from the book “Key To The Vedas” written by Russian Indologist Mikhail Mikhailov (note this man speaks and writes in Russian, Sanskrit and English so his style may feel a little foreign but his work and math is spot on!)

The Period of Life of the Great World

“A millennium before Europeans were willing to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Mayans were thinking of millions and the Hindus billions” Carl Sagan

The Life of Brahmà (the Great World or our galaxy and planets) personifying, hypothetically, a large planetary coordinating period, is described in Puràõas as the period between two full convergences of seven `stars’ (Såryas) in one body and their subsequent division into seven initial stars. This period appears at the first sight as incredibly big:

10 Yugas (yokes) of 432000 `years’ make one Mahà-Yuga (the big yoke);

71 Mahà-Yugas make one manavàntara (`Interval’ of Manu);

14 Manavàntaras make a `Day of Brahmà’;

the `Night of Brahmà’ lasts as much as his Day;

both form 28 Manavàntaras;

Such 360 `Days’ form one `Year’; and 100 such `Years’ form the Life of Brahmà of 309173760000000 `years’ (sometimes 14 manavàntaras are replaced with 1000 Mahà-Yugas making the Life of Brahmà equal to 311040000000000 `years.’)

The figure `432000′ is significant being the quantity of syllables of all 1028 songs of the èg-Veda, being met also in ancient Greek astronomical texts, where it is related to the duration of the `Great Year’ (time, in which all planets converge in one point, forming in a place of their convergence the `Great Fire’ and in the opposite part of the universe the `Great Flood.’) Also note that 432 is 216 x 2 and 216 is 6 x 6 x 6!

Recognizing that the definition of a Mahà-Yuga is anticipated in the Mànava-Dharma-øàstra by a detailed description of the time units smaller than fragments of an instant, I have assumed that a Mahà-Yuga represents a description of a day in parts of an `instant’ (nimeùa.) Similar calculations are met across in astrological texts of the Divya-Avadàna, the øàrdåla-Karõa-Avadàna, the Puràõas.

If to admit that 1 kaùñhà = 15 nimeùas (as in Viùõu-Puràõa, Ch. 3, part.1, whereas in the Artha-øàstra 5 nimeùas, in the øàrdula-Karõa-Avadàna 16 nimeùas, in the Mànava-Dharma-øàstra 18 nimeùas,) and move further as in the Artha-øàstra, than one day in instants will look like:

2 (trutis) * 2 (lavas) * 15 (nimeùas) * 30 (kaùñhàs) *
* 40 (kalàs) * 2 (nàóikàs) * 30 (muhårtas) =
= 4320000 (trutis) = 1 day.

Then the Life of Brahmà will make:

71 * 14 * 2 * 360 * 100 = 71568000 (days.)

This figure is related to all the periods of all known planets. We see some probable sources from which this number could have been inferred. The first one might consist in that the lunar period of 248.5 days specified in the `Paitamahà-Siddhànta’ (`the Canon of the Grandfather,’ an astronomical composition ascribed to Brahmà and included in the `Panca-Siddhàntikà’ of Varahamihira, the astronomer of the VIth century C.E.,) was multiplied by the 25-year period of the Moon, and by 10 periods of Venus of 1152 years (this great period of Venus was known to the Babylonians as a ratio 720 synodical periods of Venus = to 1151 solar years.)

Thus, 7205 synodical periods of Venus are equal to 11520 solar years. The second way could be the following: ancient Indian astronomers having developed a decimal code applied it to calculation of the periods of planets and their coordination.

From the multipliers of the number of days in the Life of Brahmà, it is possible to create a huge quantity of numbers, which will be its dividers for it represents: 8! * (5 * 355,) that is, 8 factorial of times number of days in five sidereal lunar years or in the other record:

1775 days * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 = 71568000 (days.)

The third opportunity consists in that the Life of Brahmà is a product of multiplication of 248.5 (days of the least lunar period,) 45 (quantifier for the coordination with Draconian months) and 6400 years of the big period of Venus (= 4003 synodical revolutions.)

Calculations have revealed that the number `71568000 days’ is multiple of the quantities of sidereal and synodical periods of all the basic planets (including even Uranus and Neptune!) sometimes with precision up to millionths of a day!!!

Table 15.

KeytotheVedas1 KeytotheVedas2



If to equate a mahàyuga to three days, then the Life of Brahmà will be equal to 587840 tropical years, and all the planetary periods will be multiples of the Life of Brahmà with absolute accuracy!

The first variant of the Life of Brahmà is approximately 119 times as much, and the second one is 357 times (number is characteristic of the Proto-Indian alphabet ? see the chapter on a printed code) the number `601730′ met in the `Bible’ (`Numbers,’ Ch. 26.51,) in which I also see an exact Great Year.

The Biblical Great Year was also designed in days for all the months and planetary periods (it contains 6840 sidereal periods of Mercury, 2677 those of Venus, 876 those of Mars, 139 those of Jupiter, 56 those of Saturn, 1698 lunar years, 1736 draconian ones; and synodical planetary periods, synodical months and solar years look better in this cycle as half-cycles.

The bigger period of the Life of Brahmà in instants is based on the 60-year period of Jupiter and is another key to a printed code of the Proto-Indian Vedic civilization.




That is obviously pretty advanced stuff that we cannot consume in a brief manner so I won’t attempt it further at this time. But let it suffice by at least sharing the impetus of where the research started with a simple yet eye opening powerpoint document (right click that link to download and play it on your device or click here to view the .pdf version in your browser right now) which I recommend to anyone who’s searching for truth about human history, religions and the origins of our most important sources of knowledge. I am also including links to the following Hindi documents for your convenience;

Bhagavad Gita In English.pdf

The Complete Vedas, All 4 Books In English.pdf

While the Vedas are a lifetime worth of reading and contemplation, I highly recommend reading the Bhagavad Gita for some excellent insight into how all lovers of righteousness and justice are supposed to feel, act and deal with “these times”.

OK, here’s the wrap up; if you’re not left in awe at this time you were either previously educated to these fascinating subjects and are living a righteous life or, there is something seriously wrong with you! You have just been given irrefutable proof of the existence of an ancient, uber intelligence who knew such highly advanced technical data about our universe that we still to this day, even with computers, often cannot decipher nor comprehend a vast amount of the messages purposely left for us to do exactly what we’re doing. That being to accept these facts as divine truths and laws to be used by us that have been sent down from the only authority that matters. That of course being God who has told us all exactly what we need to do to succeed in “eternal life”! We have also learned that his messengers, incarnations or avatars (which as you’re about to learn on the next page, has been made overly apparent I’m one of) have came time and time again, all with warnings of judgement at “end times” which I AM TELLING YOU IS NOW.


2016, David Allender; “The Man Who’s Number is 666”

~ May Peace Be With You ~



This Is Part 12 of 13 in a 9 Hour, Life Changing “Course In Truths” From



The subject matter in the following pages exposes the largest lie ever told. We will be exploring the most fundamental fact about our lives that any non-satanic/masonic human being living today ever has, or ever will conceive. This will not be easy to accept but it is the 100% bona fide truth and once you’ve digested it, your outlook on life and life itself will begin changing for the better, drastically for the better. The reason’s simple, it is because being deceived about basic understandings in our lives such as the size of Earth, Resources, War, Overpopulation, Global Warming and “others” results in de facto delusion and clinical, textbook insanity. That is what we aim to begin curing in the next 4 short pages. ***THIS IS THE RED PILL***



Many will want to cling to the idea that being lied to by the current leadership of our world hasn’t affected them, but that’s a big, fat lie in and of itself, the worst kind. Denial of any reality, especially big ones will never get you anywhere; it only worsens the sickness which will insidiously manifest itself in destructive emotions such as depression, confusion, fear, anxiety and rage over any number of things having nothing to do with the deception itself. Everyone has experienced this to some degree because our entire society is sick, even the deceivers have been deceived. After all, what sane, non-deceived group of leaders would ever rule by the masonic motto of MATERIALISM, IMPOSITION & DESTRUCTION? We’ll come back to that very important subject, but for now, just think about what it took to make some human beings turn against the rest of humanity. For instance, take “G-ds’ chosen people” who actually believe they’re better than all the rest of mankind, that’s de facto racism and bigotry isn’t it?! And it’s the worst, most depraved and murderous example in all of human history straight out of the Holy Bible & Holy Quran!!!

But in reality, it’s the jews who are deceived into being cruel, greedy, selfish, bigoted, infantile liars that can only win by cheating and injuring those who are stronger or smarter than them. Their lies regarding scientific and earthy natures inherently reduce one’s IQ and often lead to sickness/disease of the body via “psychosomatic illness” as coincidentally coined in ancient Rome, home to the jewish vatican. A good example of this is; if you thought all the air, water, soils and food around you were toxic, you could experience a real life placebo effect which will weaken and sicken you. Hence, oppressive regimes across history have used deception as a weapon to weaken our minds and yes, our bodies, thereby making We The People easier to manage. Of course there’s also the bonus of $7 TRILLION in profits if you happen to own the medical industrial complex and big pharma with its $300 Billion per yr in psychoactive meds, the most profitable of ALL US businesses! We’re going to begin taking a bite out of their profits while regaining the collective sanity of We The People! (“sanity” comes from latin “sanus” meaning healthy) It’s Time . . . to heal!

Since this is about your health, I aim to provide the largest dose of truth imaginable herein. There’s been so much satanic/jewish propaganda on this one it took over a month just for me to accept its’ possible existence enough to delve into it, and then another month to sift through all the bullshit pertaining to it online while doing the work that irrefutably proves it. This deception has been engrained into our psyches so deeply that as far as I know, no one has been able to break through the veil until now. And I can tell you, it wasn’t easy for me, nor will it be for you. This lie has been taught to us our entire lives and anchored with millions upon millions of suggestions delivered via every kind of medium conceivable. From church to school to music, TV, film, art, the web and publications of all kinds, we have all been repeatedly and mercilessly subjected to this deception. It is hands down the most outrageously damning lie ever to have been told to the masses by our jewish leadership. (by damning I mean for them!!!) I promise when you’re done chewing on this, you will gain ultimate clarity in knowing for certain that the jews in your city, county, state and federal govts as well as all the talking heads in their media who work for, lie for and side with them are NOT your friends, AT ALL.

The value of having this certainty cannot be calculated and therefore, this edition of the GG is in fact priceless! What would you give someone for proving Earth is NOT going to crap? That animals are NOT going to go extinct? That non-jewish humanity isn’t a virus! What if I told you Extra Terrestrials are real and of earth, hence the word “extra” as in other or more, earth bound terrestrials! What if you had concrete evidence they never left after building the pyramids but rather just lived a little ways away on another part of the earth? What if it all finally made sense to you? What if Earth has far more resources that we’re supposed to protect? And how would you feel knowing everything is actually going to be just fine? That not even an big asteroid could ever destroy our beautiful home? What if you could fully refute many of the most depressing subjects of our lives in one fell swoop? What if you had something entirely new to live, fight and hope for? Get ready. . . What if Earth is millions of miles in diameter instead of a ridiculously tiny 7,916? What if that’s a LIE?


DavesBigTruthColossal Earth

Purported Size of Earth; 3,958 Radius x 2
= 7,916 Diameter x 3.14 (pi)
= 24,864 Miles Circumference

Hint; It’s NOT a small world after all.


This is it friend, when you’re done digesting the proof on the next pages, you won’t be easily deceived by dejuden again! I’ve said “everything is a lie” many times but this time, it’s gonna stick. And don’t worry, as usual I’ll keep it simple, brief and to the point exactly as I’ve been directed. (yes, this too was shown to me by the grace of God, there is no other explanation why I would be the one (da-vid) to disclose this blatantly OBVIOUS truth while billions of others haven’t over 1,000s of yrs) And we can all give thanks I wasn’t brainwashed beyond 7th grade because that means we won’t be using complicated mathematics of algebra, geometry or trig to prove this most essential and elemental understanding of our amazing home called Earth!!!

Page 1

The first time I sat down to do some figuring on this problem I instinctively reached for the PC thinking I could prove it one way or the other in my graphics program “Canvas”. I’ve used it for creating all the art, logos, and websites for a couple dozen businesses over the years including everything more recently in the AAA, Goyim Gazette, Unified Numbering and etc. I’ve also used its geometric functionality in architectural design of buildings such as my house so, I figured it’d work for this too. But there are 2 points I’d like to make about this, firstly it’s a huge coincidence for me to have had such experience, without it virtually none of this would have been possible because decent graphic designers will commonly charge $100 to $500 per hour. All tallied, it’d be safe to say I’ve done well over a million bucks worth of work even at the lower spectrum of $100 per hour. The 2nd point is more of a realization Canvas allowed me to have about solving this problem regarding the sizes involved. Without it, I likely never would have been able to have the epiphany YOU are about to experience as well! Below is a screenshot of the top of an earth sized sphere I created to scale according to the big lie. The one on the left is measuring a 60,000 foot tall stick man placed atop our pseudo earth, it was taken at the maximum rate of 204,800% zoom allowed in my program, the other is at 400% . . . . . bye, bye!



Note; we only see the very tips of arrows & NO curvature at this Zoom!
204,800% ZOOM
400% ZOOM


Instead of a 6’ I had to make the stick man 60,000 feet tall just to be able to see him, even at 204,800% zoom! This should help convey just how phenomenal the magnitude of the problem is to work on without a PC. Drawing this to the scale I found necessary just to see a 60,000 foot tall man would require a 10 mile long piece of paper! The point is, this is all about PERSPECTIVE! We cannot readily perceive earths curvature because like our 60k’ tall man, we’re still too short, even atop 25k’ mountains or in planes at 35k’! I made the following to illustrate things w/a 10k mile sphere for simplicity;




That bell curve is also crucial in knowing there’s an exponentially changing factor which comes into play when computing the size of a sphere based upon curvature or distance to the horizon. Creating an equation for this would be very complex to do and even harder to explain. (Always recall, satan’s lies are complex but God’s truth is simple) So instead, we’ll choose to rely on basic, good old fashioned math using the bogus figures from the big lie for the last time . . .




That 3,958 mile “Drop” (Let’s Call It “Dave’s Declination Debunking Rule” DDDR for short) always equals the radius and occurs at 1/4th the circumference from the zenith of any sphere. In this case we’re provided with the 3,958 and 6,216 mile figures. OK, now we need to take a quick 6,216 mile road trip! So, grab Toto and get ready to kiss Kansas goodbye FOREVER. (Naysayers are well advised to bring a calculator along to double check some simple 3rd grade math we’ll be doing. Oh, and if the reality of being lied to by ALL OUR jEWISH LEADERS, Their media, Their internet, Their NASA and Their sick, lying, pedophilic popes is upsetting, be sure to pack a barf bag too!) Here we go! . . . 3,958 miles distributed over (divided by) the 6,216 miles circumference traveled to DDDR equals 0.6367438 a mile curvature (or drop, fall, declination, etc.) per mile traveled. (3,958 / 6,216 = 0.6367438) This undeniable numerical FACT equates to a “Ridiculously Impossible Not to Notice” 3,362 feet of curvature/mile. (1 Mile is 5,280 feet x 0.6367438 = 3,362 feet)

More simply put, this means if we lived on a sphere with a diameter of 7,916 miles, you’d drop an average of 63.67438 feet per 100 feet traveled! (100 x 0.6367438) Now remember, this is about PERSPECITVE. An ant may not notice this but YOU would! And FYI; 3,362 FEET (40,344 Inches) is 5,043 Times Greater than the 8 INCHES of declination per mile that puppets of YOUR jewish ran government, media, internet, NASA and vatican use! (40,344 / 8 = 5,043) You can loosely verify the 8 inch factor by viewing objects at a distance over any body of water as mariners always have and do. . .



Is Toronto Sinking?
Shipless Containers?
(Note; Telescopes Don’t Change The Horizon)


Hence, using their 8” rule we can reasonably conclude Earth has an Irrefutably Verifiable 5,043 TIMES LARGER Diameter than we’ve been told by the jews!!! Using this figure also returns an approximate measurement for Earths’ actual diameter being nearly 40 MILLION MILES IN DIAMETER (5,043 X 7,916 = 39,920,388 miles) w/a circumference of 125 MILLION MILES!!! (39,920,388 x 3.141 (pi) = 125,389,938 miles) There is no “getting around that” (without a UFO)! Here is another foolproof method of proving this FACT to oneself; If you went on the same 6,216 mile journey of 1/4th Earths supposed circumference while experiencing the known drop of 8” curvature per mile, you would only have descended about 4,144 feet. (6,216 miles x 8 inches per mile = 49,728 inches and, 49,728 divided by 12 inches per foot = 4,144 feet NOT 3,958 MILES!!!) 3,958 miles x 5,280 feet per mile = 20,898,240 feet or 5,043 times more than 4,144 feet! Those numbers don’t lie, and once you’ve fully accepted that much, you’ll begin asking some real good related questions . . .

And check out this little gem I recently found from the Vedic scriptures which are literally chock full of SUPER ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE given to the Hindus from God himself circa 7 Millennia BC;

Vachanamrut Gadhada II-64; Shriji Maharaj describes the yogic powers of God, “By the yogic powers of God, the 500 million-yojan (1 yojan = 10 miles) surface of the pruthvi (earth) becomes the size of a sub-atomic particle at the time of dissolution. Then, at the time of creation, from being sub-atomic in size, the pruthvi again becomes 500 million yojans large.

A wise person would note that God has told us “the surface” is 500 million-yojan which one could easily deduct must mean “surface area”. (not circumference, diameter or radius)

Well, here’s the calc for finding the surface area of a sphere;



The result using “their” 3,958 radius of earth is about Two Million or 1,911,000 Miles of Surface Area. Now Check this out; The result using our estimated size of 20 Million Miles in Radius is about 5 Billion miles of Surface Area or 5,026,000,000 to be precise. Hey, that 5 Billion figure equals 500 Million Yojans x 10 Miles!!! AND DON’T MISS THE BLATANTLY OBVIOUS FACT THAT THERE IS A DISCREPANCY OF 5 BILLION MILES BETWEEN THEIR RIDICULOUS 2 MILLION MILE SURFACE AREA AND OUR 5 BILLION MILE ONE!








That’s proof from God himself given to the oldest keepers of his/her teachings, the Hindus!!!


Page 2


1. But we’ve seen pictures of Earth from space and from the moon right? Sure you have. You’ve seen pictures from the space between the ears of a bunch of kikes who fabricated the entire Apollo joke. That’s why there’s no stars in the background of official NASA pics of earth or the moon during their fairy tale adventures with Apollo 11.


Look ma, NO stars!!!NoStars


Go ahead, google them. This is also why NO ONE has ever went to the moon again, not the U.S., not Russia, not China, NOBODY. Next;

2. How could such a massive lie possibly exist? Because dirty, rotten, evil, lying, lowlife shitstiens have told this lie to all of us millions of times in every manner conceivable via ownership and control of the media, educational institutions, governments and most importantly, churches under the vatican with all their telescopes around the world and their pagan obsessions regarding astrology. Think they know???


Still Think that sick, horn waiving POS was ever your friend?


3. But what about the astronauts who’ve been in space and take pics from the space station? Oops, they’re satanic jews too! And surprise, surprise, if you do the research, you’ll find many are masons as well. NASA is chock full of masonic CIA kikes just like all the other jewed government alphabet soup gangs, and we’re up to our ears in their tiny earth LIES. Oh, by the way, Challenger was empty when it exploded. Not one dirty, rotten, filthy, lying yid died just like 9/11 and all big psycho shootings. Can you say insurance fraud and CIA psy-ops?


ResnikMission Specialist Judy Resnik Today. Prof of Law at Yale University

ScobeeCommander Richard Scobee Today. (Owns “Cows In Trees, Ltd”)

SmithPilot Michael Smith Today. Professor at University of W-M



4. What about pilots of airplanes and captains of ships who fly and sail “around the world”, wouldn’t they have noticed a colossal earth? Firstly, many early explorers/murderers such as Columbus were jews. That aside, modern navigators are trained with jewish books so they rely upon using compasses which always point north (instead of the stars). And again, this has to do with perception, one cannot perceive the gradual turning to north which occurs while circumnavigating earth even at the speed of sound, much less 20 knots. Let’s use the jewish UN logo they’ve mocked you with to depict what’s going on;




That was a real map of our “earth circle”! (we’ll come back to that)

5. Why do differing opinions and various procedures for making calculations for navigating earth exist? One word; PROPAGANDA.

6. How do they keep this quiet? On top of owning all the media and using it to both censor the truth and program our minds with advanced propaganda, they also use magick which is in fact telepathy via the 3rd eye, also known as the brains’ pinal gland. When the average person stumbles across big truths like this one in particular, they can expect to be mentally assaulted by “others”. For instance, along with being programmed to have knee jerk disbeliefs of OBVIOUS truths, you’re likely experiencing an all-out telepathic attack right now. And FYI; Your level of resolve will in part, prove your faith. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 “For this cause G-d (satan) shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, that they all be damned who believed not the truth.” OK, now let’s put this all together by connecting the dots with a few graphics from some of my other works;




You’re seeing prima fascia evidence that conspiracies, satan (an ET), supernaturals and telepathy are quite real. You’re in a fight for YOUR freedom against real life evil. (not funny Dr. Evil or fairy tale evil, we’re talking real, diabolic, vile, despicable and vicious evil) This is NOT a silly game, you’re NOT reading fiction and if you have the tenacity, faith and love for God and his truths, this issue alone has the potential to set you free because earth is sort of central to YOUR life!

Page 3

7. What about the satellites I’ve seen whizzing by way up in the sky at night? The OBVIOUS clue here is this; satellites would appear stationary because that’s the entire point, satellite dishes don’t move, they’re fixed! The truth is; our supposed satellite dishes are pointed towards distant high powered radio towers which bounce signals off the firmament. Those lights in the sky are ETs and I’ve seen them in the daylight 5 times over the course of my life to date. What, OMG!

8 . . . The final and most important question to which we’ll dedicate most of this page is; Why did jews lie to us about the size of Earth? Because biblical jewish satanism is based upon “master & servant”, it’s slavery. The jewish talmud teaches them that non-jews are their slaves allotted to them by their G-d who is jehova/satan. But most good folks aren’t keen to the idea of being servants to evil, bigoted, parasitic monsters so, they had to deceive us about themselves and our uses to them. It all started with getting us to buy into their totally one sided monetary systems which are based upon using earths’ resources. Firstly, the less resources you think there are, the more they’re worth. That’s an elemental understanding to have about this. Secondary is jews also had to make We The People into sick, greedy, destructive and materialistic takers like themselves. Note MATERIALISM and DESTRUCTION from their satanic/masonic motto, all that’s left is IMPOSITION. Since most can readily understand how materialism is necessary for capitalism and hence judaism, let’s dissect destruction starting with a couple examples of propaganda to make you malleable;





If WTP weren’t subjected to propaganda on destructive, evil things like waste, pollution, deforestation, overfishing and war, we could never get used to them. It took decades just to get us to use disposable cups! And if we weren’t used to destruction, we wouldn’t put up with it which would equal failure to the jews who have to kill innocents and destroy earth to extract its resources. If we weren’t numbed into submitting to destruction, their worthless (to us) fiat currency, their fractional reserve system and their usurious lending would never have been possible. This is why you do NOT want to use their “satanic all seeing eye money” and DO want to have your own form of Earth and God respecting Outbank currency with no interest, taxes, penalties or slavery for you, whether voluntary (as you are/were) or non (as you can be). Their money truly is at the root of all, real life EVIL. Get it?

But I digressed back to one of the other practical purposes of all this, the more fantastic side of it is FREEING YOU and humanity from the shackles of evil, vicious, psychotically bigoted, jewish, satan worshipping tyrants seeking to PERMANENTLY enslave you now, and your soul later. Next we’ll delve further into exactly why they had to totally and ruthlessly deceive us all to continue their parasitic existences, but the BIG realization is it all began millennia ago in the satanic, jewish vatican with this gargantuan lie about the size of your and my home, planet Earth. Enjoy this first ever peek at our reality;



Earth is But A Tiny Spot Atop a Much, Much Larger World Making Up the Kingdom of God!!!


The thing you have to understand about satanic deceptions is this; The more lies you believe, the more lies you WILL believe. It can get to a point (and has for many now) where one cannot discern between Gods’ truth and satans’ lies. You can see how that would and does benefit an evil, oppressive group of oligarchs who require their slaves to be unaware of their misfortune. The best kind of slaves are those who don’t know it! Keeping the masses dumbed down and deceived is at the very core of their modus because they have to live among us. (which they do as you’ll find out for yourself when you try to share pretty much any of my works with traitorous crypto jews who you WILL FIND are your neighbors, coworkers and family members that have strategically placed themselves into your life for their clan with the primary purpose of using, deceiving and dumbing down you and your real kin!) That is a very important process to go through but the real point I’m trying to make here is that satanic lies aren’t like lies where someone is simply trying to get away with something they did. These lies literally make one delusional, insane, WEAK and MANIPULATABLE for easy, non-resistant, candy from a baby style enslavement. This is about methodic deployment of highly advanced psychology backed by the most malicious & hateful intent imaginable, that being to mercilessly oppress and enslave unsuspecting innocents while robbing them of their connection to all that’s good and true in the here and now, as well as the eternal future with our creator. And that is a good example of IMPOSITION but we’ll conclude w/more.

First I want to hit on the most diabolical part of the jewish New World Order agenda one more time. The best non-jews ARE being slowly killed and dumbed down by crypto jews living among us right this second. The worst ones have no genes for empathy, they are not like you, the rest have been deceived into being used as tools and if that’s you, you’re not only one of the dumbest, most idiotic and gullible fools on earth, you’re also going to prison then hell if you don’t repent (stop) right now. That’s my last warning to subversives. Again, what kind of idiots would allow, much less participate in such depraved, hateful manners if they too were not utterly deceived?

As for everyone of my kind, I ask you, if you haven’t already accepted this as factual, when you finally do, will you be angry with the worthless, satanic jew pukes who’ve lied to you about it over the course of your entire life? Will you continue to allow them to rule over you like a lowly idiot? Will you trust them to continue handling all of your affairs, making your laws, needlessly destroying Gods’ creation, torturing animals, murdering millions of innocents, choosing your violent, perverse and morbid entertainment, creating, controlling and valuing your currency, taxing, poisoning and deceiving you and yours in every manner conceivable while telling you what you can or cannot eat, drink, use, shoot, drive or do in nearly every regard? Will you allow them to continue IMPOSING their evil sickness upon you? Or will you wake the hell up, do your part and respect God by using the free will and life he gave you to do good works while resisting evil and not being used like a whore and played the fool by lowlife liars, cheats and bigots? BTW; DO read the Bible and/or Quran now with your new goggles on, you’ll be surprised how much better things fit! (But, do not be deceived by jewish mistranslations of the Bible!!!) Oh, and the biggest reason to lie about earth was to make sure we didn’t explore the southerly portion where billions of ETs reside! Now pay attention to what’s going through your mind and ask yourself is it you, jewish programming or “others” putting that disbelief in your head?!

Page 4


The following is a bonus only available here on the web. Firstly, let it be known that the DDDR (Dave’s Declination Debunking Rule) used above was how God introduced me to this area of study. However, I have since realized there is a bit of a canard in that you will always have a drop of approximately 2/3rds your run on any sphere. And although such a “drop” on larger spheres wouldn’t be noticeable, it’s not the best way to come to terms with this mathematically speaking. So, while the DDDR is an excellent “shock tool” for stimulating one’s interest, I believe God directed me to it with the primary purpose of getting me (just another human with a tiny brain) to accept the idea enough to want to further prove it. All in all, that process of figuring out other ways to prove this has taken about 9 months of slowly working away at it in the background while doing other stuff. So, I now have much more evidence to use in doing just that, proving it to others such as YOU! First we have a table of the commonly taught and accepted figures of earth’s curvature, this time being obtained via the use of a computer with “autocad” installed starting with a spherical Radius of 3,959 miles (the supposed earth);




Those figures are referring measurements of what’s known as the “true horizon” shown in blue text here;




The way they come up with those figures is by taking the distance squared times 8 inches (actually 8.0019798) which is the known curvature for one mile at sea. It’s a very simple calculation based upon 100% BULLSHIT. So, we’ll do it just for fun to prove it for yourself;

Let’s say we’re going 4 miles which according to the ridiculous calculation table above results in 128.0019718 inches of curvature/drop.


Here’s their math;

4 miles squared (4 x 4) = 16 and;

16 x 8.0019798 = 128.0019718 inches


The obvious and glaring problem YOU should have with the widely varying figures being used from one mile (or kilometer) to the next in that calculation from the graph above is they don’t make any friggen sense whatsoever! Stop to think about this for a second . . . why wouldn’t the curvature of the first mile be the same as the rest??? Because biblical satanism is based upon deception that’s why!!! I made the following graphic to illustrate this ridiculous satanic farce;



Translated; MILE 1; Yes, I can see it’s about 8″. . . . . MILE 2; 4 times more than the first mile? . . . . MILE 3; Now it’s 9 times more? . . . . MILE 4; 16 times . . . . What the F? If you beLIEve all this bullshit, let’s go for a nice little swim!


The reason commonly cited for this wildly changing drop is that the first step you take is gradual while the last step would be monstrous at a 90 degree angle. That of course is just another pile of BS to distract you from the very basic, kindergarten level of logic relating to the law of averages. But no amount of satanic BS can change the FACT, THAT IN REALITY EACH EQUAL STEP YOU TAKE ON A GLOBE RESULTS IN PRECISELY THE SAME AMOUNT OF CURVATURE.

THIS IS NOT MYSTERIOUS, COMPLICATED OR DEBATABLE SO, FLUSH ALL THAT CRAP OUT OF YOUR BRAIN NOW!!! It doesn’t matter if you’re taking 1 giant step or a million small ones, if they are all equal (like the ones we use in miles or kilometers to measure our globe) they will each result in precisely the same amount of curvature per step on average.




However, one thing about the problem is it can be nearly impossible to prove to oneself via the eye (even with optics to magnify things) due to the well known phenomenon of mirages or what’s famously known as “fata morgana”. Basically, if you ever see any deviation from the constant and reliable 8″ per mile declination with your own eyes, it’s because they’re lying to you exactly as they have before when you’ve seen things like this;






These kind of mirages or fata morgana are due to the refraction of light through differing atmospheres which produce either a superior mirage or an inferior one as illustrated below by the light refRActing through and refLEcting off of a piece of plexiglass because it’s denser than air;




This effect is what’s behind the old fable of the “Flying Dutchman”, a ghost ship that forever sails the horizons with its crew of dead off the coast of Amsterdam around the Cape of Good Hope. Again both inferior and superior versions were and are seen of this phenomenon as documented throughout history;




Here’s a few examples in actual pictures;










It’s not uncommon for the entire horizon to disappear leaving one without any ability to estimate distances, much less declination. Imagine seeing this while traversing a foreign land;




The existence of fata morgana is a significant part of what our corrupt and evil leaders have relied upon for propagating their “big lie” for millennia but it’s time to end that here and now. With that said, we will now explore a very, very interesting little discovery I’ve had which will help us further prove that we’ve been lied to about earth by our corrupt and evil leaders in our governments, schools, churches and of course the vatican where all of their crap originates.

Once again I used my graphics program “Canvas” to do this work but you could use pretty much anything including Adobe Illustrator or Autocad to come to the same irrefutable and mathematically concrete conclusions. What blows me away (and should you as well) about this little gem is the fact that we have apparently been led to find a completely new use for our old friend ? or pi! (3.1415926)

It turns out that once you’ve made it past a certain height/diameter ratio of about 1/2000, the factor of change in distance to the horizon equals pi to within a millionth of a decimal!!! (.000000)

Check it out;

Pi Factor

I began discovering this curious mathematical phenomenon while working in Canvas using a 5′ viewing height (the length/height of the black line below) on spheres of increasing diameter starting with 10 feet which gave me the figures I used for the above table;


100Feet 1000Feet


Once I hit 10,000 and continued upwards, Peggy noticed that the factors of change in viewing distance were approximating to pi! This particular part of the discovery and how the real math tallies is a work in progress. In the mean time, please do chime in with whatever intelligent input YOU might have in the following commentary;



44 responses to “Dave’s BIG Truth!”

  1. David Allender says:

    Here’s a pic of a real map of our earth circle known as “Gleason’s New Standard Map of The World” which was patented in 1892.

    Right click to download the high res version here;


    • Lori Stokes says:

      This goes along with everything I learned from my Dad. He always said that earth was vast and unexplored. It also explains why we supposedly went to the moon but never got around to crossing the antarctic! The reason of course is that the antarctic is the huge white mass surrounding us in that map! This is some excellent work guys, we have definitely been lied to, it’s obvious!

      Here’s what I assume is the original of that picture of the not so dead astroNOTs from the non-existent challenger psy-op disaster (little did they know all their crap is going to cause a very REAL disaster for THEM huh?!)


      • Christopher says:

        Well, I’ve been seeing a lot of the flat earth stuff online lately but this colossal earth is the real deal. I guess that’s why so much of the flat earth evidence seems true. Our planet is so huge that it actually borders on being flat in terms of mapping it.

        The best debunker for the flat earth is what you’ve touched on here, that being how can bottoms of objects disappear behind the horizon when looking across the water? Why would water curve if the earth isn’t a globe? There’s the deal killer for flat earthers!

        But here’s a few good questions from the flat earthers that now make all the sense in the world, it all fits right in with the colossal earth!

        Why can’t anyone freely explore Antarctica, why did “they” create the “Antarctic Treaty” which makes it impossible for individuals to explore it?

        Why isn’t there any HD live footage of the whole earth from space by now in this year of 2016? There are many, many rockets equipped with cameras to study, photograph and take movies of distant objects but none of them ever bothered to simply look back towards earth and grab a few vids? Really?

        Why don’t airplanes fly over the south pole between southerly destinations to save TONS of flight time and expensive, profit sucking gas??? Anyone can research flights to see this for themselves. Just ask yourself; why do the vast majority of those southern flights always involve ridiculous trips through the NORTHERN hemisphere??? Here’s an obvious example of this BS with flights between Santiago Chile to Sydney Australia. The map on the left is Google with lines drawn showing the most common flight paths according to their “data”. Note how they go all the way up to the U.S. and Cananda instead of just straight to their destinations! Now the one on the right is of the flat earth map (or “flatter” we should say). This is the actual flight path that everyone goes on because it is the shortest distance from point A to point B because we indeed are living on a flatter earth than what we’ve been told! It’s irrefutable.


        Another example;


        • David Allender says:

          Thanks Christopher, you’re absolutely right. It’s worthy of noting those screenshots came from a flat earth video I just recently found on Vimeo that got banned from youtube on bogus copyright claims. Too close to the quick I guess!


          UPDATE!!! Get ready for another HUGE PROOF SOURCE TO HELP REGAIN YOUR SANITY because . . . I’ve just realized the speed of light encoded into the dimensions of the pyramids at Giza which we saw in the 2nd AAA newsletter are tied to the fictional size of earth! Here’s how all the liars like the famous Eratosthenes of circa 200BC and all the rest of these dumbshits since, go about repeatedly puking up the bogus numbers representing the diameter of earth;

          The speed of light in kilometers per second is 299,792.458.

          As we coincidentally learned in GG issue #116/666, the number of seconds in a day are 86,400, (60 seconds/minute x 60 minutes/hr x 24hrs/day *2+4=6 for a 666 every day!) that 86,400 figure squared (times itself) is 7,464,960,000.

          NOW GET READY! . . . 7,464,960,000 divided by 299,792.458 (speed of light) = 24,900.4. NASA, the Vatican and kike owned Google will all tell you earth is 24,901 “MILES” in diameter! (Note this is just .6 of a mile off from the above calculation and we determined it’s measurement in MILES via the speed of light in KILOMETERS per second!)

          But wait, what if we try it with the speed of light in MPH instead of Kilometers per hour;

          Again, number of seconds in a day are 86,400, that figure squared (times itself) is 7,464,960,000.

          The speed of light is 186,282 MILES PER HOUR and 7,464,960,000 divided by 186,282 = 40,073.4, once again just 1.6 KILOMETER difference is very close to the 40,075.0 Kilometer diameter espoused by our satanic dipshits!

          Look at that! They used the bizarre number of 7,464,960,000 obtained by squaring 86,400 seconds in a day with the KILOMETERS PER HOUR of light speed calculated to make up the diameter in MILES and MILES PER HOUR light speed to fabricate the diameter in KILOMETERS!

          Do satanic opposites get any more crafty, blatant or bold than that? I mean c’mon . . .


          And what are the odds of me ever figuring this out??? Or that I’ve debunked the bogus story of Eratosthenes on multiple occasions in the distant past with the simple observation that he couldn’t have measured the earth using the shadow of the sun simultaneously in Alexandria and Syene because he had no watches to synch nor phones or radios to communicate with!!! See there, they just made all this shit up! If that’s not a smoking gun I don’t know what is!


          And here’s a valuable addition discovered by Robert I’m now adding to this comment; First, everyone needs to recall the fact that the Dome on the Rock and the Kabba are 666 nautical miles apart. Well, nautical miles were determined via the 360 degrees around earths’ equator (360 degrees broken down into 60 minutes each for a total of 21,600 nautical miles, note the 216 or 6 x 6 x 6!) which are then divided over the circumference in statute miles.

          OK, so “someone” measured the distance between the dome and the kabba even though there was no technology to do so at the time. Among many other incredibly fascinating things in issue #119, you’ll discover in Roberts’ commentary there that Peggy and I built our house Precisely 6660 miles from the center of the old village of Nazareth where Yeshua, Mary and Joseph lived!!! (Don’t worry, you don’t know this isn’t just a random happenstance because you haven’t read GG #119 yet!)

          The points;

          a. I’m stating I didn’t do this knowingly and Solomon didn’t either because he hadn’t the technology!
          b. “Whoever” is behind this knew how nautical miles and statute miles would be determined in the future!
          c. The 666 nautical miles were determined by way of the fictitious circumference of the equatorial “BIG tiny earth LIE”!
          d. 21,600 minutes/nautical miles times 1.1507794480235 (the purported factor to determine a nautical mile) returns 24,856.835 which is just 8.835 miles off of the 24,864 mile diameter figure I was directed to use herein! (I did so because of 24 hours and 86,400 seconds per day!!! That’s where my 24,864 figure came from!)
          e. The top lying turds of the vatican controlled churches, the government and THEIR media know all of this and are hiding it and all other proofs of the existence of God from us! and . . .
          f. God did all of this and is now showing it to us from the ether and without any need for their cooperation or knowledge whatsoever!!!
          g. All combined, there will be ZERO room for doubt by any rational or sane person that all of this could ever be coincidental! It’s simply NOT possible!!!

          Hey all, say hello to YHWH!!!


          • Jimmy J says:

            Wow, this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever read! You guys have done an awesome job around here. All I’ve got to say is what the hell did we ever do to all these lying jewish assholes who’ve done this to us? WTF??? They definitely need to go. I’ll do whatever it takes to make all of this ridiculous crap end, my kids aren’t going to have to put up with this BS that’s for sure!!!

          • MeThinks says:

            Everything being said here is true, it’s the psychotic lying jews in the vatican, the psychotic lying jews in the governments, the psychotic lying jews in the media and the psychotic lying jews in the U.N. This little side by side did it for me!


          • Elizabeth Herrada says:

            I’ve never seen anything like the AAA ballot or this, everyone should use them. I submit that reading these should be a law, a requirement for citizenship. Being ignorant or being a secret marano jew aren’t options, we should make both illegal. Holding secret beliefs and goals or running from the truth is not how any decent group of God/Earth loving people will ever succeed. Being liars or being ignorant to their existence are not options. Nobody wins and don’t forget, God will judge both! Deceivers and deceived share the same fate, don’t forget this.

            The only way to God is living a righteous life and loving his truth. The path is wide but the gate is narrow! The path is wide but the gate is narrow! The path is wide but the gate is narrow! The path is wide but the gate is narrow!


          • David Allender says:

            Wow, every now and then one of us hits the nail on the head, well said Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your spirit and words, they did not fall on deaf ears here!!!

          • Ron says:

            Kill the fuckers. Round em up and kill them! IT’S TIME.

          • Barry says:

            You’re right Ron. It’s time!

            This subject is soooooooooooo well propagandized by online shills and trolls it’s maddening trying to research it via jew owned google! That said, I stuck with it awhile and bore some fruits . . .

            FYI; It seems that the 8? per mile figure for curvature has been well verified and used captains of ships and other mariners forever so, we can safely assume it’s a good approximation. I think the exact number is 7.98 inches per mile. If anyone wants to “go overboard” on figuring it out for themselves, there is at least one excellent resource I found on which is an educational/certification company for navigators/sailors. Here’s the link to the page I found to be most applicable; (PS David, please save that page to your server for safekeeping!)

            People won’t understand just how important it is to the top jews to keep this lie covered up until they try researching it themselves via google. What you’ll find is exactly as David says, just tons of confusing disinformation using highly complex and bogus means of calculations with algebra and trig.


            Here’s some pics taken from a video of a sailboat moving away from someone taking pictures from shore over a period of time;


            And here’s another set of good ones of an offshore island, this first one is taken from the highway above the shore;


            And this one from the shore itself;


            And another of some large buildings disappearing off the coast of spain;


            This one of an off coast wind farm is great;


            Anyway, I’d say that ought to pretty well stop this post from being trolled by “flat earth CIA spooks”!

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve just finished reading the AAA newsletters, the GG intro and this. You guys have put together the most truth I’ve ever seen in one place. Actually, the most truth I’ve ever seen period. This will be very dangerous for TPTB, or I guess I should just get over it and call them what I now know they are, EVIL, LYING, KIKE PIECES OF SHIT. It’s time to take out the trash!

  3. Peggy Star says:

    Good job Pat! It took us over a year to simply say/acknowledge what you just did over the course of an hours’ worth of reading time. That tells me our efforts to condense and disseminate the truth about jewry is a success! THANK YOU!!!

    Another BIG realization for us was what you read about in the 2nd AAA newsletter, that being controlled opposition. The reason I mention this? That graphic you just threw up promotes one of the top shills for the jews, David Icke is a kike! One of his main methods as a controller is to speak softly and calmly about the most sick, disgusting, perverted, murderous liars on earth so as not to upset you. He mixes a bunch of crazy crap with all of it and constantly talks about pedophilia, anal sex and etc. jewish perversions which actually promotes them! That and to never come up with a plan of action to do anything about the criminals is another common trick. Get it? They just want to placate everyone into silent submission.

    There’s a simple rule to remember; if it’s popular and sharable on THEIR internet, it’s CONTROLLED OPPOSITION/PROPAGANDA! This part of the deception takes time to accept/remember as well but it’s of equal import. So, anyway, keep up the good work and don’t be deceived!!!

    Here’s some facts from our last issue, #119 that I’m sure you’ll be reading soon.

    • David Allender says:

      I’m hoping the time I spent preparing the graphics for this post will help YOU get a grip on what’s assuredly quite closer to our realities regarding the sun, moon and how things actually work.


      Perhaps that explains how mariners such as Captain Cook and Admiral Byrd went on incredible long journeys to circumnavigate the Antarctic which if it were as small as we’ve been told, would only have taken a matter of weeks and hundreds of miles instead of years and 10s of thousands of miles! It might also explain why Antarctica was made into a forbidden zone to EVERYONE by the lying kikes with a UN International Treaty.

      There’s a lot of dot connecting and truthing going on here so, it seems like a good time to re-mention the vatican’s telescope at Mt Graham in Arizona which they named LUCIFER, the father of lies!!! (It’s amazing we don’t have to make any of this shit up eh?)


      A couple of very good reminders to constantly use (multiple times/day!) are that biblical satanism is based upon MURDER, DECEPTION & OPPOSITES. And that it’s satanic jews who are behind all of this bullshit including all the propaganda created to cause DIVISION, CONFUSION & FEAR among We The People. So, don’t fall for ANY of their shite!

      And that most certainly includes the “Colossal Earth” along with the “Tiny Sun”. Here is my take on how the tiny sun and the moon move above us, I think we’ll find it to be a correct approximation of how things actually work. Basically, we’re on the “top of the world” (recall all the songs and sayings, and the difference between “the world” and “the earth”!) which is spinning while the sun and moon “wobble” in their respective paths which causes the 4 seasons and changes in lengths of days/nights.


      Like I said, it’s just an approximation but I’d bet my shirt it’s a hell of a lot closer (infinitely) to reality than us orbiting an 864,000 mile diameter star (note the 86,400 seconds in a day) that is 93 million miles away! And since I’m the man who’s number is 666, I have to include this; We’re told that our planet rotates at a 23.4 degree angle off it’s axis. 23.4 from 90 degrees is 66.6! So, just like the fictitious 24,864 circumference of earth (24 hrs/day & 86,400 seconds/day) and the 864,000 diameter sun, they made that up too.

      And perhaps that one combined with this next example of the common and popular time lapse shots of the northern sky by photographers will bring it home for you;


      If someone tries telling you the directions of movement are different in the southern vs. northern hemispheres, you’ve just found a lying troll. Same thing with that cackly old jewish wives tale about the toilets flushing in different directions, it’s all BS. The only reason any toilet flushes one direction or the other is solely due to the design of which way the water inlets point. And guess what, that old lie was made for the very purpose of brainwashing YOU about the size/shape of earth.

      Next is another time lapse, this one from Warrumbungle National Park in Australia. It like that other one are BOTH pics of the stationary North Star Polaris which has been used by navigators EVERYWHERE forever because it indeed can be seen from ANYWHERE on earth which is just another absolute proof that the southern “hemisphere” is 100% bullshit!


      One more, this time from Arizona. Note how the motion of the stars in all three of those pics from “around the world” are obviously each moving in the same direction.


      Next we have multiple examples of blatant proof of where the sun is ACTUALLY located! Prove it to yourself by using the following pictures of the sun’s rays coming from behind clouds just above us which prove beyond “a shadow of a doubt” that the sun is indeed much closer to earth than we’ve been lied/led to believe by our worthless leadership. INSTEAD OF CONTINUING THAT STATE OF DELUSION, JUST BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES HERE!!! There’s no strange phenomenon to explain away the obvious fact that the rays are emanating from a much closer and smaller sun than we’ve been brainwashed to believe. See for yourself!




  4. George C. Hamm says:

    This a very “heady” article. I would have to read it more than once before I would even attempt a noteworthy comment about this massive lie. I can say, that even before I discovered the GG I didn’t like the jews or the vatican. I’m not so sure to what extent the GG is hindering their over-all goals but the more we fear and the more we anger, the more control they have over us. Being aware of “who” is throwing the punches and why is very important and standing up to them instead of hiding is also very important (thank you GG) and taking action is very important. Passivity won’t cut it. However, if you don’t want to be like them, before you act you must ask yourself the three greatest questions of all time, is it the truth, is it kind, and is it necessary. If your answers are yes,yes,yes then act, the end results will be very much “non-jewish”.

    • David Allender says:

      George, anger is in part what makes one a threat to evil, murderous, thieving, lying, kike criminals. You have to use the emotions God gave you to protect yourself AND OTHERS from these worthless losers. So, grow a couple! Or not, you don’t have to be a man to be righteous or courageous!


      They’d love nothing more than to have everyone running around talking your kind of talk. That’s why being a patsy isn’t my cup of soup.

      As to your “not being sure of the GG’s extent in hindering their over-all goals”, relatively few people have seen this yet, you just wait! That’s why this site is being censored on every single major forum in existence. This is why you can’t share links to our sites on Facebook, Twitter, etc? Let me help you figure the reason for all of this out, BECAUSE IT DOES AND WILL WORK AND THEY FEAR IT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN EXISTENCE! That said, it’s the AAA that will provide the real action portion of our efforts. The GG is simply TRUTH.

      And the “is it kind” part of your supposed “greatest questions of all time” can be misconstrued. Consider killing fleas, lice, tics and etc. parasites from oneself or others. It’s not kind to the parasites the same way justice and Gods’ wrath won’t be kind to the worthless jews.

      Kindness is caring to do what’s right, in this case we’re protecting ourselves, animals, the earth and creation which requires inflicting punishment (i.e. justice) upon the opposition. As the song goes, “you gotta be cruel to be kind!”

      I’ve searched deep in my soul over this one and realized early on there’s nothing I could do to anyone that comes anywhere near what YHWH is going to do. You could kill a kike by torturing them with a hot poker while pissing on their faces for days on end but it would never match the heaviness of sending them to eternal hell.

      So, I figure calling them out for being what they are and tossing them in jail by whatever means necessary isn’t that weighty of an act. That’s what I agreed to do, even if it means me seeing and/or carrying out some hellishly “unkind” shit made necessary by their resistance. It’s up to them, everything was, and is. Everyone has a chance to repent, (stop) before they’re judged.

      • Captain Ron says:

        Exactly David! And George, I didn’t see anything fear related in this issue of the GG which by the way, might be the best one yet David! This makes a ton of sense, it was an instant bell ringer for me. That said, I too intend to read it again, maybe a couple times. What a mindf*ck eh? But as for not being angry, that’s a load of bullshit like no other. Anyone who’s not angry after discovering just how evil our “leadership” is, is a complete and utter fool. All you have to do is reread the last paragraph to see that. And in my case, like millions of other servicemen and women, I unwittingly fought and KILLED for these worthless, lying kike fucks. They’ll get zero submission, mercy or regrets from me. EXPECT NO MERCY.

      • Barry says:

        Spot on as usual guys. Don’t let George’s comment or anyone elses like it screw with your head. That’s just more programming done to make We The People “gentile” and I have to question George’s motives. This isn’t the time or place for talk of compassion or kindness, this is about action and justice. And for the record, I say to hell with the lot of them, furthermore, I could care less how they’re sent there. Whether it’s a bullet for resisting arrest, a noose or the chair, anyone who’s part of all this murderous, lying bullshit can “kindly” go fuck themselves. (I think that’s the first time I’ve ever cussed in a discussion!) At any rate, you won’t see me second guessing or him hawing about this and anyone who does, is a jelly like, luke warm, fool.

        • Indian Princess says:

          I agree and don’t condone being weak or wishy washy when it comes to justice!!! And David, just to let you know, this one’s got my head spinning again. Everytime I think we’ve gotten to the end of the rabbit hole, there’s another cavern. But I think you’re right about this one, this is THE biggy. The Big Issue is aptly named! It already makes tons and tons of sense to me. I’ll bet this has something to do with where the top scum is planning on running to. Forget about underground bases and ghost cities, that’s all BS huh?

          • David Allender says:

            I don’t think I’d go so far as to say the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) or ghost cities are BS but do agree with your line of thought. Top turds may very well intend on heading south while offering up said hideouts to the lower rungs. It doesn’t matter though, there’s no getting away from YHWH. The funny thing about this subject is we don’t know for sure who knows and who doesn’t. Me thinks the vast majority of dekiken are clueless on this one, they’ve been played along with everyone else. The deceivers are indeed deceived, apparently to the worst extents by far. I wouldn’t want to be one of them, that’s for sure!

          • Barry says:

            No sir, me neither! I can’t even begin to imagine how horribly deceived these jews are. Just read a few quotes from their Talmud about how they approve of hating, manipulating, cheating, raping, deceiving, poisoning, and murdering completely innocent men, women and children. Jehova’s made them into complete psychopaths!

            And remember how they’re taught to treat animals with their profiteering from factory farms and zoos (yes, zoos are 100% jewish going back to ancient times) Also don’t forget about their horrendously excruciating, inhumane and merciless “kosher” slaughters. Watch one of the vids where they spin a live cow upside down, cut it’s throat and tear out its larynx so it can’t even scream while they let it run around bleeding to death in a pool of other cows blood. It’s all just sick, totally, totally sick.

            So, I agree it’s totally obvious, satan/jehova has done a real number on them, “G-ds’ chosen ones”, what a whopper!!! What kind of G-d would tell you to be evil, sick, twisted, cruel, murderous, deceitful, hateful, racists and bigots? Kinda obvious isn’t it?

            I like what you said about “the more lies you believe, the more lies you WILL believe” and I think you could also say “the larger lies you believe, the larger lies you WILL believe”.

            The jews are obviously the real fools in this world, for sure, I have zero doubt about that or where they’re going.

  5. Raymond Lund says:

    Wow. I can’t believe I believe all of this!!! There’s no getting around it though (without a UFO!). Very, very good work here David but I can’t help but wonder how you came across this? What kindled your interest to make you investigate it? I just googled “big earth”, “collossal earth”, “huge earth” etc. and came up with absolutely nothing relative. NOTHING. But here it is, I’ve read it 3 times and I know it’s the real McCoy. Everything you’ve written around here is true isn’t it? This kind of truth is deadly, I think all the worthless, corrupt, evil leaders of our world are screwed now! It’s a game changer, you’ve done it and I’m all in!!!

    • David Allender says:

      Deadly indeed! I’m certain this is the one that’s going to sink their ship. That’s why you can’t find an inkling of info about it on THEIR search engines.

      As to how I came across it, there’s a Pakistani kike named Shazwar Bugti who made a video I found about a year ago, he is now circulating flat earth bullshit along with another jewboy named Eric Dubay.

      I wasn’t 100% sure they were kikes but my radar was going off on them and especially the flat earth lie. I grew up near a 22 mile long lake called Mcconaughy in Nebraska and saw the horizon/curvature of earth. Peggy and I also did a lot of kayaking in and around the Puget Sound and in kayaks, you can really see it due to being so low to the water. Now we live at Lake Chelan which is 55 miles long and was very convenient for us to verify our sanity and easily debunk the flat earth lie by simply viewing the horizon and well known/used 8? per mile declination factor by looking uplake.

      The rest came from YHWH via the ether, that image of the DDDR popped into my head along with a very strong urge to “think big” again. It’s another funny yet familiar coincidence that I coined the question “how big can you think” about a year ago, long before writing the Big Issue! This, like everything else in my life is all thanks to YHWH. All credit and glory goes to YHWH!!!

      Here’s another map originally published by the Hawaii Gazette back in 1907, I’d say it’s worthy of serious contemplation;



      Hawaii Map


      Here’s that text for those using the translator; Stranger almost than the “Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder” is the copy of a map which came across seas to Honolulu from a Buddhist Temple in the mountains of central Japan. It is a map of the world made 1000 years ago. Dr. Kobayashi, the well-known Japanese physician and surgeon of Honolulu, has received a copy of the map, which he believes to have been made by Chinese priests ten centuries ago.

      The map is drawn on the principle of the Mercator Projection showing the North Pole as the center of a circle in which arc the continents of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

      “The map was found by my brother in a Japanese temple in the mountains of Japan,” said Dr. Kobayashi. “It has been hidden from the Japanese government 111 modern times just as it was in ancient tunes, for in olden days such a map would have been destroyed by tlic authorities. According to a letter the original map was brought from China by a Buddhist priest and concealed in this temple.

      “Ten years ago my brother was a consumptive. Although I was a physician he did not wish to be treated with medicines. He decided to go into the mountains and attempt a cure by himself. For ten years he has remained there and used his will power to effect a cure. Today he is a well man. During his stay there he found this map. lie evolved from it a theory of the flatness of the earth, despite all modern facts showing it to be a sphere. This theory has

      been his one aim in life. He is an artist and in order to demonstrate his theory he made beautiful drawings, picturesque and attractive to the eye, in which mechanical, astronomical and engineering methods are shown.

      “My brother goes back to the days of Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci who, he says, sailed for a new country believing that by sailing directly in one general direction they would ultimately come to the place.

      “We moderns know that a vessel sailing from a port and going generally in a continually easterly manner win arrive at the same place. The vessel, of course, goes around the globe. My brother’s theory is that one sails about a vast plane as one would sail around the edges of a bowl.”

      The illustrations accompanying the map arc beautiful examples of Japanese art. No more attractive book of geography has ever been compiled. It is a mass of cherry blossoms, Fujiyamas, beautiful blue seas dotted with the sails of junks and sampans. There are landscapes and seascapes and bizarre pictures of Japanese women,

      designed along old-time styles. But in every sheet of such pictures the engineering lines are brought out in a way that does not mar the picture. With the text matter explaining each page, the geography should be easily understood.

      Dr. Kobayashi now has all the original sheets, scores of them, and these he will return to Japan to his brother, who intends to have them put in the hands of publishers. It will be one of the most novel publications of the period.

      The original map of which a copy drawn by Dr. Kobayashi’ s brother, and of which the accompanying cut is a tracing, is worm-eaten and barely holds together. The above map with all the continents and even the Hawaiian Islands shown, was evidently not made by the priests who traced the original lines.

      • Pat says:

        This is the nail in the jewish coffin alright.

        I wish I could have started with this issue of the GG 5 years ago when I began doing my research on corruption and conspiracies.

        It makes it impossible not to believe that quite literally “everything” is a lie and that the conspiracy is as real as apple pie.

        And just to let you know, I sincerely appreciate all the connections to God used around here.

        Thanks for these truths and everything you’re doing sister Peggy and brother Dave.

        God bless!!!

        • David Allender says:

          Good one, and thanks Pat!

          • Michael R says:

            whoa . . . this is some crazy ass shit but when you slow down to think about things it makes all the sense in the world. the jews truly are deceived puppets to their evil g-d!

          • Sarah says:

            My brother died on the operating table for 5 minutes and experienced hell before he was taken to heaven by what he thinks was an angel. He said it felt like being tied up in a straight jacket while being tossed in a fire and screaming along with others. I’ve never seen fear in him other than when he talks about it, still has nightmares.

            The thing here is jews are taught (and desperately need to believe) there is no afterlife and that everyone, good or evil goes to “sheol”. If you ask me, that’s another great deception being carried out upon them!

          • Barry says:

            That makes sense Sarah but I don’t think most jews truly believe there’s no afterlife or hell. I’ve noticed that just the mention of it shuts them up in the various forums I’ve had “discussions” in.

            Afterall, how can anyone who knows their superiors believe in the spirit world, conjure demons, use sex majick, perform exorcisms, blood sacrifices and etc. satanic/masonic practices straight out the Torah, not believe there’s something to the idea of hell?

            And why would top jews use THEIR media, entertainment industry and internet to popularize war, murder, rape, incest, faggotry, lesbianism, pedophilia, torture, deceit, theft, hate, racism, atheism, bigotry, infidelity, idolatry and etc. sins that YHWH and Yeshua clearly warned us we’d go to hell for?

            What if all the masonic/satanic leaders tempt everyone else into sin by way of deception exactly like satan? What if they know hell is real and also know things like lying, usury, propaganda and etc. crap they use to oppress/enslave We The People aren’t in the 10 commandments?!

            All the while they have us, jews and non, breaking the 10 commandments in every manner concievable!

            Well, while that went a bit astray, I think it should be obvious to everyone, jews and non alike that hell is quite likely a very real and ominous danger. If it’s anything like what your brother experienced, I definitely want to tread lightly and do my best in the here and now!

          • Truthout says:

            Great conversation here. I bet hell is here on earth, maybe inside it. Who knows, but there’s a lot of “space” and virtually endless possibilities to consider if we’re on a 40 million mile wide planet inhabited and ran by highly advanced extra terrestrials!

            Just consider where we’d be at technologically speaking in another 100 years. Then imagine where “others” would be after unknown millennia or eons! They could probably do just about anything including trapping the souls of those they don’t approve.

            Until recently, I’ve always believed Jesus (err,Yeshua) took care of all our sins but I’m with Barry, it’s time to take this very seriously. If they’d lie to us about the size of earth (which I agree is obvious they have) they would most certainly lie to us about salvation.

          • David Allender says:

            Sound thinking Truthout. Just to be clear, satanic elites HAVE lied to us (all of us, including the jews) about EVERYTHING including intentional mistranslations, omissions, inclusions and outright disinformation abound regarding the bible, God/s and especially our eternal futures.

          • Bob the Pastor says:

            Any notions of hell not existing need to be dismissed by everyone immediately! Anyone who thinks there’s a heaven but not a hell is certain to find out they’re wrong because they’re utterly and totally deceived!

            Hell is the ENTIRE point behind respecting/fearing YHWH’s judgement and following Yeshuas’ examples on how to live by the commandments, love your neighbors, hate evil and NOT be deceived by the father of lies or his little jewish helpers! They are who lied to you about the size of earth and quite literally EVERYTHING ELSE. Their lies never end and most certainly DO include any persuasions to get one to forget about hell!!!

            Does anyone here really think “they” wouldn’t lie to everyone about the existence of hell after reading just this page? These people/things literally HATE you! Do you think they want you to go to heaven with YOUR father? Do you think they have your interests in mind in any regard, at all?

            YHWHs final punishment for the unbelievers, the faithless, the immoral, the idolators, murderers and fornicators is described throughout Scripture as “eternal fire” (Matthew 25:41), “unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12), “shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:2), a place where “the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:44-49), a place of “torment” and “fire” (Luke 16:23-24), “everlasting destruction” (2 Thessalonians 1:9), a place where “the smoke of torment rises forever and ever” (Revelation 14:10-11), and a “lake of burning sulfur” where the wicked are “tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:10).

            Keep this simple brethren; If you’re not afraid of going to hell, who is behind that lack of fear? There’s only one answer.


            Come on people!!! It’s in your Bible and in your Quran! Why have “they” glossed over it?

          • Drew says:

            Thank you for that very good reminder Bob!!!

          • Alhid Majid says:

            Indeed, also does the Holy Quran give much focus to hell! See for oneself;

            Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. 4:56

            They will wish to come forth from the Fire, but they will not come forth from it. Theirs will be a lasting doom. 5:37

            For them is drink of boiling water and a painful doom, because they disbelieved. 6:70

            And the dwellers of the Fire cry out unto the dwellers of the Garden: Pour on us some water or some wherewith Allah hath provided you. They say: Lo! Allah hath forbidden both to disbelievers. 7:50

            If thou couldst see how the angels receive those who disbelieve, smiting faces and their backs and (saying): Taste the punishment of burning! 8:50

            On the day when it will (all) be heated in the fire of hell, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded 9:35

            Hell is before him, and he is made to drink a festering water, Which he sippeth but can hardly swallow, and death cometh unto him from every side while yet he cannot die, and before him is a harsh doom. 14:16-17

            Thou wilt see the guilty on that day linked together in chains, Their raiment of pitch, and the Fire covering their faces. 14:49-50

            We shall assemble them on the Day of Resurrection on their faces, blind, dumb and deaf; their habitation will be hell; whenever it abateth, We increase the flame for them. That is their reward because they disbelieved Our revelations. 17:97-98

            Lo! We have prepared for disbelievers Fire. Its tent encloseth them. If they ask for showers, they will be showered with water like to molten lead which burneth the faces. Calamitous the drink and ill the resting-place! 18:29

            The guilty behold the Fire and know that they are about to fall therein, and they find no way of escape thence. 18:53

            If those who disbelieved but knew the time when they will not be able to drive off the fire from their faces and from their backs, and they will not be helped! 21:29

            Behold them, staring wide (in terror), the eyes of those who disbelieve! 21:97

            But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads, Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning. 22:19-22

            The fire burneth their faces, and they are glum therein. 23:104

            For those who deny (the coming of) the Hour We have prepared a flame. When it seeth them from afar, they hear the crackling and the roar thereof. And when they are flung into a narrow place thereof, chained together, they pray for destruction there. 25:11-13

            It will be a hard day for disbelievers. On the day when the wrong-doer gnaweth his hands, he will say: Ah, would that I had chosen a way together with the messenger (of Allah)! 25:26-27

            But as for those who disbelieve, for them is fire of hell; it taketh not complete effect upon them so that they can die, nor is its torment lightened for them. Thus We punish every ingrate. And they cry for help there, (saying): Our Lord! Release us; we will do right, not (the wrong) that we used to do. … Now taste (the flavour of your deeds), for evil-doers have no helper. 35:36-37

            Those in the Fire say unto the guards of hell: Entreat your Lord that He relieve us of a day of the torment … although the prayer of disbelievers is in vain. 40:49-50

            Those who deny the Scripture and that wherewith We send Our messengers. But they will come to know, When carcans are about their necks and chains. They are dragged Through boiling waters; then they are thrust into the Fire. 40:70-72

            Lo! the tree of Zaqqum, The food of the sinner! Like molten brass, it seetheth in their bellies As the seething of boiling water. (And it will be said): Take him and drag him to the midst of hell, Then pour upon his head the torment of boiling water. 44:43-48

            Those who are immortal in the Fire and are given boiling water to drink so that it teareth their bowels. 47:15

            Then how (will it be with them) when the angels gather them, smiting their faces and their backs! 47:27

            Peace to all!

            Whoever lives looking forward to meeting Allah, will enjoy meeting Allah!

          • Peggy Star says:

            The bible tells us repeatedly that until judgement day, when we die, we’re done. So, we basically go into a state of limbo. Catholics call it Purgatory, the jews call it Sheol, the greeks called it Hades and there are many other names from various religions but it’s a constant across the board.

            Ecclesiastes 9:5; For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing.

            Job 14:21; His sons come to honour, and he knoweth it not; and they are brought low, but he perceiveth it not of them.

            Job 14:12-14; So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.

            John 5:28-29; Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.

            Daniel 12:2; And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

            I think people like Sarahs’ brother are given a peek at hell by angels, maybe even Christ. If you stop to think about it, this would be quite a nice reminder for them and those they tell their stories to. The same is true with stories about heaven.

          • Lori Stokes says:

            Spot on Peggy! This is like a flood of dot connecting for me! According to the Bible, this is a better illustration of our home;


            And that “underworld” depicted is, as you’ve stated what the jews call “sheol”;


          • Bob the Pastor says:

            Well, it’s taken some time for me to get my head around this but now I’m ready to add a short something and it’s going to go along perfectly with those illustrations from Lori! Connecting the dots we are!!!

            I believe the idea of a “firmament” to be likely. It makes much sense in every regard, and then . . . THE BIBLE BACKS IT UP CONCLUSIVELY! Here we go, and we start right back at the beginning once again;


            . . . and the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light”

            Here’s our firmament/sky;

            Genesis 1:6 “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven.”

            Amos 9:6 (NASB) The One who builds His upper chambers in the heavens and has founded His vaulted dome over the earth, He who calls for the waters of the sea And pours them out on the face of the earth, YHWH is His name”

            Job 9:8 “Which alone spreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves of the sea”

            Isaiah 40:22 “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in”

            Job 37:18 “Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass”

            Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork”

            Ezekiel 1:26 “And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone” (i.e. Blue Sky)


            -This would explain why we cannot go to the moon or anywhere else beyond that firmament. And I believe the following speaks of how God used the firmament as a wall to enclose the earth circle while setting the Sun and Moon in motion above us;

            Proverbs 8:27 (ESV) “When He established the heavens, I was there, When He inscribed a circle on the face of the deep”

            Job 26:10 “He has inscribed a circle on the surface of the waters at the boundary of light and darkness”.

            Job 26:10 “He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end”

            Psalms 104:9 “Thou hast set a bound that they may not pass over”

            And as to the question of earth spinning 1000 MPH at the equator while flying through space at 66,000 MPH in orbit around the sun which itself is supposedly careening about the galaxy at 450,000 MPH . . . quite likely this is just more BS!

            1 Chronicles 16:30 “Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved”

            Psalm 93:1 “The Lord reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself: the world also is established, that it cannot be moved”

            Psalm 96:10 “the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved”

            – The Sun wanders within a course between 2 lines which are known as the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn, each located 23.5 degrees from the equator. Look how the thermal energies on earth are distributed and you’ll see why the northern (center) and southern (exterior) regions are cold, this would not happen on a ball 93 million of miles from a sun! The sun has to be much, much closer!


            More regarding the sun and moon plus the stars . . .

            Genesis 1:14-18 “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good”

            “Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God . . . Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain; Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind” Psalm 104

          • David Allender says:

            Thanks for the biblical interpretation Robert, excellent as usual! The idea of not being able to go beyond the firmament makes sense to me. I bet it would really piss you off if you were one of the top turds, or even Satan himself! No escape from YHWH! This would begin to further explain their hatred and contempt for God, creation and anyone (i.e. Gentiles) who have a shot at “being released”.

            If you think about being a tiny minded jew who doesn’t appreciate this beautiful place called Earth and the precious time we’ve been given here, you’ll begin to understand their sickness. Basically, they are too dumb to be thankful, they’re full of haughtiness, arrogance and false pride exactly like Satan was, so the story goes.

            That’s why they look at this verse from Luke 16:26 as a curse; “. . . between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence”.


          • David Allender says:

            Another way of rationalizing the “firmament” could simply be distance. Regardless of what’s actually in our upper atmosphere, since the earth is NOT tiny but instead an approximated 40,000,000 miles in diameter, escaping gravity requires a very, very long trip which in turn requires MEGA TONS OF FUEL FOR PROPULSION!

            This is one obvious reason why we haven’t ever made it to outer space and why there’s no pictures/videos looking back at the colossal earth. Below is a graph of the “field of view” from some common camera lens sizes. When you realize we’d have to travel millions upon millions of miles (not the 300 or 400 NASA claims) just to get the earth into your viewfinder, you’ll understand!

            I think if you stop to think about this little clue alone, you’ll begin regaining some serious ground!!!

            Here’s some common camera lens specs;


            I used a rather standard size of angle from a 35mm lens to show how you’d have to travel 26 MILLION MILES just to snap a pic of our planet! (But even if NASA did, they’d just photoshop it by removing all of the area outside the southern “antartic ring”)


            Pretty simple. But then again, in reality, all of it is. The only struggle is in overcoming millions of incidents of satanic brainwashing performed by our worthless kike leaders! It’s THAT Simple!!!

      • David Allender says:

        The photo below is pics supposedly from two separate official nasa missions. The first one (the main, large one) portrays the dark side of the moon and was supposedly taken from a vessel that went beyond the moon itself. The second one (the overlay) is supposedly from another secondary craft taking a picture of the main craft from over the moon’s surface showing Earth as a tiny dot. Compare the sizes of earth. END OF STORY, CASE CLOSED.


  6. Stephen says:

    Man, this hit’s hard, right where I needed it. I feel like I’ve been sort of bumbling around with this “truthing” stuff until now, that idea that “everything is a lie” ain’t no bullshit! And these evil fuckers really must hate us and God.

    • Riley says:

      You said it, I think a lot of heads are going to get filled with lead soon. I know some jews who aren’t going to go along with any of this crap too, no way. They’ll fight right beside us when they learn about this one!

      • Captain Ron says:

        Yep, it’s time to string em up.



      • David Allendersays:

        Good one Ron! But just in case anyone thinks that picture is real, consider THE FACTS;

        As you can see, the lower portion of anal canal itself is a short tube, encased between the (normally) matching pair of buttocks. There’s a number of problems here butt I think I’ll just let the following diagram speak for itself;


        Oh, and before I forget, I hope you’re right about that Riley. If not, they’re going down too and I sure wouldn’t want to be one of the dumb kikes who don’t get in line because I’m being told loud and clear that hell “ain’t no bullshit” either!

        Here’s a quick little 4 1/2 minute vid that ought to seal the deal for some brainwashed doubters about one word . . . RADIATION.

        There’s no way we could have went all the way to the moon after passing through the earth’s protective layers and getting exposed to all of the radiation out there. I researched this and within 10 minutes found multiple sources of obvious truths on this point alone. There’s even videos of NASA engineers admitting we can’t make it through the Van Allen Belt. (If such a thing even exists) But regardless, just the radiation from the sun without our protective blanket provided by the atmospheres would be enough to fry any living thing to death. Go ahead and have yourself a laugh at these ridiculous jerks at NASA;


That was worth watching huh? That hebrew word “Nasha” reminds me of another word I learned some years ago which was “shekinah”. It means “In the presence of God” or “In Gods’ Glory”. The question you might want to ask next is, what god would be honored with Bush’s famous term for holocausting (horrifically burning alive) 1,000s of completely innocent men, women and children with the devastating Iraq bombing operation “Shock ‘n’ Awe” (“shekinah”);





Here’s a few more of the most telling pieces of evidence regarding this ridiculous pile of lies from the retched, stinking film of jew filth currently in control of our world. (But thanks to this particular massive truth, NOT FOR MUCH LONGER! “THIS” Truth, Shall Make You Free!!!) In this pic from NASA we see what is very obviously a support arm holding up the top of the flag;


Next from NASA we see reflections of a cameraman on the shield of the astronut;


Below is a pic of the supposed landing during actual touchdown on what astronauts said was a talcum like powdery surface. So, where’s all the dust and/or exhaust from the engines that would have to have been running at the time??? That and of course the repeated failure to include stars on the hollywood set because it would be too hard for their little jew brains to contrive and keep up with their correct locations;


This next one just further confirms that last one in the fact that zero “talcum powder” was displaced during the landing. No crater = another lying jew hater. (ie; YOU)


And there’s lots and lots of examples like this last one which clearly shows multiple shadow directions from what can only be multiple sources of stage lighting. (There’s only one sun)


Anyone who thinks they haven’t been played by the evil forces in our world, needs to think again! RE-take your ground, RE-gain your sanity and RE-buke your boastful pride!

Just happened to stumble across this music video, you tell me if it’s not PERFECT! (Thank you YHWH!)




        • Peggy Star says:

          After 4 months of chewing, this issue of the GG is by far the most challenging to digest. I advise everyone to simply accept the FACT we’ve been lied to about earth and EVERYTHING else. Just remember what we’re here to do, this is all about removing the liars from power and securing our futures in the here and now, as well as eternally.

          For now, please FOCUS on helping us change the world. Sign up at Unidigi, chime in with your ideas and opinions, vote with the UPick ballot/s, exchange some currency at OutBank, help your friends and family awaken, support something good “for a change”. The rabbit hole will still be there when you’re done! BUT IF YOU ARE STILL HAVING A HARD TIME BELIEVING ALL OF THIS, STOP NOW AND READ DAVID’S LAST ISSUE OF THE GG #119 AND THE COMMENTS THERE. That will do it!

  • David Allender says:

    I agree 100% Peggy! And for those who don’t know the basics about Goyim or jews, you may want to spend 5 minutes at “The End of Conspiracy Theories” (It’s our old Home/Introduction Page)

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This Is Part 13 of 13 in a 9 Hour, Life Changing “Course In Truths” From



The 2,000 Year Old Question; Whose Number Truly is 666???

(There Should Be ZERO DOUBT When You’re Done Here!!!)

Before Reading On You Must Arm Yourself With a Super Critical Realization; That Being That YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED INTO BELIEVING MYSTERIOUS NUMERICAL MIRACLES AND EVIDENCES OF THE DIVINE, SUPERNATURAL WORLD ARE SILLY OR COMMON WHEN THEY MOST DEFINITELY ARE NOT!!! Stop and think about this for a moment . . . for instance; how many times have you been subjected to propaganda in the media and on the internet relating to the number 666 belonging to various famous entities? They’ll say someone’s name equals 666 and might refer to a couple more coincidental examples but without fail each and every supposed 666 figure ends with a dead thud instead of continuing on and on and on as we’d expect as ultimate proof from God! The question on your mind should be who popularized those FALSE EXAMPLES and why? Could it be that “they” don’t want YOU to realize that EVERYTHING YOU’RE ABOUT TO READ CANNOT BE COINCIDENTAL IN NATURE BECAUSE THE ODDS WOULD BE HUNDREDS OF QUADRILLIONS TO ONE?!

DON’T LET YOUR BRAINWASHING MAKE YOU QUESTION ANY OF THIS, OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE IT IS 100% REAL/DIVINE!!! We are going to prove beyond any doubt that 666 is indeed the number of ONE MAN IN PARTICULAR exactly as the Bible says in Rev 13;18? “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six”.

Note how it says 666 is the number of both “the beast” and “a man”, there are obviuosly TWO entities being mentioned not just one and if you’re a Christian or a Muslim who’s familiar with the words of Jesus (actually Yeshua) that is something YOU have been brainwashed not to realize for your entire life! And as you’ll see, we’ve proven conclusively who both of those 666 entities are! THE FUTURE IS UNFOLDING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES AND THIS IS ROCK SOLID PROOF OF DIVINE INTERVENTION IN “THESE TIMES”! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

OK, we’re going to dive right in here. This first part is something no decent person will be able to read without knowing “something big is up”! Firstly, I David Allender was born at 8:31am on Dec 1st, 1964 which happens to be exactly 36 (6x6) yrs, 9 mths, 11 days & 3 minutes from when 9/11 ended with the north tower falling! 9 mths, 11 days is also the exact span of time I was held in jail after the jewbernments’ failure to kill Peggy and I in their bogus SWAT raid at our home on 5/29/13. I was out on 3/09/14, a SUNday, without explanation 2 days before my scheduled release! It was during that guilt free vacation when I had the free time to ghostwrite landmark Issue #s 000 and 111 of the Goyim Gazette with Peggy. For anyone who hasn’t read #000 of the Goyim Gazette or isn’t familiar with the story, let us take a brief account of some key facts that prove my innocence in regard to this ridiculous injustice;

  1. It was just 6 months prior on 1.1.13 when I had self published and released about 10,000 copies of the electronic version of my 1st book “The Everything Pages” which was the result of our initial 2 years of research into the world of criminal conspiracies and vatican corruption. (don’t bother reading it, as you’ll see at, we’ve came a long way since back then!) That said, even the rudimentary knowledge we had at the time assured I had by then become one of, if not THE most censored individual in the world who the CIA/Mossad was trying to hush in every manner conceivable, short of killing me. That of course would be their next ploy, albeit a failed one not unlike many more in my “unusual case” which is rife with signs of supernatural intervention. (Now would be a good time to recall Waco and Ruby Ridge, both of which the victims were good, righteous and outspoken opponents to the corrupt, jewish ran govt. but unfortunately, they weren’t as protected as we are now in “these times”.)
  2. Said ploy was initiated by sending one of their coadjutors trespassing onto my property while I was plunking around with a .22 which we often did as was easily witnessed by anyone crossing my property on an upper road just to the north of my home which overlooks the valley in which I reside. This is how they would be able to accuse me of “SHOOTING AT” someone for trespassing which of course they did. Discerning minds might ask a few good questions;
  • Were there any witnesses to corroborate the extremely serious accusation of attempted murder? NO (note, they didn’t charge me w/attempted murder because no jury in the world would ever convict on it, this is why they have bogus laws of “assault” which have been methodically changed over the years to include “scaring someone” even if that someone is committing a REAL crime against YOU. (Think back to all the old westerns of people firing warning shots for trespassers, they’d all be charged with 2nd degree assault, a felony w/15 year sentences today!)
  • Was anyone or anything actually shot or even shot at? NO
  • Was there any damage or harm to anyone or anything whatsoever? NO
  • Were any bullets retrieved from the hillside where they were supposedly fired? NO
  • Was there any evidence of a crime whatsoever other than the false accusations of the lying trespassers? NO
  • Since there were no scopes on the .22s and David was charged with 3 counts of felony assault, ask yourself if could you see how many people were in a vehicle with tinted windows 600′ away to determine how many counts of whatever crime could be rationally charged as knowingly committed? NO
  • Was the description of David being “a large, heavy set male over six feet tall, older w/white hair and white shirt” accurate? NO David is 5′ 8″, average build, was 48 with dark brown hair and wearing a black shirt! The idiots described David’s friend who was on the porch with his own .22 shooting at targets like they often did which were over 100′ away from the nearest point the trespassers got to after going past SIX NO TRESPASSING SIGNS and sneaking down a half mile of road behind the trees! (And By The Way, That Friend’s Name Was Never Given Up By David!)
  • Is it possible for 2 experienced men having 18 bullets each in their little semi-auto .22s to completely miss hitting a target as large as a person at 600′ away with all 36 shots on a calm, sunny day? NO
  • Is it possible for them to also miss an 18′ long, 7′ tall vehicle (a virtual “barn door”!) at the same range with or without scopes? NO



The truth is, no shots were fired anywhere near that lying piece of sh*t which is irrefutably proven by the fact NO BULLETS WERE FOUND IN THE AREA but that doesn’t even matter because HE JUST ADMITTED THAT HE KNEW NO ONE WAS SHOOTING AT HIM WHICH IS WHAT HE CLAIMED IN HIS BOGUS CALL TO 9/11!

One more kindergarten level piece of evidence comes in the form of the ORIGINAL TICKET issued by the well meaning cop (I assume) who had taken the report from that lying piece of shit Casey Boyd. After my having told the police I would happily submit my side of the story in a report to them, I later came to learn the officer was commanded by the Sheriff NOT to come up and take said report but rather just issue a ticket without further investigation. As you can see for yourself that’s what he did and it was for 2 MISDEMEANORS which, had I received it in the mail as I should and would have if it weren’t for more collusion by corrupt officials in Chelan County, could easily have been fought at my option;




Note there is only ONE count of each misdemeanor in that original ticket and the box “Referred to Prosecutor” is NOT checked which obviously proves illegal coercion on the part of the prosecutor’s office.

And more importantly, not only did I NOT receive that ticket in the mail as I should have because the prosecutor illegally withheld it, I WAS NOT NOTIFIED OF IT OR ANY OTHER CHARGES WHATSOEVER, AT ALL. I DID NOT KNOW ANY CHARGES HAD BEEN PRESSED AGAINST ME UNTIL A 66 MAN SWAT TEAM WITH 3 ARMORED VEHICLES AND 2 SNIPERS CARRIED OUT AN ILLEGAL $1.1 MILLION DOLLAR ASSAULT AGAINST PEGGY AND I WITH THE INTENT TO KILL US 4 MONTHS LATER. So, instead of allowing that ticket be sent to me as legally necessitated, the corrupt officials of Chelan County pulled it and MANUFACTURED CHARGES FOR A FELONY ASSAULT ON ABSOLUTELY NO FURTHER GROUNDS OR EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER AND THEN WITHHELD NOTICE!!!

That’s fine though, and do you want to know why?


And by the will of God Almighty, that’s what I’m going to do.


Also, this whole thing was a very good experience for me in many ways, firstly it was the only break longer than 10 days I’d ever taken from work in my 48 years of life, secondly I dropped about 15 lbs that had stuck with me since my early 30s and got very healthy! So, both my mind and body were refreshed and ready for what was to come next. Anyone who stops to think about jail will realize it’s totally relaxing, there’s no work, you’re safe, they feed you 3 healthy squares per day and you can do whatever you please which usually includes lots of books to read from their libraries. The only downside for most is not being able to comfort, protect and provide for their families but aside from that, everything most of us hear is all just fear mongering propaganda. Looking back I now see many more divine coincidences, such as had I not gone through it I’d never have overcome some critical deceptions in the bible nor would I have gotten many priceless lessons like knowing for fact our local media and the court systems really are corrupted by “satanic jews”. I also got a real decent understanding of how they do things and learned most guards, jailors and bailiffs here in Chelan County (1 of the most corrupt) are good, honorable people, well above half I’d say.


Profiles in Courage

As for judges, prosecutors and public defenders, I can report with absolute certainty they are all corrupt and would not believe for a second it’d be any different in YOUR county. I think it’s impossible to put a price on all the knowledge gleaned from experience, my favorite old motto Everything For A Reason really seems to be apt here. FYI; before finalizing these newsletters we bounce them off of a few folks to get their opinions. It’s been concluded this issue of the GG is arguably the most dense and best page turner yet! Things are definitely adding up to a much “bigger picture” and I think you’ll be awestruck by what you’re about to read, these facts have some obviously unexplainable “coincidental qualities” unlike anything we’ve ever seen. For instance, being a person who’d only read 3 books in his life pre-2011 (aside from the Bible, dictionaries & encyclopedias) it’s a given I wouldn’t have ever read JFKs’ book “Profiles in Courage” were it not for having some unexpected “free time” and the fact it was sitting in my cell, waiting for me to read it! It was just a few months prior on 12/21/12 I’d finished writing the Everything Pages, a book on jewish criminal conspiracies, it was the real reason they attacked us (but the GGs are much, much better due to our increased knowledge now). Getting to the bottom of this lying pile of filth is a major challenge, knowing who’s who and not being deceived is no small feat. All hints & helpers are of tremendous value, such as the serendipitous reading of his book. Here’s the thing; JFK was one of them, a self-described admirer of Lucifer by his own pen! He was also an ardent supporter of Israel and his family is one of the 13 bloodlines of the jewish Illuminati. These facts explain his sinful and brazen adultery w/dozens of women like Marilynn Monroe, a MK Ultra sex kitten programmed by Bob Hope as a perk for the POTUS! (Pres. of the US) This piece of the puzzle helped me further fathom/accept the reality and depth of our rabbit hole as it should you too. JFKs’ assassination was likely an act, a psy-op on WTP that didn’t even happen just like Osama Bin Ladens’ capture or his burial at sea as well as 100s if not 1,000s more supposed assassinations, arrests, drug ODs & suicides of famous people throughout history covered in their media which popularized all of them to begin with, we’re dealing w/liars! Indeed, it is good to have surety in knowing EVERYTHING really is a ss lie, even America’s favorite leader was a satanic jew con, JFK likely retired on a beach w/Hitler (an ashkeNAZI jew) Elvis and John Wayne! (33° masons)

We’re up to our ears in ss bullshit and like you, I know that waking up to all the evil and lies around us is surreal. The situation is hard to accept and highly complex to understand but please trust this; learning and embracing the truth, no matter how unpleasant, has great rewards! I believe the manners in which I, and hence you are finding these truths will provide us with a great deal of confidence in the divine nature of our works and steel our resolve in this quest for truth and justice. Yes, I am saying there’s something going on here that has to involve a higher power and I think you’ll agree the clues we’re being given are so convincing there’s really no way not to take them and what I can only assume is our greater purpose in this life very seriously. Also, this issue of the GG will hopefully go some distance in providing you with extra surety that we will prevail, those of truth, goodness and righteousness WILL WIN THIS FIGHT. When you’re done with this last issue of the GG, you should have 100% surety that We The People are supposed to do this. It’s a Sign!!! (hey, I registered as a TM 15 yrs ago for a sign biz!) We’re being told we can and should fight evil! And even though our goals are inarguably gargantuan, I know you’ll receive a good helping of confidence from what I’m about to share with you. However, reading the 2nd AAA newsletter truly is a prerequisite for connecting the whale of divine coincidences herein. If it’s been awhile or you haven’t read it, do it now for your own benefit.

That and GG #116 / 666 go hand in hand with bringing all of this home. Doing the research and discovery for all of this is what really steeled our confidence and reading those will do the same for you, it will help you overcome! OK, the self-evident truth surrounding 666 is the fact that ancient humans simply couldn’t have known about it or any of the highly advanced mathematics, geometry, architecture, astrology and etc. we find surrounding the Pyramids or how they’re entwined into the ancient texts of the Bible and Quran. We’re going to retake serious ground here and I really want you to come away feeling empowered and in awe of what can only be the work of a higher power behind all this. And like issue #666, this won’t be boring or sound like a sermon because it’s not. No “faith” will be required nor will we have to rely on conjecture, most of this is based upon easily verifiable facts, the trick was discovering them by way of utterly amazing and highly unlikely coincidences. boxzeroAnd while some of the information herein is about me, please remember at all times, it is your life story that is unfolding right before our eyes. This comes from the ether for all of us! And given the number and magnificence of the clues, you’ll surely agree we have some very worthwhile and divine work to do together. We continue with a couple of coincidences in my contact info which I just now realized my email address has significance. So let’s take a look at an email server and domain name I created some 10 or so years ago to get a handle on all the spam circulating back then. My email was/is “BOXZERO” has an obvious relation to the Masonic concept of Squaring the Circle as we did in the 2nd AAA newsletter where we saw the speed of light (299,792,458 mps) encoded in the Great Pyramids’ longitude and design by its builders 6000+ yrs ago. The fact I created BoxZero a decade before learning whoever built the pyramids knew the speed of light, Phi, how to square the circle and measure a meter is another coincidence! But the thing is, my life is absolutely rife with this stuff. It is a serious challenge to find anything mundane around us. And the more we look, we find numbers, dates and names surrounding us are key ones favored in the ancient mysteries and embedded in our biblical texts.

Page 1



About 20 years ago, long before awakening to the jew world order, keypadI coincidentally envisioned a new ID system using what I coined as “NumberNames”

eeoh - eo"yew"

eeoh – eo

(as in “the number of his name???Rev. 13:17). The TM fits because Numbernames use the Intl. ITU E 1.1161 key pad standard. i.e. if you chose “BOB” as your globally unique NumberName, others would call you at 262 (B=2, O=6, B=2). Another coincidence is the naming of Unified Numbering and Unidigi with a motto of Unite-Educate-Act to create a re-Union for WTP of the USA w/out the jewish United Nations. Kinda feels like we’re stealing something precious from the ss huh? Let’s not forget the original word for jew was a rune similar to ss and is pronounced as “you” or “U”. So, that’s fun huh! Numbernames are alternates to the jew world orders’ identification system from a computer they call The Beast in Brussels Belgium and each of their IDs start with 666! So, you can submit to vatican enslavement by their mark of the beast ID or get one of your choosing from your company, Unidigi! See the difference? The jewed vatican and corrupt govt will never have say or control over our IDs or personal info if we simply band together with Unidigi! It’s really that simple.

Next we have big coincidences from the Matrix, a movie shot over the course of 1998 (= 666 + 666 + 666). It was about a bunch of evil Artificial Intelligence clones named Smith trying to kill “Neo” (meaning “new”as in new age) Neo was nicknamed as “The One” who would save humanity from evil enslavement. What are the odds the Matrix would be one of only a dozen DVDs I owned then? And that I would pause the movie at the exact spot where the first 5 digits of my ss number are highlighted for a split second in the opening scene and that Peggy would notice it because she knows it by heart? And that the character named “Trinity” is who contacted Neo? Is this against all odds? Even I have to ask myself; is this the friggen Matrix?!!? What’s this all about? Who is David William Allender?




You’ll likely understand I had no choice but to do a little more digging. I honestly didn’t want to because this whole thing creeped me out like you wouldn’t believe! Nonetheless, here’s what I discovered: DA = “The” or “a” in major languages and; VID = “Man who lives in the forest”, well I definitely love and live in the forest! An alternate for the “VID” portion in Hebrew is “Vaahd” or Aramic “Waahhid” both meaning One, so, The One as famously portrayed in The Matrix!!! There’s a noodle baker huh?! Next, William; WILL as in ”Free Will” or the “Will of God”? Also, I coincidentally noticed this on the cover of my fairly rare, plus, 1 and only Bible I ever owned (a gift from Peggy!);

David Allender's bible

I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.


IAM as in “I AM the way, the truth and the life”. WILL – I – AM ? And to Finish This Part Up in these biblical End Times we look at my last name Allender which is simply “ALL – ENDER”! I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve said “This Shit’s Got to End”. I simply cannot stand all the wars, greed, injustice, destruction, waste and what I now know is REAL EVIL. I absolutely abhor all of this ss crap! I’m here to help YOU, IT’S TIME FOR US TO END THEIR INSANITY!

So, what do you think so far? Is it just me or does all of this seem a bit too coincidental? Let us consider the 866-“HelloDave” toll free number I got for a business “Monster Coffee”, which seemed like it’d be memorable for customers. Due to my not liking 6s then, I wasn’t crazy about the 866 code but the 800 and 888 versions were taken so, I justified 866 being a decent fit with “Monster”. However, “HelloDave” always had a problem of being 2 digits/letters too long which befuddled some folks. But lo and behold, I was driven to pay the $60/mth to keep it for over 8 years unused ($5,760!) and have now learned it also spells “HelloDC” with no extra letters/digits! Hey, that’s not bad for a new organization centered on ending corruption in America! Next, let’s take a look at my 670-3022 cell phone #. 6 + 7 = 13 which heebs have us thinking of negatively like 666 while using it everywhere in jewish free masonry (i.e. the Great Seal) If we use the zero 6 x 70 = 420 That’s the famous term for smoking Cannabis which readers of #115 will recall I experimented with along with Obama and George Washington. Well, since I too cannot tell a lie, when I was a youth, we considered use of Cannabis a form of rebellion to authority figures (cops & teachers) so it was everywhere on t-shirts, in graffiti and in our bright red eyes! They couldn’t prove use of cannabis back then so, mocking the authorities in such manners was a fun and safe form of rebellion. But I didn’t know jews were behind making it illegal while all of them used it profusely.

And while my grades were always good, there was plenty wrong with school, it felt more like prison than a learning institution. This was when our jewed govt began popularizing huffing of paint & glue, taking amphetamines and barbiturates which I had less than zero interest in. Thankfully, I instinctively steered clear of all that crap and won’t even take an aspirin or ibuprofen to this day. And now here I am, fully knowing of the truth about the satanic jews (ie; Hitler, Farben, Bayer, Bauer, Rockefellers etc.) who created big-pharma to sicken and profit on WTP. Hence, anyone taking THEIR DRUGS who thinks Cannabis is bad, IS a brainwashed fool. Do the research, don’t be deceived! Start by googling “Rick Simpsons Oil” watch “Run From the Cure”. The only reason our best friend peggy-bear“Bear” is alive today is because of RSO!!! Millions of people are finding out they can cure cancer and 100s of other diseases with this perfectly safe, affordable and 100% natural herb! FYI; we weren’t into politics/criminal conspiracies at all prior to 2011. It all began when I got an anonymous voicemail with audio from a rant by Judge Andrew Napolitano on the loss of our Constitutional rights. (It’s in my 1st free movie “The Everything Clips” at along w/24 hours of other banned/censored films!) That voice mail sent me on a fact finding mission to find out if what he was saying was true, it was obviously. So, that’s why we started researching ss jews and their criminal conspiracies. It was at a time when Peggy and I had just sold our coffee businesses and house. For the first time ever we had a savings for our retirement, it was about $500k which turned out to be yet another critical and perfectly timed coincidence. That money is what allowed us to dedicate all our time into the whale of research required to learn what we have, and to write about it in the GG/AAA newsletters which are already paying our bills. We and others are now set to make millions while saving our world which starts when people are exposed to the truth about the infestation of satanic jewry in our govt, media, net, banking, churches etc. The thing is, not many get anywhere near this point in peeling of the proverbial ss onion which of course is by total design. Along w/all the deception, division, confusion and fear instilled to keep WTP away from the truth, everyone has also been kept too busy and distracted to think about saving our republic, the planet our lives and our souls! (a statement worthy of serious contemplation) So, we knew our job was to find the truth, condense and share it. Some 1,800 books, 600 documentaries and 1,000s upon 1,000s of websites later, here we are! Ours and now yours is a fascinating story is it not?


Page 2


Is it a coincidence for the person who dreamt up an alternative one number identification system and spent $80k in annual fees on 500 domain names since 1993 (I thought it’d be useful for our govt and society) would be the same person who’s blowing the lid off the largest criminal conspiracy in world history? Or that it involves a satanic New World Order and a one number identification system using the 666 number of the beast and that my name = 666? Or that I coincidentally am the first person ever to have completely debunked evil 666 as being a total sham performed against the entire world by evil jews for 2,000 yrs? Sure it’s all just a coincidence! Kinda like my reading the entire Bible, cover to cover on a whim at age 8 when I deemed churches evil! Yet I knew God and forever respected/cherished him as being divinely good, the one and only true creator worthy of our absolute respect and awe. (not warring, hateful, racist, bigoted, unfair, deceitful, jealous, petty or naïve as one G-d is depicted in the Bible) And it most surely must be another coincidence that I’ve always been able to communicate with animals, felt a deep, kindred connection to earth and revel in Gods’ word, the truth so much so, that I would and am doing absolutely anything and everything to defend all the above and you? And is it a coincidence that YOU, have found and are comprehending these little newsletters while scores of others have not and cannot? Is God telling us this is our job? Have you been handpicked to do this work? Do our lives have a divine purpose? Is that why you now read on???

The Flood: It was Saturday evening, July 31st 1976 during Colorado’s Centennial, my family was on vacation driving west on highway 34 into the Rocky Mountains about an hour NW of Denver when the Thompson Canyon Flood began. It was early in the evening, well before sundown but the canyon went eerily dark from the massive storm clouds above us. It was what’s known as a “500 year flood”, in this case a years worth of rain came down in just one day, 8 inches fell in the first hour of the storm and driving on the highway was like boating up a river! The davidallenderfloodBig Thompson river itself went from 200 Cubic Feet Per Second to 31,000 CFS. I’d never seen such a rain before nor since and doubt many have. It was so intense that the windshield wipers were utterly useless and the only thing that saved us was headlights to see the lines on the road along with the taillights of the car in front of us. We were all forced to slow down to 15 mph so as not to hydroplane on the several inches of water flowing down the highway in front of us while trying to get out of the canyon. I recall thinking of how all the people in the homes and campgrounds we’d passed below would have to climb up the canyon walls to escape and truly imagined all of them would. That along with watching the cop car behind us, ushering the long line of travelers in front of us is a vividly clear memory for me to this day. Later that night while watching the news in a motel, we learned many had actually died and that too was a memorable moment because it was then we fully realized just how close we’d came to being among them. Our old 66 Rambler was the last car to be ushered out before the road washed away and closed the canyon, 144 people drowned. (144,000 chosen ones, the pyramids’ 144,000 stones, New Jerusalem measuring 144 Cubits, and etc. 144s,)

The Drownings; I’ve drowned to unconscious, unknowing whether near or to death on 3 occasions which I assume isn’t common. The 1st time was at the recreation center in my home town where I dove and swam frequently throughout my youth.



A kid jumped off the high board and hit me with his knee while I was coming up from the bottom. The lifeguards saved me and I don’t remember anything other than waking up in the hospital with a concussion and huge lump on my head. The next time was at lake Maloney while being pulled on an inner tube behind a boat which was new to me. While crossing the wake in a turn I lost hold of the rope which caught my left foot during the ensuing tumble upside down. I hadn’t a chance to take a breath so, eventually took one of white water which I actually thought was working. Minutes later I awoke on a dock with an older couple doing CPR on me as my friends watched in horror.


My 3rd experience was at age 11 while canoeing down the Platte River, which coincidently is a tributary of the Big Thompson several hundred miles to the west of where I lived. There were 3 of us, each with his own canoe, mine borrowed, as this was another 1st time experience. The plan was simple enough, just float down the fairly shallow and slow moving river for about 20 miles to a campsite our parents had set up. It was during the spring runoff, we were navigating through some small islands in an area where lots of trees and bushes were submerged and a snag beneath the surface caught my canoe. So, over I went. The water swept me and the canoe to the foremost point of an island into a large bush. I was caught between the canoe and the bush by the current which was slow but extremely powerful against the broad area of the canoe. I was pinned good but not submerged due to a branch protruding upwards from below was holding the canoe up. It broke, the water pushed the canoe and me under another limb forcing everything down. The lower edge of my canoe lined up with my chest which crushed the air out of my lungs. I figured it was the end, and the lights went out. Some seconds or minutes later, I awoke coughing while floating on my back thanks to the life preserver I had coincidently decided to put on for warmth, just moments before the episode began. My young life had been spared again. I’ve had some other close calls while exploring the many islands of the Puget Sound via sea kayaks and while SCUBA diving in various locations which would raise the hairs on your neck, but it seems 3 times was the charm for actually drowning.

The Rain of Frogs? Aside from the event itself, I’m fuzzy on the particulars surrounding this one but it was the spring of circa 73 in a small Nebraska town I believe to have been “Crete” where my dad had a meeting scheduled. We’d arrived the night before and were walking from the motel to get some breakfast at a restaurant a couple blocks away when it began dumping rain with baby frogs! I’ve heard people say this doesn’t happen and that the frogs are just migrating but that simply wasn’t the case. There were many thousands of tiny little frogs landing on us and on the tops of cars, bushes, trees and buildings all over this little town. I recall thinking how odd it was that most were alive and well after having fallen such distance from the heavens. What does this mean? I don’t know! It’s just another bizarre, unforgettable and unexplainable coincidence among countless others. . .


The Fires; Being a lover of the mountain ranges in my birth state of Wyoming I was fairly accustomed to seeing forest fires, albeit they had always been at a safe and comfortable distance. It is for this reason I didn’t know how terrifying they were until the fall of 1988. It was then during “The Summer of Fire” when I got caught up in the big blaze at Yellowstone while headed home from Montana where I’d been working as a contractor doing sales, installs and audits for cable TV. I’d pulled off the highway to camp in a somewhat obscure area on a forest road (as I customarily did) and was awakened by a hellish wind storm in which the air was engulfed with heavy smoke and an ominous light in the middle of the night. The tent/camp was packed in minutes.


Page 3



Small areas of the park had been burning unmanaged for pretty much the entire summer but this windstorm took things to a new level merging dozens of fires into one massively colossal inferno.


So, there I was, smack dab in the middle of the largest forest fire in U.S. history without any way to call out for help or information. I drove down to the highway and didn’t see a soul around, there was no way of knowing which direction would take me towards or away from the fire which appeared to be everywhere so I chose to keep heading east, my original direction. I drove for at least 10 or 15 miles without seeing a single car which led me to believe I’d chose the wrong direction, but since I had watched the fire cross the roadway in the review mirror twice, there was no turning back. Then came the worst scene imaginable, it was a wall of fire across the highway in a canyon about a mile ahead. There was no choice, so I pegged the gas pedal and bolted toward the flames thinking my engine would likely die from lack of oxygen, that would be my Achilles heel, but if I made it through with some momentum, I’d be ok. Well, here I am typing about it some 26 years later, I punched through the fire and made it to the top of the next pass to look back at an immense area of destruction but to the front was one of the most memorable sunrises of my life! That fire consumed a total of 1.2 million acres, the cost to fight it was $120 million (12=6+6) and it burnt 36% (6 x 6) of the park before God put it out on 9/11/88 with a snowstorm. 9/11 and I are old friends! The guy in charge of intentionally letting Yellowstone burn was Robert Barby, a jew.

Fast forward to 2014 near my home in Chelan Washington;


242,000 Acres Burned


After watching the jewnited nations chemtrailing the skies over my place since 2011, we coincidently had one of the driest years on record. It was the first time I’d ever seen our creek dry in the spring, and the summer drought commenced. The circumstances were perfect for another highly profitable wildfire to be sparked and managed by the govt’s satanic jew agencies. The only thing needed was for one to start and be left alone by officials, then we could have the largest forest fire in Washington state history! Well, sure enough, a fire started, they did nothing and it ended up costing WTP as taxpayers $93 million dollars! Plus, this one was virtually right out my backdoor, a perfect distraction from writing the Goyim Gazette. After all, the dozens of low flying planes and helicopters we now get on a daily basis (where there used to be quite literally none) obviously were not doing the job. Oh, and meet a bear they named “Cinder”, one of millions of innocent animals horrifically assaulted by jews in just this one senseless attack on creation. Enough to make you sick, yet???


I believe this, the largest fire in WA state history was allowed to spread by satanic jews to kill me while they spent the $93 million of FED dollars on “not fighting” the fire. 100s of residents filed suits, but they won’t win and the shitstiens will reclaim another $200 million min. in future profits from selling resources to rebuild 300+ structures. And of course they also had all of the sick pleasures of brutally holocausting (burning sacrifice in Hebrew) countless #s of defenseless animals while terrorizing 1000s of unsuspecting, patriotic citizens! The thing there is I know for a fact that residents of the Methow Valley where this massive fire occurred were highly awakened. Some may not have been jew aware but most were smart, anti-corruption, patriotic and armed. Anyone who has read the 2nd AAA and GG #113 will realize the $93 million spent by the govt on fire fighting equipment for absolutely nothing was just another “stimulus plan” for the kikes who own the FED. And letting a ¼ million acres of Gods’ creation burn while having a shot at taking out my house were just bonuses. If you’re having a mental spasm trying to accept this brazen display of jewish evilness, consider the fact that prior to this our county has never lost a single structure to wildfires! So, this wasn’t normal and coincidently they were foiled again from taking my home!


After watching the inferno of insanity for 11 days, I finally got fed up and “declared” it would end and our property would not Coincidently, we then watched how God immediately turned a clear blue evening sky into heavy rain, by morning the entire fire was out! Indeed, there is much going on here that I do not understand but I’m getting some pretty good clues! Right is the infamous pic of Aliester Crowley posing in what appears to be a weird, perplexed state adorned in his “scary masonic garb”. The satanic inside joke for the heebs here is they know he was trying to figure things out just like we are. Their kabbalah tells them all about how our world is chock full of amazingly intriguing phenomenon but they’re focusing on the evil side of this battle between good (us) and (them). Nonetheless, this is how they’ve managed to just keep on destroying/raping/pillaging/plundering and profiting on our naivety while We The Dumbed Down People just watched on in horror and disgust, thinking all of it’s our fault for overpopulating the planet! Well, the jokes on them, we’re coming into the know now at “Godspeed” and we didn’t have to sell our souls like they have! It is in this sense I believe I am here to expose some of the greatest mysteries of our lives “for free”. Our God doesn’t want us being creeps like these idiots, so he’s showing us how we can see him and some of his mysteries without selling out or rotting in evil, demonic psychosis like satans’ lil helpers. Think about it, we’re exploring the same mysteries as Crowley and millions of jew creeps before him, but without evil spells, sacrifices, conjurings, incantations or idolatry and it’s pretty darn cool if I do say so myself! God, spirits, angels, sprites, archons, our souls, eternity, heaven, hell, miracles and coincidences are seriously mind bending matters to contemplate, but Our God is making them self-evident and beautiful for us! Hence his, my and assumedly your fascination with all of this, life is amazing! And the big raw truths are humbling, empowering and might we say rapturous! Yes, this is the “rapture” and it’s only for those who seek the way, the truth and the life, for them all will be known. Cherish the truth! Have faith in God!


Page 4


hurricaineThe Hurricanes; First, aside from camping trips and visiting relatives, I have only taken TWO real vacations in my adult life and BOTH were met with Category 5 Hurricanes! (the worst) Isn’t that quite a coincidence? My first real vacation was in Aug of 1992, I had a wad of cash from selling some rose business franchises and felt deserving of taking some time off. (a literal wad of cash, I didn’t use banks or credit so my instincts on jewish banking must have been pre-activated!) The plan was to jump in my car and tour the parameter of the continental U.S. for a few months. My 1st scheduled stop was for a 3 day stint in Cleveland where an old co-worker (1986-8) Joel Nash (left) lived (me on right). Coincidently, he’s the only self-acclaimed jew I ever knew. However, I’m now aware I’ve known many but they were cryptos or maranos who didn’t share their dirty little secret, that doesn’t work anymore though. They stick out like sore thumbs to anyone who’s jew aware and open about it like I am. They simply cannot help but try to dissuade others from disliking jewry, it’s just what they do. But when I worked with Joel in Phoenix, I had no emotions about jewry one way or the other. And aside from the common eastside vs. westside division narrative popularized by leaders in my home town (who I now know were jews) I simply never bought into any racist or bigoted points of views and always felt everyone was equal. Also, since I didn’t know any jews, and 8th grade was my last, I wasn’t brainwashed about the holohoax which all Americans become subjected to in later grades. But that was then, now they start way earlier. Those poor, poor jews!


Take Joel’s parents, both were rich jewish magistrate judges! They knew I was travelling with a lot of cash so, they warned me to watch out for Eastern Gangs who were “sandwiching” cars and robbing occupants at gunpoint. Lo and behold, it happened to me after having spent 10 days making my way down a stormy east coast from Maine, through NYC, DC etc, I figured I was out of danger. Not so! The storm in front of Andrew had been picking up steam the entire way and by the time I got to the Carolinas there were power outages and hence chaos everywhere. I was even randomly shot at by a loon while driving down the interstate near Jacksonville! I heard the bullet hit my car but didn’t realize what it was until fixing a mystery leak from the hole in the roof just above the driver’s side window! I filled it w/silicone and went on my way, it turned out this went on throughout 92’ on Florida’s I-95. It was late at night near Miami when the hurricane was making landfall. The plan was to be in the thick of it by morning to get some pictures. (I did aerial photography and had my camera so figured, why not?) It was around 1 am when I got off the freeway to gas up and two SUVs, 1 in front and the other behind, tried to trap me between them on the street. Thankfully I was able to jump the curb and go around the one in front of me but it was a near escape. The irony now is it was two jews who told me to be on guard! BTW; Andrew caused deaths of 66 people. I eventually finished my travels to start a new rose market in SD where I coincidently met Peggy and her friends on her B-day . . . HIRED!!!



That’s Peggy & I out for dinner on our first night in Hawaii, my 2nd vacation. Coincidentally the genocidal jew Bill Gates was also on the island to get married so, he too had to put up with hurricane Emilia; another big cat. 5 and Hawaii’s largest since 73. This stood to really screw up our plans for a helicopter flight and a sea diving expedition we had scheduled, the latter of which we’d just gotten Peggy certified for back at home. To add intrigue to our trip, 3 helicopters crashed on the isles during the week leading up to our scheduled flight which of course was at the height of the storm. I used choppers for photography but Peggy was really looking forward to it so we went anyway, no problems, then we jumped on the dive boat the next day. They almost called it off due to 12 to 18 foot waves on a 25 mile cruise to get to the dive site at Lania. With all the commotion going on, the dive boat crew forgot to ask some critical questions regarding everyone’s certification level which Peggy and I were only “open water” certified. (no deep dives, caving or other dangerous/advanced dives) The next thing we knew we were at 120’ in shark infested H20 headed for a dark lava tube w/a cave at the end!

The thing to remember about all of this nature related stuff is what we covered in issue #115, that being “geoengineering”. Do you think God/s can control the weather? If you were a/God, how would you go about conditioning an average human servant to have faith and be courageous? To what end could you and would you go? Am I saying all of this is a sign from God? Hey, I don’t know how else to explain any of it, we should all know by now there are very few actual “coincidences” in this world! It’s an odd thing trying NOT to believe in coincidences isn’t it?! Along with struggling to believe all of this crazy shite is happening at all, we’re challenged to accept and believe it’s not happenstance! That is Gods’ entire point here. And he started early with me, making sure that virtually EVERYTHING surrounding my existence would be so wildly against even the most impossible odds that anyone with the slightest inclination for his love and truths would have reason for taking pause and getting things straight before returning to see and be judged by him. For anyone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife, I pose a question; if Google is already patenting the technology to transfer ones’ entire life of memories, attitudes and beliefs (our souls) into a robot, what could God/s (highly advanced ET/s) do with you? Look, I’m trying to tell you to listen to me because this is SERIOUS and also because it’s not me who’s behind all of this!!! I’m only here to do my best at informing as many as I can of the evil deceptions we face which God has given me both a bulldog like tenacity to find along with an uncanny ability to understand and dissect. And now he is surely providing you and I with copious amounts of proof this is real because he knows we’ve all been propagandized and deceived into oblivion by the evil f*ks who are running this world. And just to let you know, I could go on and on and on with tons more of this kind of stuff, finding miracles is becoming a daily experience for Peggy and I. But we’ve only got a page left so let’s revisit my b-day which came after my mom had 3 miscarriages! Is that unusual? Recall that 3 minute diff. in my time of birth from being EXACTLY 36 yrs (6x6), 9 mths 11 days from the tower falling on 9/11 @ 10:28 am? (That’s eastern, I was in central time at 8:31, there’s the 2 hrs & 3 min!) And hey, what are the odds of me ever even coming across all of the facts herein? Was I led to them?

And 9/11 is important because YHWH created everything from nothing (zero/alpha) who’s a perfect 10 (omega) the beginning and the end like 9 is before 10 and 11 is next . 9/11 surrounds God. It is also a key to 66 because 9×11=99 flipped is 66 (note the “66”- “99” quotation marks! Also look left, and at 66 biblical books, and Allah = 66 in Arabic gematria, and I-66 linking Virginia to DC and this issue #119 / 911) 9/11 is a key number in the ancient mysteries. So, now we know why the jews chose 9/11 and why it’s also notable here with me, it all points to a divine storm churning around us and it doesn’t end with nature, indeed, we can talk about far more than just the weather . . .

Page 5


If you haven’t checked out the miracle of 19 site archived on the GG Data DVD, you should! (it’s the best one) Of all the research I’ve done on numbers, 6s and 19s are definitely “where it’s at” divinely speaking! Let’s have a look at some signs proving their importance to “someone”. Multiples of 19 are 38, 57, 76 and 95. Phillips 66 (6×11) ties rothschilds jews and middle east jews to oil all of whom know 19s, 6s and multiples thereof are divine, long known by a higher intelligence.


38 Special was one of the top southern rock bands, the .38 special / 357 mag is Earths’ most popular revolver, 57 Chevrolets still reign in fame, Heinz 57 is the largest, most well-known condiment maker, 1776 was America’s and the jews’ illuminati birth year, more 1776 bicentennial coins were minted than any others, I-95 (where I was shot at and would have been robbed!) is the busiest, most well-known, and arguably most important highway in the US, and windows 95 was the greatest leap forward in computing on earth. You get the point! The gods apparently bless all things 19 and 6, as you’ll see that’s a beautiful thing for us!!!

Take for instance 19 / 95, the year when Peggy and I officially became a couple and moved out to Tacoma WA, that year was the start of a very special new business which funded and spawned creation of Unified Numbering and hence everything else to date. Keep in mind this is when Peggy and I were planting our roots as both a couple and as entrepreneurial partners so, we were acquiring new #s and addresses. It was at this time we moved to our first home at 1919A (A=1 so, Us and God???) Westridge Ave in University Place. Our first biz phone # was 566-5410 (5410 is the number of times “YHWH” was written in the Bible!!!) I have more to share on that, I first heard this name a few years ago and if it weren’t for another coincidence, I might not have been totally confident of its genuineness. Ever since I can remember I’ve said “a word” to myself (sorry, it’s a deer secret I cannot give away, some things are sacred!) whenever I wanted a particular outcome for something, and it has never once failed me, not once ever! Just to let you know, I always figured God was busy enough and that he gave us everything we need to go about our lives so, I don’t pray or ask him for stupid crap like money, health, fortune or anything else that’s up to me to take care of. That said, every single time I’ve remembered to use my word for anything, it has worked, without exception! I’ve used it for so many amazing things you simply wouldn’t be able to believe me, even after all this! Well, that secret word ends in weh!!! Yah-weh!!!

This and a few other very strong clues I coincidentally came across recently are how I know YHWH is the correct name of our God. OK, back to that 5410 phone number, it was the most used of any # we have ever had, it got so many telemarketing calls we finally had to let it go and it still rings busy to this day 20 years later because it’s useless for anyone else too! It was also at this time we got our first PO Box for the businesses, that address of 3800A (A=1/God) Bridgeport coincidently equals 19+19A of our home address! And we had to get a new mobile number for WA which lo and behold Verizon gave us 380-6300 (bag the zeros for 38 and 6 x 3=18, 6+6+6!) We then got another; 699-0091 (bag the zeros to see 69991, 999 flipped is 666 leaving 61 flipped is 19!) Let us note Biblical languages of Hebrew & Arabic are written/read right to left and jewish satanism is based on opposites. Our 1st home we purchased had an address of 2503 and our area code during this entire time was 253 (2+5+3=10=God) the zip code was 98466. We built our 1st coffee shop at 1 St Helens Ave. That was all of our contact info for this period. Now our current home is at 1 Moonbeam Rd. The odds of all those 19s, 38s, 6s and 1s occurring in a string is one thing, then the fact they’re all “God numbers” is another but the real clincher is the fact it all happened to us, all combined is millions to one on just this part.

Please recall from the 2nd AAA the 10 to 20 Trillion to one odds surrounding my name = 666 in English gematria while Peggy and I with completely different names both equal 893 in jewish gematria! (8 x 9 x 3 = 216 or 6 x 6 x 6) So, we’re tied at the hip by 666 AND 19s.

  • My Area Code growing up was 308, the rest was 532 (=10) -7157
  • My & my Sis’s cell #s end in 3022 the Great Pyramids parameter, and 3/22 is spring solstice, 322 is Yales Skull/Bones #, 3x22=66, and 322 of jewish Talmud demands jews enslave gentiles forever
  • Our current home phone ends in 3828 (and 2+8=10!)
  • YHWH = 64 and reduces to 1 in Simple Gematria
  • My birth year of 1964 minus 1900 yrs = 64AD, The Great Fire of Rome set by “Nero” who famously = 666 in Greek gematria
  • My birth weight/length; 8lbs-8.5ozs, 21.5 in > 8 + 8.5 + 21.5 = 38
  • Peggy’s Birth @ 6:04 am on 6/4/1965 was 6 mths 4 days after mine weight; 9lbs 9ozs (9+9=18 or 6+6+6) @ 21 in long = 39 (me +1)
  • Peggy’s SS # adds up to 38, mine = 44 (38 + 6)
  • 4 cubed (4 x 4 x 4) = 64
  • And guess how many codons God used to make up human DNA, that’s right 64!
  • There are 64 “UR Runes” (Symbols to the left below) in the I Ching (pronounced Yee Jing and translates as “Book of Changes”) an ancient book from China that covers both the events of life and the way of life; it is thus a book of philosophy as well as divination. The I Ching consists of symbols called hexagrams (on the right below). Each hexagram has it’s own symbolic meaning, composed from the pattern of 6 broken/unbroken lines which define it’s structure. These unique variations create the 64 hexagrams of the I.Ching:





Another positive coincidence from the heebs holding me for 9 mths 11 days, was a cell mate jokingly handing me a Quran, so I read it! Cover to cover and against what we hear in the jew media, I didn’t find a single offensive verse, it was a little repetitive but that’d be my only complaint. And here’s the thing, later when I was looking for the verse you’ll see below I stumbled across the miracle of 19 which irrefutably proves a higher intelligence wrote the Quran after the Bible and it’s 666 = 18 (Quran 74:30 “Over it is Nineteen”) and how God used the word “EVERYTHING” therein 114 x (19 x 6!) in relation to His attributes, names and actions! Hey, 3 yrs prior I coincidently wrote and named the EVERYTHING Pages, its sequels the EVERYTHING Else Pages and EVERYTHING Page then I made the EVERYTHING Clips and the EVERYTHING Else Clips films which are focused on the fact that EVERYTHING is a LIE and that I have come with THE TRUTH!

Golly gee, it sure is funny how all these silly coincidences just keep on surfacing, over and over and over again everywhere I turn! And let it be known I really could go on and on for many pages with this kind of stuff. I’ve seen 3 big tornadoes, the 1st a quarter mile from our house. And I was just 1 mile away on the shore from Washingtons largest earthquake epicenter, plus I’ve predicted many, many things including having Peggy cancel her flight the day before she scheduled it for 9/11. Believe all this or not, the choice is yours. Much is going on!

  • Quran 17:36; “I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them”
  • Titus 3:10; “Reject heretics (those of false doctrine) after warning them once, then twice”
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:20; “Despise not the prophesying, prove all things (to oneself); hold fast that which is good.”
  • James 4:17; “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is a sin”
  • Revelation 3:9; “Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of satan who say they are jews and are not but lie, behold I will make them come to bow down before your feet and they will learn I have loved you”
  • Revelation 21:7 “He that overcometh shall inherit all things . . . But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the 2nd (final) death.



FEB 18th, 2015

Anti-Semitism now ‘fashionable’ in the US, warn experts

Attacks against jews account for 60% of all Hate Crimes despite strong cooperation between the jewish Media and Government Agencies!

PRESS RELEASE March 25, 2015 New York, NY


March 25, 2015

New York, NY


In 2014 Anti-Semetic Incidents Rose 21 Percent Across the U.S. In A “Particularly Violent Year for Jews”


LOOK UP! Google “Chemtrails Questionnaire”




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38 responses to “The Messenger Has Arrived, Part One (With Public Commentary)”

  1. Peggy Star says:

    Here’s D’s Birth Certificate;

    David's Birth Certificate (Front)

    And the back of the same;

    David's Birth Certificate (Back)


    • Pamela S. says:

      Hi Peggy, you’ve chosen an interesting partner haven’t you!

      Well David, I’m a coincidence and God loving Sagittarian from Casper too!!! After reading this and your AAA newsletters which obviously revolve around the supernatural, I decided to take a little time out to share a few things. Firstly this from Rev 6:2; “And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a BOW; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer”. Could that be an inference to Sagittarius?


      Who knows! OK, I too have seen some UFOs, pretty much all my friends have also. 3 little black pyramids, a disc and an orb of light to date for me. It’s common anymore, for whatever reason, especially here in WY. Maybe it’s because so many folks around here spend lots of time outside while farming, ranching, hiking, hunting, fishing and etc. ? I’ve also heard that folks living in Alaska are very used to seeing UFOs, especially during the long days when there’s no darkness/night to hide them!

      Anyway, I was goofing around with that gematria calculator (nothing of interest for my name) but I decided to see if my birth date or location had any 666 stuff and guess what . . . The measuring tool in Google maps says Casper, WY is coincidentally, EXACTLY 666 miles from the Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico where all the crazy UFO stuff happened back on Independence Day of 1947!


      AND . . . it’s also EXACTLY 666 miles from Las Vegas, NV where another major UFO incident occurred later in April 18th (666) 1962, it was seen by 1000s flying all the way across the country from New York to Vegas where it blew up!

      Vegas UFO

      So, two of the earlier big UFO incidents were both exactly 666 miles from your place of birth!!! I’d say if you end up doing something big involving ETs, this will be of considerable interest.

      And here’s another one that might be of interest to you from my hubby (he’s an amateur but avid astronomer); . . . the constellation of Sagittarius (where the earth was situated when you and I were born) contains SGR-A, the largest, most dense star cluster with the largest super massive blackhole we’ve ever found and it just so happens to be at the exact center of our galaxy, the milky way! And just recently, this thing has been burping out some of the largest “megaflare” X-ray blasts we’ve ever seen. Plus, it just so happens to be where the famous “WOW!” signal originated back in 1977. (named so due to the researchers’ notation)


      Seems worthy of mention since it’s the only signal we’ve ever received from space! And check out this other “coincidental” fact; Two different values for its frequency have been given: 1420.356 MHz (J. D. Kraus) and 1420.4556 MHz (J. R. Ehman). The frequency of the “Wow!” signal matches very closely with the hydrogen line, which is at 1420.40575177 MHz. The hydrogen line frequency is significant for SETI searchers because, it is reasoned, hydrogen is the most common element in the universe, and hydrogen resonates at about 1420.40575177 MHz, so extraterrestrials might use that frequency to transmit a strong signal. The two different values given for the frequency of the “Wow!” signal (1420.356 MHz and 1420.4556 MHz) are the same distance apart from the hydrogen line—the first being about 0.0498 MHz (49.75177 kHz) less than the hydrogen line, and the second about 0.0498 MHz (49.84823 kHz) more. I think the odds on that one alone are 10,000 to one!

      And as for all your threes (3 minutes, miscarriages, drownings, fires, etc.) the number 3 is the most fundamental and first “geometrical” figure. Two straight lines cannot enclose anything or complete anything. But three lines can accomplish that, as in a triangle. So, all through the Bible and creation (OF THE “TRINITY GOD”) the number 3 stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. ABC, Do-Re-Mi, RGB, easy as 123!

      Nothing can live in a two dimension world, 3 dimensions are required to form any solid environment. LENGTH, BREADTH and HEIGHT.

      All of time is divided into three great divisions, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE which is the overarching triplet of the most unique book of the bible, that being revelation which reveals said three divisions of time;

      Past: “the things which thou sawest” (chapter 1).
      Present: “the things which are” (chapters 2-3)
      Future: “the things which shall come to pass hereafter” (chapters 4-22)

      In the BEGINNING Gods created the HEAVENS and the EARTH or TIME, SPACE and MATTER which is all there is!

      Three things complete the sum of human capacity; THOUGHT, WORD and DEED.

      A person has three parts; SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY.

      There are three kinds of lines; a STRAIGHT, CURVED and ANGLED

      Three primary facets of sounds; VOLUME, TONE and RHYTHM

      Three shapes of a disc; FLAT, CONCAVE or CONVEX

      The tabernacle/temple in the Bible had three separate environments, OUTER COURT, HOLY PLACE, and HOLY OF HOLIES.

      There were three things in the ark of God, the ROD, the MANNA, and the LAW.

      Jesus rose on the third day completing all of God’s requirements and plan of redemption. He stated that He would “be perfected on the third day” (Luk 13:32).

      The number three marks the dealing of God with his people all through history: Shem, Ham, and Japeth (sons of Noah); Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (founded Israel); Saul, David, and Solomon (the three great kingdoms); Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (in Daniel); Peter, James, and John (on the Mt. of Transfiguration).

      Three great enemies of man are the WORLD, the FLESH, and the DEVIL.

      Yeshua was crucified on the 3rd hour of the day.

      There was darkness for 3 hours, and 3 persons were raised from the dead by Yeshua.

      During his terrestrial mission, Yeshua surrounded himself by 12 apostles. 1 + 2 = 3

      Holy Peter disavowed Yeshua 3 times.

      The cock sang 3 times.

      Yeshua fell 3 times while carrying his cross.

      At the time of the last sigh of Yeshua, 3 had been condemned to the cross (Yeshua and 2 criminals).

      After his death, Yeshua appeared to 3 women, all with the name Mary: Mary the Virgin, Mary-Madeleine and Mary of Magdela.

      Yeshua rose from the dead 3 days after his death.

      Three and seven are John’s favorite numbers in his book of revelation but his use of three dominates his writing style. Like I’ve noticed in your writings David, he constantly expresses himself in triplets: “Blessed is he who reads…hears…keeps” (1:3); “Jesus Christ: faithful witness…first begotten of the dead…prince of the kings of the earth” (o1:5); “{He} loves us…washed us…made us king and priests” (1:5-6); “Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come” (1:8); “I am he that liveth…was dead…am alive forevermore” (1:18); “I know thy works…tribulation…poverty” (2:9); “remember…hold fast…repent” (3:3), “buy…gold…white raiment…eyesalve” (3:18). There are scores of these triplets throughout the Book of Revelation.

      The number three also figures prominently in several passages referring to judgment. There are three series of judgments: seals, trumpets, bowls.

      Judgment consists of three elements: fire, smoke, and brimstone.

      A third part of men are killed by these ((:17-18), a third of the trees are burned up (8:7), and the sun is blacked out a third part of the day (8:12).

      There are three evil agencies (the satanic trinity): dragon, beast, and false prophet (16:13) behind all opposition to the reign of Christ on earth.

      The threefold defeat of Satan: on earth (12:9), into the abyss (20:1-3), and into the lake of fire (20:10).

      Three years of seeking fruit testifies to completeness of Israel’s failure (Lk 13:7).

      Three times in the Bible a voice spoke from heaven, testifying of God’s only begotten son (Mat 3:17, Mat 17:5, John 12:28).

      The three gifts of grace; FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

      Three fold nature of temptation (1 Joh 2:16), LUST OF THE FLESH, LUST OF THE EYES, and PRIDE OF LIFE.

      Revelation 8:13; three great warnings are spoken to the inhabitants of the earth WOE, WOE, WOE.

      At any rate, I just figured those were some good facts to go along with our adventure called life! Great work around here, let me know if you guys are ever in the area, we’d love to meet you both! You’ve got my email.

      Oh, and by the way, as to your 38s (19 + 19) and 666, there are exactly 38 words in the old testament with a numerical value of 666! ???? And since we began with a rider on a white horse, here’s another from Hinduism known as the “Kalki Avatar” which is the final reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, their equivalent to Christ who comes to bring justice (note the 666s!!!)


      • David Allender says:

        Well, the three letter word “WOW” works for me here, thanks for your research Pam! It’s so good that I’ve bumped your comment up to the top here! That’s also pretty cool about Sagittarius, never knew that (if we’re to believe ANYTHING from NASA).

        OK, I’ve came back to add to this comment several times since originally posting it so it’s gotten a bit long but it WILL BE INTERESTING!

        Firstly, here’s an addition to that pic of Hinduism’s Lord Kalki, this one is a statue of “Shiva” the Destroyer of evil, given by the govt of India to the CERN large hadron collider project. For those new to Hinduism, their prophecies are the originals which all other religions tie into during these times of change into the new 6,000 year age of “Satya Yuga”. (we’re finishing up the “Kali Yuga”) Draw from it what you will but the 666 associations are pretty obvious!



        Hinduism’s “Bhagavata Purana” states, “At the end of Kali Yuga, when there exist no topics on the subject of God, even at the residences of so-called saints and respectable gentlemen, and when the power of government is transferred to the hands of ministers elected from the evil men, and when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice (as in giving up things) even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as the supreme chastiser. (2.7.38) It further describes Lord Kalki’s activities as follows: “Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will mount His swift white horse Devadatta and, sword in hand, travel over the earth exhibiting His eight mystic opulences and eight special qualities of Godhead. Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.” (12.2.19-20)[3]

        “The Padma Purana relates that Lord Kalki will end the age of Kali and will kill all the wicked mlecchas and, thus, destroy the bad condition of the world. He will gather all of the distinguished brahmanas and will propound the highest truth. He will know all the ways of life that have perished and will remove the prolonged hunger of the genuine brahmanas and the pious. He will be the only ruler of the world that cannot be controlled, and will be the banner of victory and adorable to the world.” (6.71.279-282)[3]

        It’s worthy of noting that Hinduism is known as the oldest religion on earth which is why it’s called “the cradle of religions” which would mean it too must have some 666s . . . sure enough! It turns out the whole thing is based on sexadecimal numbering, from the measuring of time with a “Dvapara Yuga” of 864,000 years to the vedas themselves which are made up of 864,000 letters! (there are 86,400 seconds in a day, 864 = 216 x 4 and 216 is 6 x 6 x 6!) Trust me when I say there’s much, much, MUCH more to all of that (books and books worth) so we’ll just move on . . .

        I came across a pic of another statue of Shiva which I found to be strikingly intersting, so much so I use it as wallpaper for my main monitor.


        There are so many things going on with this thing it’s impossible to convey in a quick comment here but I’ll hit on just a few that tie Hinduism to Christianity, Islam and all the other major religions such as Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism;

        * The “all seeing 3rd eye” (aka pinal gland) used extensively by the vatican and masonry
        * The crescent moon we see on top of every Muslim mosque in the world
        * The asexual mother/father depiction of Shiva which is one of the 3 (the original “trinity”) personifications of God. In Hinduism, it’s Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Maintainer and Shiva the Destroyer of evil.
        * The serpents providing protection and sustenance. (I’ve always liked snakes just as much as any other animals, had a couple as pets when I was a kid. There’s nothing evil about reptiles and they’re likely the main, most ancient race of ETs which could very well be the Gods!)
        * The palm of the right hand symbolizing “stop” or “back off” which coincides perfectly with my SUCCESSFUL lifelong use of the word YHWH to ward off “bad things”
        * The lion subdued (as in the tribe of Judah subverted by lying talmudists in biblical times? That’s who’s going down soon!)
        * The feathers depicting wings which are commonly associated with angelic beings in most religions
        * The “rosaries” which are widely used in Catholicism
        * The Trident or “Trishula” which represents all kinds of triunes used in the Bible

        Like I said, there’s much more going on with it but that should suffice in some good preliminary dot connecting for everyone. The main point is that all of the newer religions since Hinduism have been modified to suit the needs of the corrupt filth who’ve subverted our nations and religions for millennia. Prophets have been sent repeatedly only to have their words twisted and buried. That includes Buddhism’s Buddha, Christianity’s Moses, John and Jesus/Yeshua and Islam’s Mohamet. THEY WERE ALL SENT FROM THE SAME DIVINE AUTHORITY WITH THE SAME CORE MESSAGES OF VEGETARIANISM, EQUALITY AND COMPASSION FOR ALL FORMS OF LIFE EXACTLY LIKE THAT OF HINDUISM’S VEDA!!!

        Which brings up another mindblowing “coincidence”. I’ve been drawn to look into the veda recently and discovered that the 4 books, “the vedas” (the Rigveda, the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda and the Atharva Veda) contain the knowledge of three primary subjects; Communion, Knowledge & Action. Look at the motto I chose for the AAA 2 years prior to learning that;



        Getting back to some numbers, check out what Pam has prompted me to realize; While I was in Casper I had SIX half sisters living 666 miles away in Las Vegas!

        So, I decided to goof around with Google maps and realized I moved from there in Casper with it’s 307 area code to North PLATTE, Nebraska with it’s 308 area code to our house at 608 S. Vine (608 is 32 x 19) which is 308 Miles away while Peggy was growing up in PLATTE, South Dakota which was 380 Miles away!

        So, North Platte and Platte 308, 308 and 380! (38 is 2 x 19) Couple that with our 3800A and 1919A addresses and my 18 year old 380-6300 (6×3 or 3 6s as 666) phone in Tacoma, we had a lot of Gods’ 19s swirling around our roots! Just about without fail, every time I look into anything involving numbers this is what happens, 6, 66, 666, 18s (6 + 6 + 6) and 19s (6 + 6 + 6 + 1) everywhere.

        I’m adding a couple other things I just came across to this old comment, check out my Facebook number of 332 in the URL here;


        The thing is I had noticed it’s similarity to my and my sisters’ 3022 phone numbers (both 3 x 22 = 66 and 33 x 2 = 66). Look what I found in the long/lat location of our house on Google maps;


        OK, here’s the totally, unbelievably against all odds result;


        “Coincidentally” I just noticed that 332 is also embedded in the end of the locator number on our main power feed to the house, along with some other interesting numbers. (again, zeroes didn’t exist in the alphabets of ancient languages so it’s just 332)


        FYI; the way the power co’s use these numbers to locate is as follows; the 1st 2 digits are the section # (the section we bought is #6, of course), the next 2 are the township, (28) then the range (22) and finally the vault # of 3302 which is worthy of noting isn’t only the last 4 but is in fact a stand alone #. So, there’s 332 (33 x 2 = 66, gematria of “Allah”, # of books in the bible, etc.) again!

        Oh, and I just realized that 666 + 666 is . . . 1 332!!!

        And get ready for these next ones!!!

        Our home at Joe Creek Retreat is 6,660 + 60 miles from the most famous sites of antiquity such as the Temple Mount, Dome on the Rock, Church of the Holy Scepter, Western/Wailing Wall etc. down a long corridor of incredibly important biblical sites!

        AND DID YOU KNOW THE AFOREMENTIONED DOME ON THE ROCK (also known as the “Holy of Holies” and/or “Solomon’s Temple”) IS ONE OF THE TWO MOST FAMOUS BIBLICAL SITES ON EARTH THAT JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE EXACTLY 666 NAUTICAL MILES APART??? (And recall, this was during ancient times when supposedly, there was no way to measure such distances, especially across waters!)


        Note the dimensions of the dome itself being 66? feet in diameter by 66? high and the walls below are 36?, the same height of our house!

        And look at the Lat/Long for that Dome on the Rock;

        31:46° N

        + 35:14° E

        = 66:6

        We wondered what we might find for Joe Creek’s Gematria and Lat/Long;


        The 72 Names/Angels of God – The 216-Letter Name of God is really a 72-part Name, since it is a sequence of 72 triads of letters all of which are derived from permutations on Exodus 14:19-21 (itself composed of 3 verses of 72 letters each which totals 216 or 6 x 6 x 6). To create the first triad, you put together the first letter of verse 14:19, the last letter of verse 14:20, and then the first letter of 14:21. To create the next triad, you put together the second letter of 14:19, the second to last of 14:20, and the second letter of 14:21. This continues until all the letters are used up. Like so:


        Here’s the resulting 72 triads that make up the 216 letter name of God which David revealed at the AAA in early 2016; (see the 1st two illustrated on the top right of the table below due to hebrew reading backwards, right to left)


        And check out this next “supposed coincidence” we noticed from one of the maps in the back of our Catholic Ignatius Bibles. (This is significant because it’s the only bible I’ve ever owned and Peggy has one too even though neither of us were ever Catholics! We just like them because they have the 7 additional books {Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch and both the Maccabees} and don’t remove the names of giants from Titanic races such as the Rephaim, Gibborim, Zamzummim, Emim, Nephilim and Anakim.)


        So anyway, here’s that map for the time of Yeshua with the outline of JCR overlayed upon it;


        And look what else we just realized about our home’s floor plan;


        This is noteworthy in at least 2 ways; firstly, David’s chair, where he sits at his desk while QUITE LITERALLY FIGHTING EVIL, (which is kinda the whole idea around here) is PRECISELY at the center of that octagon. Secondly, David was sort of obsessed about taking the extra time for designing and centering the semi-octagonal office and making sure it would be a “room with a view” for the coming years which is why it has the largest window into God’s creation of the whole house;!

        JCR Office

        God even threw in a free set of high end patio doors for the office worth $3,600! (the window manufacturer screwed up our order and gave them to us for the trouble)


        But wait, here’s another complete mind blower! Since Jerusalem is on the other side of the Earth the way it sits is 180 degrees opposite to our location. Hence, we flipped the JCR boundary map to match it and look what we found . . .


        And get ready for this . . . we figured that elevation guide on the bottom of that map above was telling us the elevation from sea level but Peggy discovered (completely by accident while reading an article) that it wasn’t. Here’s the elevation info from wikipedia;

        “The Temple Mount forms the northern portion of a very narrow spur of hill that slopes sharply downward from north to south. Rising above the Kidron Valley to the east and Tyropeon Valley to the west, its 115? peak reaches a height of 740 m (2,428 ft) above sea level”.

        And check out this topo map which we posted at (our property at Lake Chelan) before realizing this! (Our house location is the one just below the words “Joe Creek” on the map. See the 2400? elevation line just to the right and deduct the 115? hieght of the temple to see for yourself that our foundation is nearly the same elevation as that of the temple!)











        WTF? Is that totally, completely, absolutely bizarre or what??? But it turns out that’s nothing!!! Just wait until you’ve finished reading the rest of the commentary here! Here’s a pretty good one I just came across recently while further researching the declination/fall/curvature etc. for my colossal earth discovery. And let’s remember it is easily the largest lie I’ve ever broken and believe will be the downfall of top jews and their puppets, so it’s kind of a biggie for me and YOU. See if the numbers in the very first line used for calculating the drop for one mile stand out for you; (and FYI, don’t even bother reading or trying to comprehend the rest of them because it’s all based on BS math which we prove beyond any doubts here at the Big Issue!)


        OK, allow me to fill in the blanks with what stood out like a sore thumb for me right away; first we have 1/26 which is my mom’s b-day! Then there’s 666864 which of course is 666 and the all important # of 864 (86,400 seconds/day, 864,000 diameter of sun, etc) and finally 8002368 the last 4 of which are gematria for yeshua in greek as “Iesous Christos” and the number we found embedded in our house dimensions! Now let’s clean up the leftovers of 30 for the 1st one and 8 for the last, 30 + 8 = 38 which we just saw all over the place in our phone #s, addresses and etc. including our oldest and most used address of 3800A Bridgeport which even uses the last 2 zeros! This is how things are with all the numbers lately and that was a common but wild example of how I’m living in the matrix!


        The question is; can or would God do all of this? Absolutely!!! Anything goes with God! This is the kind of thing that makes one wonder about a simulated reality like in the Matrix movie. I don’t buy into it mind you, but it’s simply mind boggling. And then we have to remember this is happening to lots of other people at the same time who all live in a world with insanely complex mathematical miracles strung throughout creation and as we know now, thoroughly encoded within all of our most important religious texts. I guess that’s why they say “math is fun”! ????

        And check this out from the Matrix movie which I keep finding connections to all this, what if my name can be derived from “Mr. Anderson”? ;


        Those are drones speaking to Neo Anderson who was “the one” (da-vid means “the one”) loved by his co-star “Trinity” (another 3) and . . . the movie began by showing the first 5 digits of my SS#, in order. OK, my dad’s name is William All”ENDER” which makes me All . . . .ENDER’son, Enderson, Hello Mr. Anderson! (ancient hebrew didn’t have vowels so the A vs. E argument would be considered by them as moot.)

        And check out this association with 9/11/01 on Neo’s passport;


        And one last note on the name “Neo”, Websters says the primary definition is A. anew, recent B. new and different period or form and C. New World! Well, I’d say the long awaited (25,920 years) dawning of the Age of Aquarius and setting of the Age of Pisces could be called a “New World” which some may even refer to as a “New World Order”, even though it’s NOT going to be the one they’ve been working towards! ????

        Anyway, I think it will be pretty hard not to hear the message we’re all being given after reading the rest of this commentary here. That said, it’s funny how hard it is to believe all of this stuff, even for the couple who are experiencing it firsthand! WE KNOW!

        Peggy and I have obviously done all the hard work to date, 5 years of it “more than full time”! We’ve also invested everything we had and faced ongoing persecution including an attempt by the kike ran govt to kill us. I think that in comparison to what the average person will need to do to help THEMSELVES by accepting “the message” being given to us all here is pretty darned minuscule!!! And for those who can’t even do that much, I think I now understand exactly why and how God can easily have no pity for them during judgement. We’ve all been warned, there’s no excuse. That’s something everyone should keep in mind while reading up around here, it’s the action part that counts, not just the learning albeit that is the first step which I congratulate anyone for accomplishing.

        So, hang in there! Also, cheers and thanks to Pamela as well as everyone else who’s chiming in!

    • Thomas says:

      This is most certainly interesting but I’m curious about why you only used your first and last name without your middle one to do the gematria? It seems like that would be of even more importance to me.

      • David Allender says:

        I recall checking it but nothing stood out until now, when I just did it again. (see the results below) I’ve provided links elsewhere but you can check your name’s gematria value at It’s free.


  2. David Allender says:

    OK, as usual I went into this knowing I’d find something upon putting forth the effort to examine it. It’s hard to convey the fact that this stuff is “to be expected”. I haven’t had much time to look at this but sure enough, here we go, again;

    As shown above, Gematria for my full name “David William Allender” is 1882, 1140 and 190 (For the last 2, Ditch the zeros as usual for 114 and 19!).

    114 = 6 x 19! (Note the Qurans’ 114 chapters)

    19 = man/18 (6 + 6 + 6) + 1/God.

    And as for 1882, it also turns out to be a rather special number unto itself in regard to 6s and 19s!;

    Firstly; 1 + 8 + 8 + 2 = 19! And . . .

    18 + 82 = 100, the Omega (only one year per century does this from 1000 to 9999, i.e.; 1090 is 10+90 = 100, then 11+89, 12+88, 13+87, 14+86, 15+85, 16+84, 17+83, 18+82, 19+81, 20+80, etc.)

    A note about Alpha/Omega; Like many, I used to think of it as 1 and 9 but this doesn’t jive with a true beginning (CREATING from nothing) up to the ultimate something of ONE, as in ONE God, YHWH. 1 is always the highest as 10, 100, 1000, 10000, etc. and to get to 1 from zero you can start from any decimal point (i.e. .1 or .0000000001 then counting upwards like this; .2, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, 1)

    And finally; 18 82 signifies 666 from Alpha which is 0 (0 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 18) and 666 from Omega of 100. (100 – 6 + 6 + 6 = 82)

    So, there’s 666 twice again in the 18 from Alpha/0 and 18 from Omega/100. 18 is 666 from zero and 82 is 666 from 100!

    And those two 666/18s add to 36 (6×6)

    And 100 – 36 = 64. Another 64 (my birth year) and it’s surrounded by “666” 18s! (18 + 64 + 18 = 100)

    All Glory to YHWH, the Alpha and the Omega!

    • Thomas says:

      OK, you’re not kidding are you? I mean, that was quite an off the cuff dissertation to have made right after I commented! Holy sheet, or better yet . . .

    • Reva McMartze says:

      Yah, and look at that alpha/omega verse #, Rev 1:8 (6 + 6 + 6)!!! Whew!

      I challenge everyone to find anything even remotely comparable to the coincidental/supernatural nature of all of this. I and my boyfriend did the research on our names, birth dates and various locations we’ve lived and came up pretty much empty handed, which I bet is how 99.99% of us will fair. Open your eyes, this is not normal, AT ALL!

      And speaking of eye openers; I googled “Obama 666” and the first link brought me to, a pretty uncanny compilation of numerical stuff about “Barack Hussein Obama” being the antichrist which “they” obviously love to popularize.


      The thing is, his real name was Barry Soetoro. This tells us something very, very significant about what’s going on here and why the jewish/satanic media popularizes such things. The people (CIA) who created Obamas’ new name did so with great attention to details. Ergo, Obama, his birthday and other fictitious things surrounding him were made to conjunct with tons of masonic symbolism.

      This has happened time and time again with all kinds of these psychotic kike twits. They all wanted the spotlight of 666! Here’s another one among 1000s, the famous satanist jew Edward Alexander Crowley changed his name to Aleister Crowley so it would add up to 666!!!


      They did it intentionally but David and Peggy’s story was written by God! No cheating required!!! This should clearly show just how desperate and psychotic our leaders are to feel like they’re of the divine when they are most certainly NOT. And this fantastic story about you guys and all the wild miracles is Gods’ way of spanking them all to hell! This is real, they aren’t.

      Also David, to go along with your info on 2016, the 19 miracle and 666s, I noticed this;

      2016 is 5776 in the hebrew calendar and 5776 is full of 19s. Firstly;

      5776 / 19 = 304, drop the zero for 3 + 4 = 7, the biblical # of completion.

      and 57 76 is 57 = 3 x 19 and 76 = 4 x 19, again 3 + 4 = 7.

      2016 is 18 (6 + 6 + 6) years after 1998 (666 + 666 + 666) !!!

      2016 is 1008 + 1008, drop the zeros for another set of triple 6s in 18 + 18.

      So, I’m thinking 2016 is not a bad year for a 666 man!

      Pause Now And Ask Yourself;

      Whose Number Truly is 666???

      • David Allender says:

        Thank you Reva, Peggy and I always love your contributions here, great mind and spirit! I think this says it all about the many prophecies we’re seeing unfold now;


    • Barry says:

      That’s one of my favorite verses David, and as to Reva’s comment, excellent dot connecting!!! It reminds me of the vaticans’ papal title “vicarius filii dei” (it means “vicar of the son of God” as in living vicariously or in place of someone else!) which they have forever popularized as adding up to 666.


      So David, I have to say you’ve led a charmed life indeed. This is beyond interesting. And you’re right about having to read the 2nd AAA along with this. In fact, I just realized that those pics of possessed popes in that post tie right in with what I just said here don’t they?!


      I bet they’re possessed by the spirit of the one they call jeZeus, the warring son of their G-d lucifer! (Recall their Easter hymn sung to him every year!) This also explains the more curious parts of Revelation 17;

      The beast that thou saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder . . . when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. . . . These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings”.


      • David Allender says:

        Thanks Barry, that actually tied things together pretty well for me . . . possessed by zeus the son of lucifer! hmmmm. You know, this goes on to explain why catholics (and others) have claimed to have the ability to cast out demons using the name jeZeus.

        And you’re right about needing to read the AAA and previous GG issues, especially “The Big Issue” and #116 here. This is why we’re telling folks who buy the AAA and GG newsletter packs to read them in order, like chapters of a book which were inspired, edited and published by God!

        I’m not kidding when I say that. There is so little of me involved in all this it makes one question how much free will I even have!

        I want to think I’m doing things and feel good about it, which I do, but I obviously didn’t choose my birthdate, 666 name, childhood home towns, zip codes, phone #s, addresses, Facebook ID, SS# nor did I choose to be around hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, UFOs or ect. crazy stuff. I didn’t create the myriad of circumstances that have made me into who I am! I did not create me or construct the basis of any of this!

        And while I did buy our property where all of this is unfolding, I hope people will believe the fact that I had no fricken idea that any of this was going to happen. Peggy and I were totally clueless, just like most still are. I guess you could say “we didn’t know good and evil”!

        Actually looking back at things, the whole property purchase was weird and totally unlikely. We weren’t even looking for a big piece of land or anything we’d have to finance, and most certainly nothing in eastern Washington, heck I’d never even heard of Chelan!

        Like I keep saying, this is YHWH speaking loud and clear! I hope everyone is listening!!!

        All glory to YHWH!!!

      • Andrea says:

        Come on now, does anyone actually believe David has been sent by God? Or that there even is a God? Really??? WTF?

        • Peggy Star says:

          Wow, you’re not even open to the existence of God??? You’re utterly lost Andrea! If you’re even for real, start over at the AAA and watch the videos at the end of the 2nd newsletter about the Qurans’ miracle of 19 and the opening verse of the Bible. Download the .pdf on the 3 divine bible proofs there too. Those will quickly begin to prove to you there is definitely, positively, irrefutably a higher intelligence than us!

          And the one word answer to your question about David being sent by God, would be YES! (Along with many others, I believe we each have a purpose beyond just existing)

          I know all of this must be hard to believe for some, but ALL of these things can’t simply be explained away as coincidence – especially for me. I’ve always known David was different (in this case, a good way ???? )

          Even as a little kid he knew stuff that “normal” people simply don’t know and weird things were always happening around him that were … well, unexplainable until now. David has shared a lot of specifics already in this issue of the GG, #119 but below are just a few firsthand experiences I myself have witnessed over the past 22 years with him. Read them and you’ll see it’s just impossible to explain away pretty much any of it as happenstance, much less ALL of it and ALL of what you’ve just read above!

          It’s like he’s charmed and cursed at the same time but the cursed part always ends up working to his advantage. I’ve never seen anyone have so many problems with orders they’ve placed and work they’ve had done on various things which always benefits him. And he’s been given more free stuff than you could ever possibly imagine. Laptops, tools, equipment, building supplies, now OUR HOUSE apparently, (going on 5 years without a single mortgage payment, about $198,000.00!!!) and even the first order of the Goyim Gazettes! The lady who placed the order inexplicably screwed up some minor artwork (and I mean inexplicably, she couldn’t for the life of her figure out what happened or reproduce the problem, she was totally dumbfounded!)

          He’s also super protected. For instance, I saw him do a citizens’ arrest on a guy with 2 loaded pistols who had just robbed our first coffee shop in Tacoma (Grandfields).


          He knew if the cops caught up with him first, he’d likely be shot and killed so David chased him down an alley 3 blocks away, caught up with him and simply demanded the young man put the guns he had pointing at David down! Then he took the pistols, emptied them and had the guy drive David and himself back to the store in the mans’ car to meet the cops! It turned out the guy was just addicted to drugs like so many American youths and needed money. This story ends well twice, David called the District Attorney and asked for leniency because he did after all obey David and not shoot him even though he was strung out, scared and confused! Well, it turned out his dad was a preacher and the guy only got 2 years at McNeil Island which we could see from our front porch during his sentence! When he got out he came by the coffee shop and dropped off a gift with his thanks, it ended up he was a nice guy who just needed a chance to get off the drugs which is exactly what he got because of Davids’ kindness (instead of the 15 year prison sentence they were seeking before David contacted them).

          Here’s a pic of McNeil (left) and Fox Islands from our beach house in University Place;

          McNeil Island

        • Peggy Star says:

          His life has been a true adventure, not nice and pretty but rather hard, challenging, riveting and exuberating, to put it mildly. This is a guy who’s been in danger of losing his life so many times it’s simply not explainable why he’s alive much less totally unscathed. Of course this includes our jewish governments’ totally failed attempt to kill us with a 65 man SWAT team including 3 snipers and 5 armored vehicles! After 33 chem bombs (tear gas and CS) over the course of 45 minutes YHWH made sure they couldn’t even make him cough, tear up or so much as sneeze, much less shut him up so they could come in and assassinate us! Now that’s a colossal FAIL! (The thing about this is David put Bear and I in the laundry room with a wet towel under the door to seal it but we were still both coughing, choking and tearing like crazy while David was in the “fog” of chemicals and experienced NOTHING!) Ask any soldier or police officer who’s went through training how long they lasted in the chem bomb testing room, most will tell you 5 or 10 seconds or ONE breath, not the 45 minutes David endured with zero ill effects!!! If that’s not a sign he’s protected I don’t know what is! These are the canisters I cleaned up afterwards;


          I want to expand a bit about 9/11 briefly; In September of 2001 I had planned a trip to visit my family in SD, back then we used to fly quite a bit. On 9/10 I was readying to leave for the airport the following day with my ticket in hand when David told me in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want me to fly. I didn’t know why and he didn’t understand either but he was so serious I decided to extend my trip by 4 days, went and bought a set of snow tires and drove instead. The reason became crystal clear when 9/11 occurred on the morning of my scheduled flight!


          I wouldn’t have been on one of the planes that supposedly went down but the point is that he knew something was coming and it involved planes! (even though in reality David and others have proven there were no planes on 9/11, that one above is CGI) Now also recall, that he was born precisely 36 (6 x 6) years, 9 months, 11 days and 3 minutes prior to the 2nd tower falling which marked the end of jewish attacks on our country and We The People. And let’s not forget, they inexplicably let him out of jail 2 days before his release date on a SUNday which made his sentence exactly 9 months and 11 days!

          Even the numbering/timing of this, the last issue of the GG #119/911 was apparently “guided”, everything is! I’ve heard comments about God controlling absolutely everything down to the smallest details but never experienced it, it truly is just plain mind boggling. Miraculous in fact!

          And on that note, it doesn’t stop with just him, people around him are also “cared for” (thankfully, as you’ll see that includes me and YOU if you choose to be on the side of YHWH!). The first instance I saw of this was when I met him in the bar of a restaurant on my birthday. He was selling roses and waiving a huge wad of cash in his hand which he had all his employees do as well. (it makes it apparent you’re selling a lot of roses and people see everyone else must be buying them so they do too, simple psychology) But the point is, he and some 1,500 other employees who worked for his company did this in 53 cities around the country. Since the rose biz was based upon giving, making lots of people smile and making money, we did it everywhere we could. Here’s an ad w/me in the local Buffalo chip newspaper for the Sturgis Ralley, this was the summer I met David in Rapid City where I lived then. (no I wasn’t a “biker chick” but it was a fun summer!)

          Moonlight Rose

          Concerts, rodeos and other big events were great for business but local bars and restaurants were the bread and butter. This meant some of the places he’d contracted with were going to be “seedy”, often in bad areas of town with plenty of not so nice patrons, add to that alcohol, drugs and late, late working hours and you’d think we’d all have gotten robbed a time or two. But guess what, not once! Not one single robbery, assault, rape or ect. with over 1500 employees walking in and out of bars by themselves with wads of cash, late at night over the course of 5 years. Explain that!!! Look people, HAVE FAITH IN YHWH, IT’S ALL YOU NEED!

          Next, I don’t recall ever winning much of anything but I took David to a street dance in my hometown of Platte, SD that summer and while there he bought me SIX raffle tickets for a collectors willies jeep . . .


          David said we would win it and sure enough, we did . . . right there on SIXTH street with SIX tickets! Also note it was manufactured in 1966!


          I think the only reason we won it was because David wanted to piss my family off for being jerks to him over not being a church going Christian like they supposedly all were. (NOTE: I’ve since found out that 2 of my 3 sisters and mother are crypto jews i.e.; Luke 12:53; “The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”)

          In regard to betting/winning, we’ve tossed $5 or $20 into slots once in awhile at a new casino just down the road from our house, but he’s never really seemed to care about winning anything and I don’t either. In fact we gave that jeep to his brother in law for free.

          Anyway, if someone wants to see some truly divine miracles all they need to do is have a look around our place at all the new trees, bushes and flowers that have grown out of nowhere. A couple years ago I noticed they diminish to none, no new growth the farther you go from wherever David and I frequent. This sounds incredible but it’s true!


          That one is really wild because of it’s association to “the rice experiment”. This guy was telling us about it and David immediately debunked what he was saying (that hating one jar of rice made it grow mold while loving the other kept it fresh, so hating was bad). Instead, David instinctively pointed out that mold is life! Hating evil grows creation!!! That’s the only possible way I can explain all the new and rare flora around here, including a brand new 2+ mile long stand of quaking aspen (we’ve learned it’s actually all just one organism/tree) that began growing literally out of nowhere about 6 years ago! All of the fauna in the pic below that’s not pine trees is new! You could see through the forest everywhere up here before but now it’s densely overgrown with all kinds of berry bushes, roses and misc plants but only around our place and the further away you go the less new growth there is, down to nothing, no new growth just a half mile up or down either of the canyons! Keep in mind that we live in a dry area known as “high desert” but our place looks more like a rain forest now! There’s no rhyme or reason, it’s unexplainable.


        • Peggy Star says:

          This stuff isn’t my imagination! Also, I’ve met some of his friends who can tell you their own stories about his younger life. Wow, is all I can say. This issue of the GG doesn’t even brush the surface of what I myself could tell you and if you could hear more from them and David himself, your hair would stand on end.

          All of that is something but then there’s the facts that he has envisioned an incredible One Number Identification System complete with it’s own monetary system to “buy and sell” that’s straight out of Revelation, he then later learned his name equals 666! Also take into account he has taken a very firm stand for liberty (the perfect law according to Yeshua), he hates liars and loves the truth like no one I’ve ever known. He’s totally obsessed with this work and I’ve got to say, being a Christian, I know you couldn’t find a closer modern match to a dedicated follower of Yeshua than David! It’s uncanny.

          I don’t know how anyone could possibly explain any of this without conceding to the existence of the supernatural and/or God!

          Next up is just one of the stories about Bear, our beloved dog. (Is it another coincidence we took a screenshot of his kennel bio?)


        • Peggy Star says:

          Bear’s addition to our family came about when David saw him in a dream the day before thanksgiving, he knew his name and upon waking instinctively went to the web page of the local human society in Tacoma. There was Bear! He didn’t tell me about this experience before this happened; Later that day David and I went for a drive over to Tacoma which we did often to shop, have meals out, go to the park, beach etc. David likes to kid around and one way was having me guess where we were going on these trips. Of course I never would have guessed the destination he had in mind so, this time he told me to close my eyes and tell him what I saw, I reported seeing the color brown. He asked what was brown and I said a bear! We then went and met Bear, a 7 month old 5 time loser whose time was up at the pound. He was kind of sick with that blinding haze in his eyes and pretty much crazy from all the trauma of his short life. The lady at the pound actually tried to convince us to select another dog and not to take him as his 6th owners (everything is 6s w/David) because he was such a handful. He bonded to David and I immediately and began his recovery that day, albeit was a slow and raucous one. The first thing he did was chew through a piece of tough, 1” ski rope we used to tie him up for 5 minutes while readying the house for him. He simply wouldn’t have any of it and came walking right in like he owned the place. I called him “the devil dog” with good reason back then!


          Those early days with Bear were not easy but wow were they ever worth it. For instance, the following spring while going for a walk up the south fork of Joe Creek at our Lake Chelan property a massive Grizzly bear came charging out from behind a large elderberry bush about 10 feet ahead of us, he was so close we could smell his breath as he roared.

          We didn’t have a camera but this pic is just about exactly what I remember seeing 10 feet away!;

          “Our Bear” in turn came charging forward in front of us and stood his ground barking ferociously, the grizzly finally retreated and slumbered up the hill of the canyon wall. Bear was now my best friend too, no more fear of him, he was sent to protect!

          And FYI; This was super scary but David was calm as a cucumber, no fear at all but rather just a comment on how cool it was and the beauty of his cinnamon colored coat and cream colored muzzle. David has told me stories about how mean dogs, raccoons, snakes, cougars and other animals should have attacked him or bitten him but never do, maybe now we’re finding out why!

          Anyway, we could go on and on just about Bear but I do want to end this with one more thing, Bear can read our minds, no BS. He knows when we’re THINKING about getting dinner ready, going outside, leaving and . . . when one of us starts making their way back home, regardless of the distance. When David was in jail he happened across a book called “Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home”, a compilation of various accounts regarding telepathy between dog owners and their dogs. Missing Bear he read it and we learned that much of the telepathic bond we’d had with Bear wasn’t unusual, it turns out lots of people have great stories about this real life phenomenon. The supernatural world is real, some of us are just more “connected” which explains stories from others of David being able to talk to animals and predict all kinds of stuff at random, many of which I’m sure have saved our butts in more ways than I’d care to realize. I could elaborate but that’s too deep for here . . .

          Next we rewind to a few months prior when we had just purchased our property and came to enjoy a weekend in the camper. A big storm came with lots of rain and wind which began melting the snow that was there. Storms are fun in the camper but it was time to go so we packed up to go back home. As we were making our way down the road to the gate we noticed the driveway looked “weird”. When we got closer we realized it was because the entire road was moving from a giant mudslide that was flowing down the mountain, this was our only exit which was blocked.

          Mud Slide


        • Peggy Star says:

          David walked back into the property to get our little excavator we’d purchased in anticipation of such needs while living alone out in the mountains. I watched as he got to work making a path through 2 feet of mud so we could go home. I heard a rumble and instinctively took 2 steps towards David just as he looked up at me and we both watched as a huge 2 or 3 ton bolder come rolling down the hill at a really good speed, so much so it literally bounced off the hill and flew across the road right at chest level in the exact spot I had just moved from. It would have killed me dead, no doubt.

          We decided David would just stay and continue working on that slide as well as several others while I went back to Gig Harbor to take care of other things, David had me take Bear for protection which I thought was odd. That afternoon, while going for my afternoon walk I experienced yet another close call from a “falling thing”. The same storm that had hit us in Chelan was also on the westside and the ground was overly saturated from all the precipitation which caused one of the largest trees on our road to fall directly in front of Bear and I. Huge limbs were lying on both sides of us in another near death experience on the very same day! The thing is, it was Bear who was leading the way!

          Next, I’ve been with David IN the car 3 times when he’s been stopped by police. All 3 times the cops acted bizarre. The 1st time a cop pulled us over for speeding (as David ALWAYS does) he came up to the passenger window and signaled me to roll down the window. Beings the window was already down we both just sat looking at him. The cop got agitated and made the same signal again, faster this time and when nothing happened he got even more agitated and did it again. David told him the window was already down, because it was and the cop turned every shade of red, mumbled something about slowing down and retreated to his car as fast as he could, didn’t even ask for license and registration! The 2nd time we were stopped David had a brief exchange with the cop about speeding who then went back to his car and returned with a ticket not for speeding but for expired tabs which we pointed out to him were not expired! Dismissed. The 3rd time David was speeding doing 30 something in a 20 zone, the cop’s demeanor was unexplainably nice right out of the gate, he just said we were speeding and told us to have a great night! (Does anyone recall the scenes in Star Wars where Obi Juan mysteriously controls the minds of several star troopers with “the force”?)


          There was another time when David was with a friend who was visiting us in Tacoma with his girlfriend who was with me in a separate car after having dinner and drinks at Harbor Lights, our favorite restaurant on the beach in Ruston. This place was renowned for serving stiff cocktails, 1 was all I could ever stand and 2 was the limit for most patrons but David and his friend had 3 drinks each. Trust me when I say it would be enough to knock most people out. But these two were having fun, reliving their past. I had zero concern over David’s ability to drive because for whatever reason, he’s one of those people who don’t get physically drunk, but I was just worried about him getting a DUI for goofing off, which of course he began doing immediately after leaving the restaurant. A cop pulled him over, we pulled over behind them and a few minutes later after watching him “walk the line” and say his ABCs backwards, we were all driving home as if nothing had happened! The bizarre thing about this is he had experienced this some 10 years earlier with the same friend back in Fort Collins, CO at 3 am after a long night downtown with $75 cent drinks at one of the college bars. His friend told me he was screwing around again, doing 60 in a 35, got pulled over but managed to pass the tests and befuddle the cops into oblivion. The problem was his friend. While sitting in the car one of the cops came up and asked to look in the glove box, he opened it and there sat a pot pipe that belonged to another friend of theirs. After several attempts to convince David to sign the ticket in admission of him possessing the pipe, the cop “spaced out” and handed it to him, unsigned and therefore, invalid! No DUI, no speeding ticket and no ticket for the paraphernalia!!!

          Back to the ranch . . . we lived in our small truck camper while we were building our house;


          The 8 square foot floor area was a tight squeeze for 2 adults and a large dog but the rules were simple; No fighting and No farting. One cold winter day the wind started blowing – HARD. It got to point where we started hearing tree branches breaking which was pretty scary since all we had for protection was the flimsy, 2 inch thick roof of the camper. We decided it best to move the camper so, David fired up the dozer to clear a path while I secured a few things inside for the emergency move. David was backing the pickup under the camper when we heard a huge crack and a giant 150’ tall tree came crashing down around us. (the tallest one in the pic below which was taken earlier that day).

          Big Wind

          Not only were we and the camper spared but the fallen tree limbs lined up exactly to miss everything that was right in the vicinity. They wrapped around everything including the power box, 2 motorcycles, an RTV, our delivery truck, one parked pickup, the pickup David was in, and the camper with me in it! 30 some huge limbs were weaved between us and all of our belongings but NOTHING was damaged. We ended up using that tree as one of the 30 foot posts which holds up the front deck on our house.



        • Peggy Star says:

          (Click Here to Read More About Amazing Joe Creek Retreat Story)

          David did all the architectural designs for our place and we built it ourselves. From all the dirtwork, septic, framing, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, siding, trim, paint, appliances and etc. we did absolutely everything except the concrete, roof, insulation, garage doors and drywall which are best left to experienced laborers. The place is 3 stories and 36? tall so it included lots of hard, often dangerous “high up” work on ladders or with heavy equipment rentals which we had no experience operating yet we had ZERO injuries on us or anyone working for us, not even a cut during the entire process! (except one but believe it or not, it was too bizarre to mention here)



          As anyone who’s done construction knows, this also required countless shopping trips to various stores, just having the parts for plumbing and electric alone was enough to just about drive us nuts! The uncanny thing was it seemed no matter where we were in the process the items we needed were on sale, on clearance, or we got them at cost, often completely FREE! In fact I just remembered this included a $2,000 set of stolen 20 foot “wall jacks” left behind by a temp helper early on. Incredibly, we met the rightful owners at a restaurant, told them and they said just to use and hold on to them until they could arrange a way to come up and get them which they never did! (the funny thing is that’s what I’m using to raise that 36? long wall pictured above with!) I honestly didn’t recall this when I put the pic there. This is how everything happens lately. Guided!

          But back to the subject at hand; on one of the many shopping trips we went on, David stopped at a building outlet store where overruns, factory 2nds and custom orders that people didn’t take were sold. They didn’t get many kitchen cabinet sets, maybe 1 or 2 every few months but during just his 2nd trip there he found an entire set of nice, solid maple cabinets had just arrived. Their original cost was $18,000 but due to their unusual design, they were being sold for just $2,400! David figured we couldn’t go wrong even if we had to have a few more custom one’s made for a couple grand so, he bought them there and then.



        • Peggy Star says:

          The thing is, they were designed specifically for an unusual layout and had certain, predefined limits for things such as an oversized fridge, over and under oven/micro combo, 6 top gas range and island w/veggie sink all around a bar type counter design. Well, even though we had designed the kitchen floor plan a full year before and had already purchased all our appliances, ALL of the cabinets and appliances fit EXACTLY!


          That’s David celebrating the fact we were able to install EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE CABINETS AND APPLIANCES without having to alter them or the kitchen floor plan one single bit! Not so much as one little change down to an 1/8? including the location of range which had to match up with the overhead exhaust ducting that was already installed!

          Note; I’m back now a couple months later after having just realized it wasn’t just the exhaust ducting that was pre-located but also ALL the plumbing for the 2 sinks and the H20 line for the fridge as well as all the electrical AND the propane for the range! This alone is not possible to explain away as coincidence. It’s just too much, too perfect and too advantageous! Also, by looking at the pictures you can recognize how much more amazing it all was with all the crazy 45 degree angles. So, to conclude on the kitchen; we received a totally custom and unusual set of high end cabinets perfectly “built to order by God” a week before we were planning on beginning to build our own from scratch at about 1/10th of the cost! La, la, la, la, la, la!


          Oh, and by the way, our appliance package was given to us at cost by the gentleman (Steve Decamp) who sold us the land because it was supposed to have a working phone line in the dirt. Well, of course the phone line didn’t work so, we had to live/work up there without a phone for 2 years before the problem was fixed. That part wasn’t his fault (it was the dirtbag realtors’) but Mr. Decamp fixed the line and made it right by agreeing to give us our appliance package at cost from his store (Sav-Mart) which was simply awesome! I’ve never had a nice kitchen much less a $40,000 one! And without these little miracles, we never would have gotten such a high appraisal for the house, nor the financing for all of this!


        • Peggy Star says:

          While reading about this we have to recall what David discovered regarding the house dimensions which he wrote about in the 2nd AAA newsletter. Here again, when we’re talking about “coincidences” we have to put it all together as a whole to really get the message!

          If you haven’t seen that or have forgotten about it, have a quick refresher by reading just the 1st page here;



        • Peggy Star says:

          We built the house with a nice big garage with a 16’ ceiling for manufacturing a super custom type of telescoping pickup camper which David had designed in his spare time over the prior few years. We were going to be a mom and pop camper shop!


          NOTE: we let the domain name “” go when we decided we wouldn’t be doing it.


          But, this didn’t fit with the jewish plan of collapsing America’s housing market which also resulted in the all out economic collapse of 08. This included a major slump in RV/camper sales that resulted in the closing of nearly 70% of manufacturers. So, we had to refigure what we were going to do with our lives. The answer was obvious, we knew it was time to build the business that David had dreamt of some 15 years prior, but it was so huge that David was sort of reluctant to bite it off. However, we were already committed since for one thing, we had been paying about $5,000 to $8,000 per year for the domain names he had reserved since the mid 90s. Yes, this is how Unidigi, based upon Unified Numbering came to be! The problem was it would require a lot more cash than we had after spending $250k to build our house and live for 3 years. So, David proceeded to do the impossible, take out a mortgage on the house and the 20 acre parcel it sits upon. Now remember this is in 08 when the banks virtually stopped doing mortgages and on top of that we had no jobs or income for 3 the years prior because we were working on building both the house and the camper manufacturing business. And get ready for this; we also had no “residential occupancy permit” for the house because David decided not to get a building permit to build a “residence” (a home is defined by having a kitchen and bedroom/s with closets) Instead, he designed the loft to be totally open so we could add walls later. This meant we could call it a “shop with loft” not a home, which would result in no pesky building inspectors intruding on our privacy or holding us up with the many inspections required to complete things. It also means lessor value to the county assessor and hence lower taxes which is why many people do it, but Davids’ motivation was primarily to experience the freedom of doing things his own way without red tape, rules, hold ups and invasions from government workers on our mountain property. This was common for the eastern area of WA with very remote locations, people were doing it everywhere but most were doing on smaller scales with no intention of getting a mortgage, which we hadn’t either but, we now had to. Can you imagine trying to get a loan in 08 with no income to show and no residential occupancy permit? And can you imagine how we felt when the appraiser missed that latter fact and gave us an appraisal for our home for $665,000? Bingo! Shortly thereafter, without proof of income whatsoever, the bank gave us a killer, low interest loan for $400,000! (the max under the “jumbo loan” rules in place then) Next, David did it again by taking out a 2nd for another $100,000! Again, it’s simply not explainable; none of this is, not separately and certainly not as a whole!!! Nonetheless, we had $500k in cold hard cash to finance our whale of a project, even though it was completely against ALL odds!

          But the money wasn’t all ours, we had a loan of about $300k with the gentleman who sold us the property which had to be paid off to assure the remaining 326 acres would be ours, free and clear in case we needed to sell any of it in the future. So, that’s what we were able to do and did. Joe Creek Retreat was ours. Next, out of nowhere came a weird and random voicemail on David’s cell phone. It was a rant from Judge Napolitano, a popular commentator at Fox News. WTF? That’s what we said! David was intrigued by it enough to do a little research on the subject matter the Judge was spouting off about. He said the constitution was being undermined and our freedoms were being lost. David did some research and found what the judge was saying to be 100% factual. Now you’ve got to know that at 45 years old, neither David or I were into politics or “conspiracies”. Up until then, we were just hardworking business owners with very little extra time, like most Americans.

          Once we began figuring out how evil and corrupt our government was, we knew we had to do something about it and we also figured having our own network might come in handy for bringing folks together and organizing things. The Unified Numbering Project just became a lot more useful, and serious which meant as much money as we could get would be required to finance it. So, David went to work by re-plotting the existing lot lines to match the topography of the land which would make each 21+ acre parcel more valuable and attractive to potential buyers. The huge remaining task was to get roads to each one. After getting a quote for $110k for building just one of the 2 roads we needed, he decided he would do it himself. No matter that he had never surveyed, designed or built a road before. No matter that it required digging through 3 miles of mostly solid granite with a massive piece of heavy equipment he’d never operated. No matter the mountains were so steep that it was a struggle to hike them let alone operate a huge 40,000 lb rental excavator on them. Nothing mattered, David had made up his mind, again. It was a long couple of months and it made me sick to my stomach to watch him slipping around, perched in the rocks on that noisy contraption. (that big machine is in the circle is for perspective)



          David was pretty sick about killing trees and ripping up the mountains, he hated having to do this work to the land but he knew it was for a VERY GOOD CAUSE! And against all odds again, in the end the roads were built better than anyone else we could have found would ever have done. The main one is the only dirt road I know of around here that doesn’t wash out in the spring and even though you gain about 800 feet of elevation, it’s 2 wheel drive all the way. It’s simply amazing, everything just “works”!

          Road Building


        • Peggy Star says:

          Now all the lots were accessible and sellable, we just needed to create some good CC&Rs for a couple homeowners associations, build a website and get a plan for marketing/selling them. I had taken plenty of pictures while goofing around bringing David lunch, water etc. during the road building so, we had that much done and they were all nice springtime pictures. That summer of 2011 was when we had everything ready to start selling parcels. The bad thing was it was the height of foreclosures in our area and virtually no one was buying raw land because the banks wouldn’t loan on it. Oops. It didn’t matter! We sold 11 of our 16, 20 acre parcels that summer when realtors around here couldn’t sell anything! Sure, we gave people some good deals but to top this story off, let me just add that they were ALL sold By Owner without realwhores (as David calls them) for 100% CASH in hand (no financing from us or banks) and they each closed in 10 days or less with the contracts David wrote. Nothing unusual with any of this huh?

          Joe Creek Retreat


        • Peggy Star says:

          I honestly could go on and on for many pages here but hopefully you are beginning to get the point. Since my life was rather ordinary and sheltered, being a kid from a small town who went to a private Christian school, knowing David was always an adventure to me but now things have went completely through the roof. It is my most fervent belief that he has been put here on this earth and given the exact training, experience and knowledge that it takes to ready this world for the change we’ve all been promised. And I am proud to be his faithful helper who’s had a more extensive biblical education! It’s really been something.

          A specific bible verse comes to my mind when I think about David and that is Jeremiah 51:20. It is here that God calls us to be His battle axe (that is anything in the hand of the warrior that is capable of bringing down the enemy). “Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;” We are commanded to be God’s weapon in this war and we are expected to be his policemen in this world. David’s not a big muscular type of man but he IS a warrior like no other mentally and he has clearly shown he is ready, willing and able to do this work. Just lately he’s really been evolving spiritually too, but the point is it should be more than obvious to everyone that he hates evil and wants freedom and justice enough to drop EVERYTHING in our lives and go “all in” to do God’s work!


          Here’s some other good verses from Revelation which I now truly believe are directly related to David;

          And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (David wants all criminal leaders and anti-American subversives to receive RFID implants with their Numbernames on their hands, everyone else will simply remember theirs) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

          All this is C R A Z Y right? It sure the heck is, but it’s all part of a plan that our little brains can’t readily conceive. And once you bag the idea of all this being “coincidence” you’re left with zero alternatives than the supernatural. This is YHWH speaking to us! But hey, does anyone have another answer for all of this??? If so, please by all means chime in!



          • Bob the Pastor says:

            Very, very, very interesting Peggy! Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us. (none of it surprised me by the way) That said, all of this truly is amazing, it seems no matter where we turn around you guys, we find ourselves in an endless bevy of miracles and signs.

            The thing everyone needs to slow down and realize is that it’s all part of Gods’ plan. You guys had to have these experiences and make all the discoveries you have so you could share them with what’s become a very disconnected and distrusting public.

            As we’ve covered repeatedly this is especially true with Christians who’ve been negatively brainwashed to be “on the lookout” for bogus and harmless false prophets as well as a nonexistent, singular antichrist instead of being anticipatory and looking forward to signs which mark the upcoming arrival of Christ and the day of judgement!

            Let’s not forget that is what “the beasts” of Revelation and the man with the number of 666 usher in! We’re talking no more presidents, no more popes and no more kings or queens on earth. Just ONE omnipotent, merciful and perfect messianic ruler and judge with simple and just laws for the coming 1000 years.

            That’s what all of this marks the beginning of!!!

            Give all glory to God, find your peace and courage through faith in him!

          • Joyce says:

            Wow you guys, this is getting pretty wild even for you, and that’s saying something! It just gets crazier and crazier, deeper and deeper every time I turn around.

            I will say one thing though, when you’re making sense, you’re making sense and that seems to be the case just about all the time nowadays. There are some sharp minds at work around here, that’s for certain.

            I hate to admit it but you’ve left me in the proverbial dust with most of this bible stuff, but I’m hangin’ on just the same.

            It’s because I wholeheartedly agree, none of this is by chance. No friggen way!!! WOW is definitely the right exclamation! Good job.

          • Dot says:

            Yes, that was quite a read, all of this is! I’d say it’s overly obvious that God has put you guys here for the exact jobs you’re doing. It’s nothing short of amazing really. And I’ve just got to say, the 666 clues and numerical side of things in the Bible and Quran are quite comforting for me. That really backs things up, you can’t argue with numbers. I don’t think anyone will be able to refute anything around here!

            Pythagoras: “All things accord in number.”

            Plato: “The highest form of pure thought is in mathematics”

            Nicomachus: “As it appears, the universe is designed with mathematics.”

            Hrovista Gandersheim: “God created the world from nothingness and constructed everything with numbers.”

            Rene Descartes: “All intellectual issues can be united and should be united through mathematics.”

            Galileo Galilei: “Mathematics is the language God wrote the universe with.”

            David Hume: “If we take in our hand any volume of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number? No. Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? No. Commit it then to flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.”

            John Arbuthnot: “Mathematical knowledge adds vigour to the mind, frees it from prejudice, credulity, and superstition.”

            James Jeans” The universe appears to be have been designed by a pure mathematician.”

            Paul Dirac: “If there is a God, he’s a great mathematician”

  3. David Allender says:

    And there’s always more! Prior to buying our land at beautiful Lake Chelan there was only one place on earth I ever desired being at as much as possible, that place is the Meadowlark Lake area in between Buffalo and Tensleep in the Bighorn mountains of Wyoming. Specifically “Deer Haven Lodge”. Is 666 plus 3 miles (Three!) close enough for our considerations here??? ????


    My dad’s sister and her husband would usually reserve a cabin next to ours while we were there. They lived nearby in the town of Buffalo so it was easy for my uncle to bring his boat which we’d use to go fishing on Meadowlark lake. One year I told them I could talk to fish and tell them who’s lure to bite, my uncle challenged me to do this for a reward of 1 silver dollar per correct catch. I didn’t fail a single time over the course of the next 10 full days of fishing during that trip!


    NOTE; I stopped hunting some 20 years ago and stopped fishing about 7 years ago. So, I do not hunt, fish, harm or kill defenseless animals anymore nor do I condone doing so! ONCE YOU’VE AWAKENED, YOU’LL REALIZE IT’S A SICK AND DISGUSTING WAY OF LIFE THAT GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING SANE. WE HAD TO BE PROGRAMMED BY REAL LIFE, EVIL KIKE F*KTARDS TO DO ALL OF IT!!!

    Anyway, I think my aunt and uncle were pretty freaked out by this but my parents were sort of used to that sort of stuff. Like many, they’d shared stories of a few “interesting” things themselves, especially out of body experiences and several different relationships with what we assumed were “ghosts”. The latter included one that most of my friends got to meet at my house while visiting after school and/or at parties I threw in my teens. I and they could write extensively on this subject!

    My family went to the Bighorns for summer vacation every year of my life so, of course it became very special to me and guess what . . . all of my favorite places where we used to stay, hike and fish are within a three mile wide corridor that lies exactly 666 miles from my home at Chelan! This is the ONLY place I’ve ever bothered to visit repeatedly and I’ve always thought of it as the closest I could get to God! What are the odds of me buying my first and only piece of land 666 miles away from precisely where I’ve always stayed and played in the Bighorns?

    Oh, and while looking through photos I just realized the only car I’ve ever owned for more than a few years was the Saab pictured below with it’s license plate ending with “G999”. (please excuse my goofy look and the key ring dangling in front of the last 9, I was getting ready to sell roses so must have just put them in the cooler I kept in the trunk) Anyway, 999 flipped is 666 and G is in the center of Freemasonry’s logo.


    I put a couple hundred thousand miles on that car while doing the rose biz and used it to go camping many dozens of times in the bighorns. I’m not certain when some of this stuff might seem to border on minutia but this is all about odds which, in this example alone are at least a 999 to one for anyone to have plates that end with 999, add to that it belonging to someone who’s name equals 666, another one in a thousand odds times the first 1000 and you’ve got a million to one shot that’s worthy of noting! That said, I’ll go ahead and add this next little bit. My last trip to the Bighorns was a solo journey with our pickup camper, I four wheeled way up into the back country on a just opened road in the spring to a spot I’d never been or heard of that was about 40 miles from where I usually stayed. I just pulled off the trail and made camp and that evening I went for a little hike and found the first arrowhead of my life, a nice one too;


    Then to my surprise, just over that hill about a half mile away I found an Ancient Indian Ceremonial area with a bunch of holes fashioned into some pretty cool rock outcroppings.


    These pics I have don’t do it justice because I didn’t take the time to be thorough. (I was hurried along a bit by a mountain lion I caught a glimpse of while scoping me out from atop one of those rocks just a few minutes after taking that pic!) This was just a very cool experience in total, but here’s the icing on the cake; even though it was 40 miles from where I usually stayed, I just checked and found out that spot is EXACTLY 666 miles from my home too! E X A C T L Y.

    Let’s also note that was the only place other than at my home in Chelan that I’ve ever seen cougars! And . . . that arrowhead is one of the only two ancient artifacts I myself have ever found in my life of 51 years, the other was a ancient indian “skinning stone” I found at our property here in Chelan, 666 miles apart!!! WTF???


    And since we’re doing this sort of “rockhounding” I simply can’t leave out what has completely blown me away recently; that being a realization about a little rock I found on our driveway back in the summer of 2015. When I was a kid with my parents at some tourist shop in Wyoming I saw a cool little flat rock with a portion carved out in the middle that I thought would be a fun thing to keep in my pocket for memories of the Bighorns where we vacationed. I later learned they called them “worry stones” (also “Bar Vat Mitza Stones”) which people would place in their hand and rub their thumbs in the middle while thinking about various things. Here’s an example;


    I don’t know what ever happened to that but when I came across the one on my driveway I was compelled to pick it up, put it in my pocket and carry it around for next couple years up till now. I was a little disappointed that it had some imperfections on one side but I kept it anyway. Well, it was about two weeks ago while outside in the light of a full moon I realized it looked like someone I’d seen in my mind’s eye several years ago, check it out;


    Is it not said that God looks down upon us from heaven? ???? I know this next part will sound unbelievable but I had put some extra, small finish nails in the same pocket with that rock and when I took them out to put them away the next day they were all stuck together magnetically! WTF??? The thing is I checked it and found the rock itself doesn’t show any magnetic attraction, there is no scientific explanation.

    Also, I didn’t bother to take more pics but this thing is complete with indents on both sides exactly where the ears would be! C’mon folks, this one alone freaks me out like “you wouldn’t believe”!!!

    As you can likely understand, these coincidences are too bizarre and far too numerous for me to discount. It’s important to realize how Peggy, myself and others use all of this to bolster our faith in God and his all encompassing plan. The reason we’re sharing it is so YOU can use it too! Have faith! The only people who would try to explain all of this away are either completely deceived or utter fools!


  4. David Allender says:

    But wait . . . more yet! Google maps shows my home is also exactly 666 miles away from my Mom’s hometown of Sheridan Wyoming where she was raised at 6 Sheridan Ave (or main street, can’t remember).

    Her D.O.B. was 6/6/5699 of the hebrew/biblical calendar, 1/26/1939 of ours.

    Also, I was looking at my 509-670-3022 phone # and finally figured out a couple things about the 509 portion . . .

    The 6 x 70 = 420 the famous code for cannabis was obvious right out of the gate along with the 3022 = Parameter of the Great Pyramid and . . .

    5 divided by 9 = .555 which for the ancient mystery school is the “end number” and/or;

    509 = 2/3rds or .666 as follows . . .


    Also, Sheridan WY is precisely 666 miles from two very pristine, special lakes in the Bighorn wilderness, those lakes are Lake Marion (my mom’s name) and Lake Helen (her sister’s name)!!!

  5. David Allender says:

    Oh, and I just realized that if you flip the 6s and 9s in my mom’s hebraic b-day of 6/6/5699 into 995966, (note it includes three 6s and satanism/jewry is based on reversals and opposites) . Well, 995966 is ALL the digits of my social security number without the 3 zeros!!! (there’s that 3 thing again, 3 miscarriages, 3 drownings, 3 fires, 3 minutes after the twin towers fell 36 years, 9 months and 11 days after I was born, etc.)

    I also just noticed her b-day of 6/6/5699 plus one/God makes it 6/6/5700. 57 is 3 x 19, not too shabby mom!!! ????

    Anyone can check this for themselves with the coordinates to my house at Joe Creek Retreat . . .,-120.1245025,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

    The google maps instructions are easy, just right click on the marker for my home (and/or any other location such as yours) and select “measure distance”. Then zoom out and navigate to the spot where you want to measure, zoom in on it (if necessary) and click it. Voila, the distance.


  6. David Allender says:

    Just came across a pic from my 4th grade school annual and noticed I’m wearing my then favorite jersey shirt, #18! (6 + 6 + 6) (Also note there’s not a single obese or autistic kid in the bunch!) I wore that shirt until it was literally in shreds and recall picking it out at the store, my favorite number then was 8 which wasn’t available, so I took 18 instead (note the difference of 10/God) The other funny “coincidental” thing about this is there’s a major typo/omission of 10 kids’ names from the 2nd row where I’m pictured! Seems like that alone would make this a good collectors item! Again, what are the odds of ALL this??? It’s not just one or two signs here and there, it’s pervasive! Not one or two but THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of miraculous signs which I myself never would have noticed or understood until NOW! I hope all this is helping you do so much quicker because that is the point!!!

    • Bob the Pastor says:

      Greetings again everyone, all I can say is WOW too!

      I’m finding some pretty striking similarities between this and the story of Moses appointing Joshua to lead the Israelites out of the wilderness and into Canaan. Note that he and Caleb were the only ones out of the 12 man recon team who remained positive after finding the land to be fortified with large walls and inhabited by giants (the Anakim).

      Also what should be of interest to anyone like David here is that in Joshua 1:5 God gave Joshua a blessing of invincibility during his lifetime!!! Many of faith are given such invincibility, most just haven’t taken the time to look back and fully realize it’s happened.

      Let’s have a look at the main character faults of the Ten other Spies sent by Moses to Canaan;

      (1) Doubt. They said, “We are not able” (13:31). Doubt caused them to question their resources to take the land, as well as their God who was leading them.

      (2) Self-depreciation.
      “We are in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight” (13:33). They saw themselves as teeny, tiny, little grasshoppers about to be squashed by the big, bad giants.

      (3) Fear. Joshua indicates in 14:9 that they were afraid. Fear naturally follows doubt and self-depreciation. Fear then can paralyze one and keep him or her from acting.

      (4) Critical spirit.
      When people become negative and inactive, they turn to criticizing others who want to move forward. The whole congregation was influenced by these terrible ten to murmur and complain against God’s leaders, Moses and Aaron (14:1-2).

      (5) Rebellion.
      The preceding attitudes contributed to the spirit of rebellion against God. They said, “Let us make a captain and return to Egypt” (14:4). Can you imagine being on the brink of the promised land, and then wanting to return to the land of slavery? Can you imagine being on the brink of ending all wars, ridding the earth of evil and obtaining eternal happiness but then choosing to be a cowardly loser instead?

      (6) Ingratitude.
      Implied is also a spirit that was not thankful for their blessings. They failed to appreciate all that God had done for them in the two years after leaving Egypt.

      (7) Unbelief.
      All of these negative traits can be summed up in one word – unbelief. The writer of Hebrews 3:18-19 says that unbelief kept them from entering Canaan.

      Brethren, doesn’t it scare you to death to look at this list and see so many of these negatives in the world today, attitudes that hold us back, that divide our ranks, that cause us to wander in the wilderness of cowardice and keep us from entering the land of promise. Negativity is an elephant on the road to progress; a millstone around the neck of usefulness; a cancer of the mind of its advocate; and ice pack on the fervor of the faithful. It sees thorns on the rose bush, never the roses on the thorn bush.

      Now let’s take a look at Caleb and Joshua. These two men were “different” which is exactly as we should be. They had a different disposition, a different focus on life, and a different attitude toward God and his work. What were some of the attributes of their attitudes?

      (1) Faith. They said, “We are well able to overcome” (13:30). They believed in themselves, in their fellow men and women, and most importantly in their God YHWH!

      (2) Confidence.
      Concerning the Canaanites Joshua said, “The people are bread for us: their defense is departed from them, and the Lord is with us” (14:9). They had the confidence in the outcome of this undertaking, because they knew they were doing the will of God exactly as all of us should after reading the articles at the AAA and here.

      (3) Courage. Joshua said, “fear them not” (14:9). He was not afraid of the giants, the walled cities or the strength of the people.

      (4) Action. Caleb said, “Let us go up at once, and possess it” (13:30). Positive, faithful people say, “Let’s go and do it now!”

      (5) Thankfulness.
      They understood the land was a gift from God, a blessing due to his delight in them (14:7-8). True appreciation for one’s blessings will lead to action and worthy obedience.

      Today, as we face the giant problems of propaganda, deception, apathy, indifference and cowardice in the masses, we need to promote the positive traits of faith, confidence, conscience and courage, coupled with action and an appreciation of God’s blessings to lead us on to victory. Ultimate victory that is.

      Numbers 3:32 tells us there were 603,550 men of war. Of that number only two, Caleb and Joshua, entered into Canaan. 603,548 fell in the wilderness. In the NT Jesus said only a “few” will enter and walk the strait and narrow way leading to life, while many will walk the broad way leading to destruction (Matt. 7:13). Will you and I decide to develop the disposition like God’s two heroes of old? Or will we be like those shameful spies who brought back the negative reports which created fear in the people and led to their destruction?

      Fear is the killer and inaction against fear is death. But how do we overcome our fears of black helicopters, swat teams, riot police, assault vehicles, jails and etc. scary BS that we’ve all been subjected to by the satanic media giants? How do you do this? The answer; FEAR GOD!!! Joshua and Caleb feared losing their places with God far more than the possibility of being killed by giants.

      If you fear losing your eternal future with YHWH over ANYTHING that mortal men could do to you in the here and now, you have achieved faith! And then when we put our faith to action we’ve proven ourselves in the most elemental manner. This is where confidence and eternal peace can be found!

      From Revelation;

      3:8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

      3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

      3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

      3:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

      3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name . . .

      3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

      3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

      3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: (spiritually speaking, next is about obtaining faith)

      3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

      3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

      3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

      3:21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

      3:22 He that hath an ear, let him hear . . .

      Give all glory to God, find your peace and courage through faith in him!

      • Ravi Abbit says:

        Well, that was an apropos post Bob! I’d like to share a couple things I know about 2016/5776 here;

        Every seven years is a Sabbath year also called a Shemitah year. This is a year of rest, just as the seventh day of the week is a day of rest.

        And every seventh Shemitah (7×7=49) is a “Shemitah of Shemitah” that’s followed by a Jubilee year, a year of celebration which is now, in this coming year. But check this out;

        This Jubilee which takes us into 2016 began on Sept 24th of 2015, the first day of the Hebrew year 5776. And 5776 is a “Shemitah of Shemitah” which was preceded by a Tetrad of four “Blood Moons” all occurring on Jewish feast days. Get ready; this incredibly rare event happened 2000 years ago when Yeshua walked the Earth!!!


        (DRB) Joel 2:31; And I will shew wonders in heaven; and in earth, blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood: before the great and dreadful day of the Lord doth come.

        (DRB) Luke 21:22-28; For these are the days of vengeance, that all things may be fulfilled, that are written. But woe to them that are with child and give suck in those days: for there shall be great distress in the land and wrath upon this people. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword and shall be led away captives into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles till the times of the nations be fulfilled. And there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea, and of the waves: Men withering away for fear and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved; and then they shall see the Son of man coming in a cloud, with great power and majesty. But when these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption is at hand.”

        All I can say is there are far, far, FAR too many coincidences going on around here! And . . . IT’S AWESOME!!!

        • David Allender says:

          Thanks Avi . . . and “WOW” is right Robert, I’ll second that. Well, here it comes!

          • Bob the Pastor says:

            Yep, and I’m with you David. Many will remember important biblical references to “Edom” and one must wonder why such an emphasis exists. The prophets also referred to that same group by the names, “Esau,” “Idumea,” or sometimes “Mount Seir.”

            The terrible doom predicted by the prophets for Edom was not referring to their eviction from their land of Edom south of the Dead Sea in 312 BC, but for a much later time at the “end of the age,” which we are experiencing right now. For those who know the history, Edom has never disappeared, but is alive and prosperous today with their current ownership of “everything”. Indeed, those who call themselves “jews” are descendants of Esau, the Edomites, and are the “jewish” diaspora of 70 A.D. from Palestine.

            From Romans 9:13 YHWH said; “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated”.

            An incredibly great fraud has influenced many Christians to believe that today’s “jews” are the actual descendants from Jacob/Israel. They are NOT! Today’s “jews” are direct descendants of Esau. It is this very fraud to which Yeshua speaks in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, saying, “I know the blasphemy of those who say they are jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” The word “jew” came first from “Judah,” a son of Jacob/Israel, Esau’s brother. Esau obviously cannot be a true Judahite “jew.” But, the Edomites became “Judeans” because they lived in Judea, so they became known as “jews,” which they still are today.

            Not to overdo it with Bible passages but here’s what YHWH had to say about them and these times in Obadiah;

            1:1 Thus says the Lord GOD concerning Edom: We have heard tidings from YHWH, and a messenger has been sent among the nations: “Rise up! let us rise against her for battle!”

            1:2 Behold Edom, I will make you small among the nations, you shall be utterly despised.

            1:3 The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rock, whose dwelling is high, who say in your heart, “Who will bring me down to the ground?”

            1:4 Though you soar aloft like the eagle, though your nest is set among the stars, thence I will bring you down, says YHWH . . .

            1:7 All your allies have deceived you, they have driven you to the border; your confederates have prevailed against you; your trusted friends have set a trap under you–there is no understanding of it.

            1:8 Will I not on that day, says YHWH destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of Mount Esau?

            1:9 And your mighty men shall be dismayed, so that every man from Mount Esau will be cut off by slaughter.

            1:10 For the violence done to your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever . . .

            1:15 For the day of the LORD is near upon all the nations. As you have done, it shall be done to you, your deeds shall return on your own head . . .

            1:18 The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau stubble; they shall burn them and consume them, and there shall be no survivor to the house of Esau; for YHWH has spoken . . .

            From Malachi;

            1:2 . . . “I have loved Jacob but I have hated Esau; I have laid waste his hill country and left his heritage to jackals of the desert.” If Edom says, “We are shattered but we will rebuild the ruins,” YHWH says, “They may build, but I will tear down, till they are called the wicked country, the people with whom I am angry for ever.”

            1:5 Your own eyes shall see this, and you shall say, “Great is YHWH, beyond the border of Israel!”

            Give all glory to God, find your peace and courage through faith in him!

          • David Allender says:


            I posted this over at the AAA but it belongs here too; Since nearly all major churches intentionally avoid spending time on Revelation (the most important biblical book of our “times”) and since the government has used Hollywood to disinform everyone about the subject matter therein, we’d better add some notes regarding “anti-christs”, “false prophets”, “beasts” and “666”.

            1. Again, there are no “anti-christs” in Revelation where those passages come from. Nor does the word describe someone who hates Yeshua! The church wants you to think anti-christ means someone who hates Yeshua because they say he wasn’t God in the flesh which is what billions of Muslims and jews believe, and with good reason! (For instance, Hebrews 2:7; “Thou madest Jesus a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands”.) I could add a dozen verses of Yeshuas’ own words where he tells us he wasn’t God and not to worship him but the issue here is antichrists. And, as Reva commented above, since the greek definition of “christos” (christ) is simply “anointed” (with truth), anti-christ can mean anyone who’s against someone who knows/speaks the truth. So, the beasts of Revelation have nothing to do with “anti-christs” nor does the word apply to any one person in particular but rather many! (1 John 2:18? “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrists shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.”)

            2. As for “false prophets” which is a HUGE part of the satanic propaganda, there is zero prophesying going on around here, only attempts to understand previous prophesies which is now routinely done by billions of people including church clergy and everyday folks alike. Therefore, no one around here can be a “false prophet”.

            3. 666 isn’t evil, in Revelation it’s a riddle and a sign we’re supposed to look for in “these times”. It is used in both the old testament and new as well as miraculously encoded into Genesis 1:1 by “someone” of highly advanced intelligence. Our lying church and government leaders along with their media puppets and hollywood elites have trained everyone to have negative associations to 666 while they themselves revere it as divine, which it truly is. The vatican and most jews know how significant 666 is because it is the number of man and earth. I’ve irrefutably proven their culpability in GG #116. For those who haven’t read it yet, I committed that entire issue to clearing up any doubts one might have on this subject. Until then, do your best to cast out all the programming! Just remember; when it comes to your school, church, media and jewish government “education”, EVERYTHING IS A LIE!

          • Bob the Pastor says:

            Here here, indeed, EVERYTHING IS A LIE!!! OK Peggy and David, I believe I’ve got the absolutely perfect, mind boggling ending to this commentary. GET READY FOR THIS;

            From the center of YOUR HOUSE to the center of Yeshua’s small home village of Nazareth is EXACTLY 6,660 miles!!! And not just today’s Nazareth but the heart of the OLD city of Nazareth where he, Mary and Joseph actually lived!!!


            Note the ridiculous curvature being fraudulently applied by Google maps to coincide with the “Big, tiny earth LIE”. And on that note, did you know the official amount of declination per mile for earths’ curvature is .666 of a foot? That’s what 8 inches is!

            And getting back to this incredible finding, I’m not kidding about the word “exactly”, I put the pin directly on your house and at the very center of the tiny village of Old Nazareth!;



            Now remember everyone, we have to take this in context with everything else going on around here, including the opening page of the 2nd issue of the AAA where David shows us that God had Abraham build his Kabba exactly 666 nautical miles from Solomons’ temple or what’s now “The Dome Of The Rock”. (And by the way David, I just realized the 216,000 mile distance and 2,160 mile diameter of the moon (note 216 or 6 x 6 x 6!) as well as the 21,600 NAUTICAL mile equator of earth was also established according to the “Big tiny earth LIE” which gives us another smoking gun like your discovery of the speed of light and seconds per day being used to calculate “their” fictitious size of earth! WOW!!!)

            That and all those “crazy christ numbers” David found in the measurements of his house considered along with his 666 name and his one number identification system straight out of Revelation clearly show this is astoundingly against all odds! Now the header for this issue really rings true! “Divine Destiny or Drastically Improbable Impossibility, YOU DECIDE!”

            By the way David, did you realize your house is 36 by 36 by 46 (46 = 36 + 10, 10 being God)? So, it’s 6 x 6 by 6 x 6 by 6 x 6 plus God!!! ???? . . . “thou hast ordered all things in measure and weight” Wisdom of Solomon 11:20

            Also noteworthy, is that all the ultra famous sites in Jerusalem (The Temple Mount, Dome on the Rock, Church of the Holy Sceptre, Western/Wailing Wall etc. are all within a half mile of being exactly 6,720 (6,660 plus 60!) miles from your house! This may not have been noteworthy if it weren’t for all of that + 1, + 10 sort of thing we saw throughout this post.

            Although I was already in a permanent state of awe about all of this, I have chills running up and down my spine right now!!! WOW!!!

            The almighty is most definitely speaking to us all here!

            Pause Now And Ask Yourself;

            Whose Number Truly is 666???

            Give all glory to God, find your peace and courage through faith in him!

          • David Allender says:

            Well Robert, what can I say other than “WOW” again. That one just by itself is gonna take a while to set in! Again and again, time after time, I keep asking what are the odds? I said it before but Peggy and I find ourselves in awe each time another one of these little miracles surface. When one considers both the multitude and combination of them, it truly isn’t calculable by human beings.

            Another funny thing to go along with your findings regarding Jerusalem being 6,660 + 60 miles away is the header I used for this issue, The “JERUSALEM” Goyim Gazette!!! This one, the “Big Issue” and the GG “Intro” are the only one’s we’ve printed with any city other than Wenatchee! And it honestly wasn’t intentional. This is how everything’s been working lately, in reverse. Kinda like the way the Star Wars episodes were produced and how the books of the bible were put together. So Robert, I don’t think I can outdo the gravity of your post about Nazareth but here’s a few more “good ones”!

            I just realized our PO Box #s here in Manson of #B and #108 which we’ve had ever since we moved here in 05 are . . . b which of course looks like a 6 and 108 w/out the zero is 18 (6+6+6)!

            Here’s another blatant example that just happened; I was using Facebook to chat with my now estranged daughter Alison Harrison in Texas (Actually I’m not even sure she’s my daughter, never actually met her either. But I did just expose her as a lying little kike just like her mother who I also exposed about a year ago, and no I’m not kidding, they’re everywhere!) and Anyway, I asked for her address to send her a couple things. Well, the digits in her old address of 22122 Moss Falls ln, Spring, TX and her zip is 77373. Each reduces to 9, and 9 + 9 = 18 (6 + 6 + 6). She told me she’s moving to a new address of Moccasin Bend Dr, (66 and 1 + 5 = 6) for another 666! And guess how far away she was from me during all of this unraveling of 6s? 1802 miles, (within 2 miles of exactly 600 + 600 + 600)!

            Not bad for staying within 3 miles of our corridor exactly like my favorite spots next to God in the Bighorns and exactly 6660 miles from Alexandria, the famous city of antiquity during Yeshuas’ days which British jews laid siege to in 1882 (gematria for my full name!) Add to that our 6720 mile (6660 + 60) corridor from Biblical historic spots around Jerusalem and even the pyramids at Giza!

            It doesn’t appear as though there’s any end to all this which made me curious about some other distances such as New York which of course is jew central. The thing about this one is I decided to convert 666 nautical miles into statute ones, the answer is about 766. Well, lo and behold, the center of New York City is exactly 1998 (666 + 666 + 666) nautical miles from my house!


            Also note the mindblowing fact that it’s precisely 3700 kilometers! (For those who know the biblical, mathematical and geometrical significance of 37s) Here’s the conversion from/to nautical vs. statute miles;


            OK, recall my birth time of 8:31 am central on 12/1/1964 being precisely 36 years (6 x 6) 9 months, 11 days and 3 minutes from when the 2nd tower fell at 10:28 am eastern on 9/11. Guess what? Our house is exactly 2,297 statute miles from the center spot where the 2nd tower existed and 2,297 statute miles equals 1996 nautical miles which is well within our THREE mile corridor to being 1998 (666 + 666 + 666)!!!


            Now let’s begin wrapping things up with the original skull and bones logo from ashkeNAZI era Germany, here’s that;



            Aside from the gematria, the things I noticed about that logo are the lightning bolts which are identical to the word “eeoh” pronounced “you” in ancient symbols called runes (covered this in GG #114, it’s what the jews called themselves, but remember there was no letter “j” until the 1,500s!) and the number 223 on the right which reversed is 322 just like the newer S&B logo from YALE;


            The reversal of 223 to 322 on those logos is another clear association with Hebrew being read backwards and satanic opposites. Also, I discovered there are two kinds of humanoids being represented in the 2 femurs and in opposing sides of the skull on that logo, one having been operated on? (look closely, you’ll see), I covered this in my book back in 2012 but only now am I finally correlating it with the physiological differences between jews and non. This to me has always seemed a bit telling in regard to the Genesis creation story where “the Gods made man in their image” from a genetic standpoint. It also helps one begin to understand why Yeshua said things like this from John 8:44; “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it”.

            Also, only now am I learning something of even more intrigue which is a small flurry of dot connecting between my birthday being precisely 36 years, 9 months, 11 days, 3 minutes from the end of the 9/11 attacks, and my phone number ending with 3022, the parameter of the great pyramid, which my sister’s # ends with as well! Of course without the zero that ancients didn’t use this is 322! Now check out what I just noticed about that first S&B logo above, the roman numeral III has 3 upright lines and 2 horizontal lines for 32 or 23 if reversed. Well, the 32 is 1 away from 33, the top level of free masonry and 23 is 1 away from 24, the last # of hours in a day. On a clock 23 is the last hour before the end, (11 is at 55 minutes which is why 5s are equated with death or “the end”) which 9/11/2001 marked the beginning of to high ranking masons/satanists. (end times, end of Pisces, beginning of Aquarius) And . . .

            32 divided by 322 = .099 . . . 3 x 33 or 9 x 11, 9/11
            322 backwards is 223, 322 minus 223 = 99 which is . . . 3 x 33 or 9 x 11, 9/11
            322 is 3 x 22 = 66, 66 flipped is 99 . . . 3 x 33 or 9 x 11, 9/11
            322 as 32 x 2 = 64, my birth year and 64 is the gematria sum of “YHWH”, the perfect 10 (6 + 4)

            The twin towers took precisely 6.66 yrs, to the day, to build, I’m the 666 man born 36 yrs (6 x 6 or 66/99=9×11, 9/11) 9 mths, 11 days, 3 minutes from when they were destroyed. Those 2 buildings were each 110 stories high, or 111 at the roof-line. That’s 1111/11.11 or 111111/11.11.11. Well, 11 11 11 was another puzzle which I discovered equates to the 6 lines required to draw the star of David (seal of Solomon) with it’s 6 points, 6 triangles and 6 sided hexagon in the middle for 666. (Note, that was on the last page of GG #111 which I’m now recalling in GG #119/911!) As shown below, I also discovered 11 11 11 makes the swastika and the SS and more recently I realized the correlation between the star of David and 9/11;


            That’s a lot of dot connecting right there! And to top it all off, the 666 man was guided to solve the “Number Name” buying and selling riddle right out of Revelation which has perplexed scholars for millennia!!! Oops, that buying and selling bit is related to another of my 11 11 11 discoveries which we published way back in issue #111 of the Goyim Gazette!


            But the real messages in all this are the connections that each point to “the end” and the obviousness of me having been given some sort of involvement thereto. I simply cannot imagine anyone not taking this super seriously!

            That said, let’s take a look at some fun associations between 666 and 9/11 like this; 9 divided by 11 = .8181818181 to infinity. Well, 81 = 9 x 9, which is 99 or 9-11s or 9/11 AND 81 reversed is 18 (6 + 6 + 6) so 9/11 = 666! Also, over 18 is 19 and 81 + 19 = a perfect 100, so 81 reversed is 18 = (6 + 6 + 6) plus God is 19. And there are NINE digits in 666 666 666 which adds up to 1998, and 1998 is exactly 2 digits (1 + 1 or ELEVEN) beyond 1996, the EXACT number of nautical miles between my house and where the towers stood!!! 9/11!!! WTF??? It’s simply too much to be coincidence and it apparently never ends!!!

            Somebody tell me this isn’t real! Somebody come forward to “debunk” all of this! Just go ahead and try telling me or anyone that all of this is a coincidence and that YHWH isn’t in 100% total control of all this and EVERYTHING ELSE!


            YHWH is clearly showing his omnipotent handy work here as well as in billions of other ways around the world, my job was to convey these particular messages to YOU. All the while the satanic kikes are going to extreme lengths in censoring everything about this. Doesn’t that say it all? Well, I’m going to begin steps here to shut this post down with another reminder; for anyone who still thinks this is all bullshit, sorry in advance for my stern language but YOU are utterly deceived or a complete fool.

            We’ve been told judgement is coming and that eternal life, security and peace will be given to those who choose the right side and do the right things while the rest who don’t will be punished exactly as we’ve all been warned throughout time immemorial via nearly every ancient teaching including Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, judaism, Christianity and Islam!!! And I’m being told loud and clear it is all beginning right now in these times surrounding 2016. (And for whatever it’s worth; I don’t know how long it will take but I finally concluded the “7 year tribulation” period is just more vatican bullshit designed to make Christians think there’s always more time to sin before repenting, it will happen without warning, “like a thief in the night”)

            “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” – 1Th 5:2

            “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” – 1Th 5:4

            “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” – 2Pe 3:10

            “Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.” – Rev 3:3

            “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.” – Rev 16:15

            I didn’t know what was going to happen on 9/11 and I don’t know exactly how this is all going to play out, but just the same, I know with complete certainty it (end times and judgement) begins in the ever present. When Peggy and I sold our businesses and moved to Chelan in 2005 I instinctively knew it was a marker of “the end” that was coming and it was exactly the same kind of feeling I had when I told Peggy not to fly on 9/11, I didn’t know why and at the time I wasn’t at all religious so, I didn’t relate it to any passages in the bible, that’s only happened recently. I was simply being told some kind of a major END was nearing. Sure enough, here we are, end times! Judgement and the end of evil on earth!

            This is not BS, I’ve felt it stronger than anything in my entire life and that’s saying something. The question I had to ask myself is; ARE YOU READY? That’s the only subject that matters to me or YOU. Do you “believe” in YHWH, Yeshua and their miraculous works being presented front and center before your own nose? Will you place your faith in God and stop the jews from ruling over you by way of deception, division and fear? Will you continue to accept their mark of the beast which guarantees Gods wrath upon you or have/will you “opt out” by simply choosing to side with God/goodness and other caring, discerning people? Will you choose good or evil, liberty or oppression, democracy or communism, life or death? It’s YOUR choice! No one who’s read this can say they didn’t receive these same miraculous gifts of warning that we have!!! WARNING!!! REPENT!!! WAKE UP NOW!!! Or not, it’s up to you!

            Well, at some point a person grows weary of explaining the obvious, it really is up to everyone to use their own heads to overcome all of the programming and whatever forces that could make anyone not see the messages we’re clearly being given. But just to let everyone know, I really do care about YOU, our country and world, and YHWH obviously does too! That said, YOU have to do the real work just like I and many others have. Here’s what I was just told to leave off with (the song was suggested via Peggy on our walk this morning, the Quran verses were suggested directly by YHWH);

            Listen to THIS AWESOME SONG; . . . While reading the following message given to earth’s last prophet for We The People;

            Al-Mulk (The Sovereignty) 67:1-Blessed is He in whose hand is dominion, and He is over all things competent. He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving. And who created seven heavens in layers. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. So return your vision to the sky; do you see any breaks? Then return your vision twice again. Your vision will return to you humbled while it is fatigued. And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made from them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze. And for those who disbelieved in their Lord is the punishment of Hell, and wretched is the destination. When they are thrown into it, they hear from it a dreadful inhaling while it boils up. It almost bursts with rage. Every time a company is thrown into it, its keepers ask them, “Did there not come to you a warner? They will say,” Yes, a warner had come to us, but we denied and said, “Allah has not sent down anything. You are not but in great error.” And they will say, “If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze” . . . But they have persisted in insolence and aversion. Then is one who walks fallen on his face better guided or one who walks erect on a straight path? Say, “It is He who has produced you and made for you hearing and vision and hearts; little are you grateful.” Say, ” It is He who has multiplied you throughout the earth, and to Him you will be gathered.” And they say, “When is this promise, if you should be truthful?” Say, “The knowledge is only with Allah, and I am only a clear warner.” But when they see it approaching, the faces of those who disbelieve will be distressed, and it will be said, “This is that for which you used to call.” Say, “Have you considered: whether Allah should cause my death and those with me or have mercy upon us, who can protect the disbelievers from a painful punishment?” Say, “He is the Most Merciful; we have believed in Him, and upon Him we have relied. And you will come to know who it is that is in clear error.”

            Note to Christians; With all that talk about God (Allah is generic for “God” just like LORD, Master, Creator, etc.) and salvation and hell, it sounds a lot like the Bible huh? Almost like they’re from the SAME source eh? “He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best in DEEDS“. (You know what deeds are right?) If not, let me give you a final reminder . . . just think AFFIRMATIVE ACTION ALLIANCE, UNIDIGI & NUMBERNAMES!!!


            Now do some good deeds “for change”. Bag the mark of the beast, sign up at to get your NumberName so you can exchange your soon to be worthless “all seeing eye” currency for some of our God and Earth respecting digital OutBank currency, participate in the first real democratic voting process of your life, SUPPORT EQUALITY, share the truths in the AAA and GG newsletters and websites with your friends, help them awaken from their satanic slumber as we have tried to do for you.


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